"Menoril Plus": reviews of doctors and women

"Menoril Plus" is a biologically active additive, which is intended for women during menopause. The excellent composition of the drug makes it not only effective, but also safe, since it has virtually no side effects. Today we learn a lot of interesting information about the medicine "Menoril Plus": reviews about the drug from patients and doctors, the rules of its use, composition. Also we will find out whether this medicine has analogues, which can be substituted for it in the absence of this additive in the pharmacy. menoril plus reviews


One capsule of the medicine "Menoril plus", the instruction for which should always be in the package with the preparation, contains the following components:

1. A vitamin complex consisting of the following elements: genistein, trans-resveratrol, vitamins D3 and K1, microcrystalline cellulose.

2. Auxiliary components: calcium stearate, lactose monohydrate, silicon dioxide colloid.

Vitamin K1, part of the preparation "Menoril Plus", prevents the appearance of osteoporosis. Also, this element regulates redox processes in the female body. Vitamin D3 in menopause plays an important role, since it compensates for the manifestations of various age-related changes. Also, women should receive it in the right amount, since estrogen deficiency is associated with a risk of osteoporosis.

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Resveratrol is an excellent antioxidant that slows down the processes of age-related fading.

Indications for use of

Many women are interested in the main question about the drug "Menoril Plus": "Why is this medication prescribed by a doctor?" This drug is prescribed for patients with various manifestations of symptoms of menopause and menopause, such as:

- sweating;

- tides;

- weakness;

- irritability;

- depression;

- forgetfulness;

- itching and burning in the vagina, its dryness;

- skin problems;

- incontinence;

- decreased sexual activity. menoril plus reviews of doctors


The drug "Menoril Plus", the instruction for use of which must be read by the patient before use, is sold in the form of capsules. They are placed in special blisters. In one package there are 15 capsules.

How to take?

Before going to a pharmacy for this drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor about whether or not a medicine can be used in a particular case. If the gynecologist appoints this remedy, then you can safely go and buy it. Usually women are discharged per day for 1 or 2 capsules of "Menoril Plus".Duration of admission is 1 month. But there are cases when the doctor can prescribe and 2 capsules of the drug. This happens with a mildly expressed menopause. If the manifestations are severe enough, then the specialist can even prescribe 3 capsules a day. Dosage is selected individually, depending on the state of health and health of the woman. Take the drug preferably during meals. menoril plus instruction reviews

The cost of

The medicine "Menoril Plus", which reviews are mostly positive, can be bought without any problems in almost any pharmacy. This is a fairly common tool that helps women of the fair sex without problems to survive the onset of menopause and its consequences. The price of the preparation containing 60 capsules is approximately 400 rubles. This is a non-fixed value. In one pharmacy you can find this medication cheaper, in another, on the contrary, more expensive. It all depends on the location of the institution in which drugs are sold, on the number of capsules contained in the package.

Approvals of Patients

The tool "Menoril Plus" reviews of women is mostly positive. Firstly, they like the effect of the medication: after the capsules are taken, the well-being improves considerably, the head stops spinning, the sleep normalizes, the mood rises, and the tides and sweating do not bother. That is, all the symptoms of menopause and menopause are eliminated, women continue to feel like before( before they had changes in the body).Secondly, the patients note that this medicine, in comparison with others, is quite affordable. Therefore, almost every woman can afford to buy this drug once a month. Moreover, just one package is often enough for as long as 30 days. Thirdly, women are delighted that the capsules of "Menoril Plus" do not cause any side effects. Fourthly, the patients liking the fact that taking this drug can be quite a long time, it does not cause addiction, and the effect is always there. Fifth, some women consider the drug "Menoril Plus" a true savior for their family. If before the adoption of this biological supplement between the husband and wife were constantly quarrels because of the unbalanced behavior of the wife, provoked by the onset of menopause, then after the spouse began taking capsules, her condition returned to normal. And now in families again there was mutual understanding, calmness. Some women remain grateful to the drug "Menoril Plus" and believe that it was he who helped them cope with their crisis, because of which even the family could collapse. Therefore, this biological supplement positively influences not only the well-being of the fairer sex, but also the relations between close people. menoril plus reviews about the drug

Disapproving responses from women

Unfortunately, the drug "Menoril Plus" reviews are of a negative nature. True, the number of such responses is insignificant, but they do exist. Some women write that this medicine did not bring them any results at all. That the tides were frequent, so they remained so, the mood was changeable, so nothing happened to it. But why then to one woman this tool helped to cope with the symptoms of menopause, and others not? The answer is really simple. Those patients who took the drug strictly according to the doctor's recommendations, really felt the result. And those women who drank the medicine without the doctor's appointment, in the end remained unhappy. And after all, perhaps they just needed to adjust the dosage of the drug. Perhaps, instead of one capsule, they should drink every day 2 or 3. Therefore, they did not notice the effect, and as a result negative reviews appeared about the preparation of "Menoril plus".Although in fact the medicine is effective, but if it is illiterate, it certainly can not give a result. Therefore, in order that there should be no more negative reactions, one should consult a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to correctly calculate the necessary dosage of the medicine, based on the symptoms of the patient, her age and many other factors. And self-medication is extremely undesirable.

menoril plus instructions for use

The drug "Menoril plus": reviews of doctors

Experts positively talk about this tool. According to them, it is really capable of helping women after 40 years. This drug is simply necessary for women of the weaker sex at the time when they gradually begin to decline hormone production, and the reproductive function fades. As a result, many women experience unpleasant sensations. And it is with these symptoms that the preparation "Menoril Plus" can perfectly handle. The doctors' comments on this medicine are slowly leading to the fact that, without this, women can sometimes be very difficult to use, they can even develop pathologies, conditions that bring suffering. Doctors strongly recommend this medication to the fairer sex during the menopause. Doctors are sure that those women who leave negative feedback about the effectiveness of the drug "Menoril Plus" did take it on their own. However, this is fundamentally wrong. Therefore, gynecologists warn women that if they want to improve their condition, it is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation with a specialist, find out with him problems, receive appropriate treatment. The doctor in any case will choose the correct dosage of the "Menoril Plus", which will save patients from unpleasant manifestations of menopause. menoril plus reviews of women

Storage conditions. Producer of medicine

The drug should be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, children should not have access to this tool so that there is no disaster. The optimum temperature of storage of a medicine - no more than 25 degrees.

Capsules "Menoril Plus", whose reviews make it clear that the drug is really effective, have a shelf life of 2 years. After the expiration of this time, the medicine must be disposed of. The country of origin of medicine is the Russian Federation.


You can find a replacement for the drug "Menoril Plus".Such drugs are such drugs as "Menoril", "Feminal", "Klimalanin".However, knowing the analogs of this medication, you should not run to the pharmacy and buy something instead of the capsules "Menoril Plus".In any case, it is necessary to go to a consultation with a gynecologist and discuss with him the possibility of replacing one biologically active supplement with another. menoril plus duration of admission

Contraindications and side effects of

The drug is not to be prescribed to women with hypersensitivity to the components of the medication.

Side effects after proper use of the "Menoril plus" do not occur. However, if a woman does not comply with the dosing regimen, she does not take the medicine in the doses, not according to the doctor's prescription, in this case, of course, she may have allergic reactions. However, with proper use of these capsules, side effects do not appear.

Now you know with which drug can eliminate the unpleasant symptoms caused by the onset of menopause. The medicine "Menoril Plus", the manual, which was reviewed in this article, is indeed an effective remedy against unwanted menopause. Both patients and doctors recommend this drug, however, before taking it, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.