Eye drops "Taflotan": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

With diagnosed glaucoma, treatment is necessary without delay, using the highest quality available medications, otherwise there is the possibility of rapid loss of vision, up to complete blindness. Fortunately, modern pharmacies offer a fairly large range of medications that can fight with eye diseases."Eye of the eye" "Taflotan" has a good reputation, feedback about the effectiveness of which is mostly positive.

eye drops tafflotan

What and how much?

As noted by many, eye drops "Taflotan" cause confidence, as this medicine is produced in Finland. Finnish pharmaceutical companies have long established an excellent reputation for themselves as reliable producers of quality and effective goods. This allows you to trust the drug, as evidenced by the reviews - as noted by using the drug, eye drops "Taflotan"( instructions for use, of course, must be observed) have a good effect in glaucoma.

In pharmacies for one packing of eye drops "Taflotan" ask from 500 to 900 rubles. The price, it must be admitted, is high, at the same time, reviews confirm the effectiveness of the drug, and many used the medication agree that the drug is worth its money. For those who are not ready to spend such amounts on their health, pharmacies offer analogues of "Taflotana".The cheapest drugs are on sale in Russia, but their effectiveness( according to many patients and doctors) is much lower than that of Finnish medicines.

What should I replace?

Analogues of eye drops "Taflotan", presented in most domestic pharmacies:

  • "Arutimol".
  • "Okumed".
  • "Trusopt".

taflothane eye drops instructions

And if more in detail?

"Arutimol" shows good results for different types of glaucoma, it is relatively inexpensive - up to one hundred rubles per package. Has, in comparison with eye drops "Taflotan", side effects, contraindications - a fairly broad list, listed in the instructions for use.

"Okumed" is good opportunity to use the drug in childhood - up to 10 years. The manufacturer stipulates that such therapy is permissible only under the supervision of the attending physician and with the careful observance of the instructions. The medication is relatively inexpensive, but it is also characterized by negative phenomena when used and some contraindications. Has an effect not only with glaucoma, but also with pressure inside the eye above the norm.

"Trusopt", as seen from medical practice, is useful in glaucoma, with insufficient production of liquid by the eye. The product costs about the same as the eye drops "Taflotan", that is, from half a thousand rubles for one package and more. The drug is not suitable for juvenile patients and those who are diagnosed with kidney failure.

What else can I replace?

Quite often doctors advise to use analogues of eye drops "Taflotan"( the instruction should be observed at the same time) - "Betoptik", "Xalatan".The first are good with minimal negative effects when applied. With a high degree of tolerance, the product can prevent the degradation of the eyes. It is relatively inexpensive - up to 300 rubles per package.

"Xalatan", according to many doctors, is a sample of one of the best quality anti-glaucoma, high eye pressure. The use is not accompanied by negative reactions, although the remedy is not intended for under-age patients. In some cases, the use is permitted during bearing and fetal breastfeeding, but only under the supervision of the attending physician.

taflothane eye drops

The disease is no longer scary!

Returning to the Finnish drug "Taflotan", it should be noted that this medication is built on the active substance tafluprost. The drug has a long therapeutic effect, which allows to normalize the pressure inside the eye. Eye drops "Taflotan" are suitable for permanent use.

The drug belongs to the group of artificial prostaglandins, restoring the normal functioning of the tissues of the visual system. When applying "Taflotan" according to the instructions, metabolic processes are normalized, which affects the quality of the work of the organs of vision."Taflotan" is suitable not only as the only means to combat glaucoma and pressure, but can also be used as part of a comprehensive therapy for diseases of the visual organs.

How does it work?

As the manufacturer draws attention, the instruction of eye drops "Taflotan" when using the medication should be kept very clearly, otherwise the probability of side effects and negative reaction of the organism is high. The drug shows the effectiveness within a few hours after the first application( up to 4 hours), and after 12 hours the greatest concentration in the body accumulates. The effectiveness is noticeable up to 24 hours."Taflotan" in a small amount can penetrate the blood, which sometimes provokes a negative reaction.

For sale "Taflotan" is presented by drops containing not only the active component, but also purified water and glycerin, some other auxiliary components. This is a transparent substance, packed in a vial of 2.5 ml, or tubes of 0.3 ml, equipped with a dropper. In the kit there is necessarily an instruction for eye drops "Taflotan".

When to use?

Indications for the use of "Taflotana" are as follows:

  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • open-angle glaucoma.

taflothane eye drops analogs

The agent can be used in combination with adrenoblockers to increase the effectiveness of this group of drugs. It is allowed to use "Taflotan" as the only medication in the treatment of the above diseases. Packaging in the form of a tube equipped with a dropper is suitable for patients with intolerance to preservatives.

When not?

The instructions to "Taflotan" listed several cases where the use of the tool is strictly prohibited or permissible only with the constant monitoring of the attending physician and with an assessment of the possible risks and consequences. Restrictions apply:

  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug;Fetal bearing, breastfeeding;
  • is a minor age( there is no information on the specific influence of "Taflotan" on children);
  • afakia, iriga;
  • risk of developing a cyst in the macula;
  • uveitis.

eye drops taflotan side effects

Negative effects when using

If "Taflotan" is used in the context of prolonged therapy, and if the application rates recommended by the manufacturer are exceeded, there is a possibility of developing negative effects. Probably something from the following list:

  • itching, redness, irritation of eye tissues;
  • correction of the color of the iris of the eye;
  • dry mucous;
  • headache;
  • increased lacrimation;
  • correction of eyelash thickness;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • edema;
  • of erythema;
  • hypersensitivity to light.

Overdose: what to do?

As indicated in the medication instructions, the likelihood of an overdose is extremely low. At the same time, the manufacturer focuses on the need to observe the rules of use and the dose indicated by the attending physician in the appointment of "Taflotan".When an overdose is likely to occur previously described side effects. It is also possible to complicate the course of the disease. It is necessary urgently to address to the doctor. Treatment is selected on the basis of symptoms.

Combination with other drugs

To date, no special studies have been conducted to identify the interaction of "Taflotan" and other medications. Experts note that the probability of influencing the effectiveness of the reception of most of the drugs is extremely low, since only an insignificant amount of the active ingredient enters the blood - it is not enough to affect any other drug.

When using "Taflotan" and other eye drops, it is recommended to maintain a time interval between the use of different means - at least five minutes.

Features of

When using "Taflotan" it is recommended first to remove the soft lenses, only then to instill drops. The composition of the drug is benzalkonium chloride, which has a negative effect on the quality of the lens. Products for vision correction are worn in a quarter of an hour after the use of "Taflotana".

eye drops taflotan user guide

When using the drug, it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the eye mucosa, in particular, the level of dryness. If there is a side effect, you should consult your doctor. As a rule, "Taflotan" is changed for a similar medication or combined with funds, which contain artificial tears.

This is important!

The manufacturer mentions this in the instructions, and the doctor must warn, prescribing to the patient drops "Taflotan": the use of the drug may affect the eyelashes, change their thickness. Eye color correction is also possible. In rare cases, during the use of "Taflotana", darkening of the skin of the eyelids is noted. The patient should be warned about the likelihood of such an effect on the body.

As soon as the drops of "Taflotan" are buried, there is a chance of reducing visual acuity - everything seems to be as if in a fog. This negative effect is quite fast, and yet the manufacturer does not recommend driving a car during the course of treatment.

Rules for using

As you can see from the instruction, "Taflotan" is used once a day. It is advisable to dig in drops every day at the same time. Dosage for one eye is one drop. An increase in frequency with respect to the recommended medication negatively affects the effectiveness of the drug: the therapeutic effect is significantly reduced.

The tubed tube is designed for single use, after which the remedy is discarded, even if the drug was larger than it was needed for a single instillation. It is important to observe the dosage, if the patient has a violation of the liver, kidneys. In this case, at the time of the appointment of "Taflotan" it is necessary to warn the treating doctor about such health problems. As a rule, a regular check of the tests is scheduled to determine the negative effect of use, if any.

We use correctly!

Features of the application are detailed in the instruction to eye drops "Taflotan".When the doctor prescribes the drug, he additionally tells the patient how to use the drops, how to dig in properly, what to fear, how to use the tool is not necessary.

The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that the greatest effect can be achieved if immediately after instilling "Taflotana" close the eyelids and press the corner of the eye with your finger. Please note: it is necessary to do this very carefully, so as not to damage the tissues of the organs of the visual system. Such use allows to prevent the active component of "Taflotan" from entering the patient's blood. If the product has got on the skin, it is immediately wiped with a napkin. There is a chance of darkening this area.

taflothane eye drops reviews

Reliable or not?

As can be seen from the reviews posted on the World Wide Web, "Taflotan" really effectively reduces pressure inside the eye and provides irreplaceable help to patients with glaucoma. At the same time, patients note that the use of "Taflotan" is associated with the appearance of side effects, especially if the drug was used in the evening, before going to bed - in the mornings many complain of a headache. Some patients also note that in the treatment of "Taflotan" they were haunted by the sensation of finding dust in the eye, a speck of dust. Very rarely patients complained of shortness of breath, a violation of the rhythm of heartbeats. As a rule, negative effects accompanied the use of "Taflotan" at its discretion, without the recommendation and prescription of a doctor.