What is a cyst and what are its sizes?

The main danger of the cyst lies in the fact that it appears most often in the brain. This human body is the most vulnerable and can easily be damaged by any bruises. Then what about neoplasm? Of course, if the cerebrospinal fluid appeared in another place, it would not have paid so much attention. Its feature is that in most cases it manifests itself asymptomatically, and is detected by chance. Such formation can develop in any part of the brain. It should be noted that a cyst of this kind is quite rare.

What is it?

The liquor cyst is a cavity filled with liquid. This education is classified as benign. It should be noted that the cyst has no relation to tumors, but sometimes it is called for convenience. This education can appear in people of absolute any age. The cyst is found in a fetus that has not yet been born, if certain problems appeared during embryo formation.

cerebrospinal fluid

In addition, it can occur in a newborn child as a result of a trauma received in the process of birth, or an infection that infiltrated the body immediately after birth. As for adults, they may have such an education as inborn or acquired. Most often the cyst appears after a traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Classification of formations. The arachnoid cyst

Most often, two main types are distinguished: the arachnoid( liquor) cyst and retrocerebellar cyst. Let us consider them in more detail. In fact, the names speak for themselves. For example, in the development of arachnoid cyst involved arachnoid shells and liquor cisterns, resulting in a new name. Likvornaya cyst is characterized by the fact that it forms spider webs in cisterns, which are stretched as a result of the development of education.

In men, a cyst of this kind is diagnosed much more often than in women. Education can be both congenital( true) and acquired. The cyst is very difficult to diagnose, because a person does not feel any changes in his body. With a congenital ailment, education can remind itself of itself to 20-22 years, and then not show any signs at all. The liquor cyst of the brain sometimes causes nausea and vomiting, hallucinations and epileptic seizures.

Retrocepellar cyst

This formation is dangerous, as it appears inside the brain substance. It arises at the site of dead cells of the nervous tissue. It turns out that the occurrence of a cyst is preceded by some events that were the causes of cell death. Most often they become:

  • serious craniocerebral trauma;
  • ischemic brain disease associated with oxygen starvation;
  • cerebral infarction, because of which a large number of cells die, which contributes to the development of cysts;
  • is an inflammation in the brain area.

cerebral cyst

Nature and clinic cysts largely depend on the causes that caused it. Thus, the emergence of education after a stroke is a favorable outcome. It is found with MRT or after the death of a person. As a rule, people do not feel any malfunction in their body due to the cyst. Symptoms occur only if it continues to grow and increase in size.

Symptoms of the disease

As already noted, with this point things are rather difficult. The presence of something superfluous in the brain can not be manifested in any way. However, it is worth paying special attention to certain signs. They do not belong to the most serious, so people just do not notice them.

cerebrospinal fluid cyst

Symptoms of cerebrospinal fluid development:

  • hearing problems;
  • vision impairment, that is, fog, bifurcation, spots, etc.;
  • paralysis;
  • pain in the head region;
  • dizziness, impaired coordination, loss of balance;
  • recurrent seizures;
  • numbness of the limbs of the body.

These are the main signs that should be used when diagnosing an ailment. In addition, in some cases, nausea and vomiting, hallucinations, weakness, insomnia. If the cyst begins to increase, a person feels an unnecessary object in the brain at the physiological level. Despite the apparent safety, the cyst can lead to serious consequences.

What is dangerous for a cyst?

The greatest danger is the risk of increasing the size of education. There is also the possibility of developing intracranial hypertension, which is a pretty unpleasant ailment. If you ignore the presence of a cyst that has been detected, you can become a victim of huge health problems. In extreme manifestation, edema of the brain may develop. This is due to the incorrect location of the stem structures and their infringement in the occipital opening. This development of events leads to violations of blood circulation and respiration, as well as, respectively, lethal outcome.

Retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst is no less dangerous. Moreover, this education has a tendency to rapid rapid growth. Since the cyst is usually located in the posterior cranial fossa, its enlargement will lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, do not underestimate this ailment, and if you have any signs you should immediately contact a specialist.

Benign education in children

As already noted, this ailment can occur in people of any age, as well as in children who have not yet been born. Most often this is due to problems during pregnancy or due to injury during childbirth. For the same reasons, the cyst can be formed in newborns. In addition, there is added the possibility of getting infections in the body of the child. They lead to circulatory insufficiency of the brain, resulting in ischemia or hypoxia.

arachnoid cyst

Nerve tissue will necrosis, and gradually in these places will begin to accumulate liquid, which will interfere with the liquor-conducting pathways. As a result, the child will begin to suffer from hydrocephalus, which will lead to a delay in the growth and development of the offspring. As for the place of education, in childhood it can be absolutely anything. The best option is diagnosing the disease in infancy and surgical removal.


To distinguish malignant education from benign, it is necessary to conduct a number of diagnostic measures. Thanks to them you can determine the location of the cyst, shape and size. For the most accurate detection of the problem, the following methods are used:

  • X-ray of the skull;
  • computed tomography( CT) scan of the brain;
  • magnetic resonance imaging( MRI) of the brain;
  • blood test for infections.

It is believed that the most effective way is MRI.Education of this kind can appear in any person, regardless of gender or age. Most often the size of the cyst is 23 x 5 x 3 mm. However, it can be, as more or less, it depends on the specific case.

cystic right cyst

If there is a first suspicion of a neoplasm, it is best to conduct a CT scan. This approach will answer the main question - what kind of education? This is easy to do, because the cyst does not accumulate contrast, while the malignant neoplasm clearly stands out in the pictures.

Treatment of liquor cyst with medicines

It should be noted that this kind of therapy is relevant only if the education in the brain is small. Doctors most often prescribe drugs of the following type:

  • resorptive;
  • normalizing blood pressure;
  • antioxidants;
  • lowering cholesterol.

These medicines are aimed at preventing the development of diseases, as well as eliminating cysts. At its discretion, a specialist can recommend taking antiviral drugs. Do not engage in self-medication, because ignorance can lead to irreversible consequences. Specific drugs and their dosage are prescribed only by a doctor. For maximum effective treatment, it is better to adhere to the course of therapy.

Treatment in an Online Method

This method is suitable for eliminating a large cyst. Also, if the formation increases and shows symptoms, surgical intervention is also recommended. It can be of four types:

  • skull trepanation;
  • bypass cyst;
  • drainage;
  • endoscopy.

Trepanation of the skull is the most effective way of all listed. However, there is one disadvantage - when carrying out this operation there is a high probability of injury. Shunting, that is, removing fluid, is a less dangerous surgical intervention. But in the course of the operation, an infection can get caught, and complications will appear.

cerebrospinal fluid

Endoscopy is rarely used. As for draining, this method is not entirely reliable. There were cases when after such operation the patient had a repeated relapse.

Consequences of

Likvorostnaya cyst of small dimensions does not pose a threat to human health. If you find this, you need to regularly undergo examinations and monitor the general condition of the body. A real threat is the cyst, which increases in size. Then surgical intervention is recommended.

The most dangerous consequence of this ailment may be a gap in education. In this case, the liquid pours out into the craniocerebral box, resulting in a powerful intoxication, and then the pulse stops.

Cyst in temporal lobes

Why does the pathology develop? Likvornaya cyst in the right and left temporal lobes increases due to concussions of the brain, inflammation of the meninges, circulatory disorders. Operative intervention in this case will not be enough, it is necessary to identify and understand the reason for the appearance of education.

treatment of cerebrospinal fluid

The larval cyst of the temporal lobe tends to arise again and again after elimination. In order to avoid such situations, you need to take drugs aimed at restoring the body's defense system. Doctors prescribe different medications in specific situations. For example, to restore cerebral circulation, you should take drugs that dilute blood. If there is a shortage of oxygen and the metabolic processes need to be improved, experts recommend antioxidants and nootropics for taking. To resolve the adhesions of the membranes of the brain, doctors recommend the use of special medications such as "caripain."