How to treat arthrosis?

Arthrosis of joints( osteoarthritis) is a disease that is associated with degenerative-dystrophic changes, as well as deformation of cartilage tissues and other joint tissues. The disease leads to acute pain in the lesion, restricts the person in the movements, which causes very severe discomfort, and in some especially severe cases, even involves disability.

The most basic and well-defined signs of arthrosis of the joints are joint pain during exercise, a limitation in the range of joint mobility, stiffness in even unforced movements, a specific crunch during movement, swelling of varying degrees in the joint area, severe muscle tension in the affected area,deformation of the affected joint. If at least one or two of the above signs are present in you, then this is an alarm call, after which you should immediately go to the doctor.

Treatment of arthrosis

How to treat arthrosis? There are many ways to treat arthrosis, both medical and folk. For example, in Tibetan medicine joint arthrosis is treated with phytopreparations, as well as various procedures that affect the body( moxotherapy, acupuncture, hirudotherapy, acupressure, etc.).In addition to affecting the damaged area of ​​the body, similar methods of treatment restore the strength of the body as a whole. They improve the blood supply to the body and contribute to improved nutrition of joint tissues in the affected area.

Due to the complex therapy during the disease with arthrosis, the exchange of processes improves, there is a faster recovery of dry tissues, general immunity increases( one of the side effects of arthrosis is a decrease in human immunity).

The effect of therapy directly depends on the type of arthrosis, as well as on the degree of neglect of the disease. If you contact a specialist at an early stage of arthrosis, as soon as you notice his symptoms, he eventually cures completely. With a more neglected condition of arthrosis, there can not be 100% guarantees of complete recovery. At such a stage, it is only possible to remove pains at the site of injury, and as a result, to improve the quality of life. However, if the disease is at an early stage, you need to find out how to treat arthrosis, because medical supplies and folk remedies can significantly help.

Treatment of arthrosis is carried out in a complex manner. The means that restore microcirculation are used, since it is necessary to increase blood flow in blood vessels that distribute blood in tissues. These drugs include: nicotinic acid, "Prodectin", "Phosphodene", "Esflazin", "Trenal", etc.

A special place in the treatment of this disease is occupied by pyrazolone preparations. The most effective of them is "Feprazon".

Also used are basic drugs that can have a direct effect on arthrosis. Treatment with "Rumalon", "Mukartrin", "Arteparon", "Chloroquine" gives a good result, because these drugs are called to strengthen tissue regeneration in the dystrophic process or after a joint injury.

How to treat arthrosis with the help of folk remedies? For example, many advise to take the internal fat, cover it with the affected area, tie it completely with cellophane, then cover it with woolen cloth. With such a compress you need to walk( and it is best to restrict yourself in movements, moving only when absolutely necessary) for about a week. After that, according to folk healers, joint arthrosis should reduce its impact, and soon all its signs will disappear altogether. Also one of the methods of treating arthrosis is swimming( it helps, basically, if you have arthrosis of the joints of the upper body).During swimming, all joints, both the upper body and the lower one, are very well developed.

There are other methods of treating joint arthrosis, both traditional medicine and scientific. Cardinal way is surgical intervention - i.e.replacement of the joint. Some people do not go to doctors in principle, explaining this by trusting only "grandmother's herbs" and proven methods of treatment. How to treat arthrosis: folk methods or go to the doctor - everyone's choice. Do not underestimate any of the treatments. They all help and cure, otherwise they simply would not be advised. I would just like to note that when you go to a doctor, you will most likely get faster help.