Treatment of the pancreas folk remedies at home

Normally, the pancreas produces juice, which contains active enzymes: amylase, trypsin and lipase, necessary for digestion of food in the intestine. Their activation occurs when the pancreatic juice is mixed with food. To prevent self-digestion, the pancreas also produces antiferments that are in equilibrium with the enzymes in the body of a healthy person.

But with excessive production of juice, if there is a violation of the outflow of juice from the pancreas into the small intestine, this equilibrium breaks down and its damage occurs. At the time of an acute attack, urgent medical care is needed, and not pancreas treatment with folk remedies.

But in the period of remission, to maintain health, to prevent repeated attacks, folk methods of treating the pancreas are very helpful.

And first of all you need to pay attention to diet, accustom yourself to eat only the allowed food. Do not eat sweet, spicy, fatty, smoked and spicy dishes. But it is very useful cottage cheese and curdled milk. It is very important to drink a sufficient amount of plain unboiled water, purified through a filter or spring water. In this case, the body will be cleansed and saturated with liquid at the cellular level, which is very important for pancreatitis.

A good curative effect is rendered with a liquid oil porridge without oil for breakfast. The same can be obtained from buckwheat porridge on kefir. To do this, you need to grind buckwheat groats on a coffee grinder, take 1 tablespoon, pour a glass of fresh yogurt and leave for the night. Get a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

For a long time, pancreas treatment with folk remedies is known, which is supplemented by new proven recipes of the present. With an attack of pancreatitis, the positive effect is exerted by the infusion of chamomile and immortelle. To do this, take a glass of boiling water on a tablespoon of both herbs and insist for about half an hour. Take an infusion of half a cup before meals, half an hour before the start, for three weeks.

It is good to restore the function of the pancreas oatmeal, which our great-grandmothers were able to cook. To make it, you need to take unpeeled oats half a glass and pour it with 1.5 liters of boiling water, cook over a small fire for about 40 minutes. Then shatter it with a crib and continue cooking for another twenty minutes. Cool, strain and store in the refrigerator for two days. Oatmeal is useful to take half a cup before meals.

Positive effects in acute inflammation of the pancreas are compresses of curdled milk at night. This simple folk treatment of the pancreas has been known for a long time and is being applied to the present day. For a compress, a linen cloth is needed, which must be moistened in curdled milk and applied to the left hypochondrium. Top with cellophane and fasten with a woolen shawl. This procedure should be performed about a month.

A good result is the treatment of the pancreas folk remedies, which can be obtained using prepared drugs, while washing them with infusions or herbal decoctions to enhance the effect. To make a drug, you need to take 300 grams of parsley and garlic and grind in a meat grinder along with one kilogram of lemons with peel. The resulting mixture is stored in the refrigerator, take a teaspoon before eating for two months.

Drink this mixture is useful infusion of leaves of cowberry, strawberries, blueberries and corn stigmas, taken in the same proportion. At night in the thermos, it is convenient to brew 2 tablespoons of salt per liter of boiling water. This recipe is used in a chronic process.

Treatment of the pancreas folk remedies includes the treatment of food. Beneficial effect on the pancreas has millet porridge with pumpkin, oatmeal and oatmeal. It is useful to consume juice from sauerkraut, carrot, potato and beet juice in a diluted form. Use decoctions of wormwood bitter, iris, aspen bark, calendula flowers, burdock leaves.

But we must always remember that even folk remedies should be carefully chosen, individually and always combined with the intake of medications prescribed by a doctor and folk remedies, taking into account their tolerability.