"Gardasil"( vaccination): reviews. What kind of vaccination is needed: "Gardasil" or "Cervarix"?

Almost 80% of the world's population is affected by the human papillomavirus. Now more than 100 different strains of this disease are known. Fortunately, most of them are not dangerous. They lead only to the appearance of warts, but in no way affect the vital activity of the whole organism. But there are highly-oncogenic types of HPV that are found in all those patients who have been diagnosed with cervical, anus, anterior genital or laryngeal cancer.

Vaccination from human papillomavirus

Modern researchers claim that the presence of HPV in the body does not mean that a person will develop a cancer. But such a patient is at risk. After all, the virus changes cells and makes possible the development of a tumor.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed special vaccinations that stimulate the cells of the immune system. And this does not allow the viruses to penetrate into the body and gain a foothold in it. Currently, patients can choose which vaccine - "Gardasil" or "Cervarix" to do. Both vaccines protect against two types of HPV, which are the main precursors of cervical cancer and anus.

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Features of the vaccine "Gardasil"

It is understood that any of these vaccines can not cure a person of HPV.But "Gardasil"( inoculation) is active against 4 types of HPV.Of these, 16 and 18 strains are highly coenotic, and 6 and 11 cause genital warts-the so-called genital warts.

The vaccination is best at the age when the person has not yet had time to catch the virus. Vaccine manufacturers recommend that children and adolescents be vaccinated before the onset of sexual activity.

Scope of use

If you want to have Gardasil vaccination, you should know that it protects against infection by 4 types of human papillomavirus, namely 6, 11, 16 and 18. All other subspecies of HPV, the patient may become infected withinlife. But they are not so dangerous. The vaccine administered on time can prevent the development of dysplasia, and in some cases even of the vaginal, cervical, anus, and vulva cancers caused by the 16th and 18th types of HPV in both women and men.

If we talk about vaccination "Cervarix", then it protects against the development of the same diseases. This is due to the fact that it is active against two types of HPV - 16 and 18.

Possible risks of

Increasingly now one can come across information that "Gardasil" is a vaccination against pregnancy. According to some people, mass vaccination of children in adolescence is a treacherous plan to destroy the population through its extinction. Many talk about the similarity of the scheme of use of this drug with vaccinations, which were developed by the Rockefeller Foundation and were intended to provoke miscarriages.

Also opponents of vaccination say that this is not a guarantee that the patient will not have cancer. But vaccine manufacturers only confirm the fact that their drug is designed to prevent the attachment of the human papillomavirus in the body.

In addition, the researchers argue that the cause of miscarriages and premature birth of many was the name of the vaccine "Gardasil".Vaccination, according to the manufacturer's recommendation, should ideally be done before the onset of sexual activity or to prevent complications that HPV can cause. Therefore, there is no point in talking about complications or ineffectiveness of vaccination during pregnancy. Moreover, the instruction contains information that it is desirable to be protected from possible conception during the course of vaccination and not to carry it out, if the fact of pregnancy has already been confirmed.

Ways of using

There are two schemes for administering the Gardasil vaccine. The vaccination is done three times. If you stick to the usual scheme, then the second injection is carried out two months after the first. And the third - in 4 months after the second. That is, the course of vaccination is stretched for six months.

But there is also an accelerated version. So you can enter a second dose a month after the first, and a third - three after the second. That is, the full course will last 4 months. But even if the set interval has been violated, do not worry. The course will be considered complete if you have three inoculations within one year.

For all age groups the same amount of preparation is used - 0.5 ml. It is injected intramuscularly into the deltoid muscle. You can also inject in the upper outer surface of the middle part of the thigh.

A nurse who makes these injections must know all the rules for using it. So, before use, a disposable syringe( vial) with the vaccine should be shaken so that a homogeneous turbid suspension is obtained. The dose is administered in one dose, and the injection site is treated with 70% alcohol.

If foreign substances are visible in the vial or syringe, the particles, the color of it is changed or it is not homogeneous, this indicates its unfitness.

Required Information

When reading about the Gardasil vaccine reviews, you can often find the opinion that it does not help get rid of cancer. This is indeed so. It is intended only for prevention against a number of diseases, among which there are also oncological diseases. Also it can not be used to get rid of any types of HPV.The meaning of its introduction is only in those cases when the patient is not yet infected with those strains, concerning which the indicated vaccine is effective. It has no effect on the already active infections in the body that were caused by HPV.Also, an unfinished course can not protect against possible infection. Therefore, the use of barrier methods of contraception during the vaccination period is mandatory. Also, it is not worth reading about the vaccination of "Gardasil" reviews, which mention the infection with other sexual infections. It is not a method of protection from other diseases.

As with any other vaccine, not all patients have the expected immune response. She showed the result in 99% of the people studied. With its introduction it is impossible to exclude the situation of the development of anaphylactic shock. Therefore, if the "Gardasil"( vaccination) in the school is done, then at hand the nurse should always have emergency therapy. For 30 minutes the patient should be observed. Most often, a reaction in the form of fainting occurs in young women and adolescents.

Complications of

In addition to the rare situations when an anaphylactic reaction arises, other side effects are possible, after the Gardasil vaccine was introduced. Reviews and information from the manufacturer indicate that often patients complain of itching and pain at the injection site and in the limbs, on the formation of bruises or fever. Almost every tenth note swelling, redness of the injection site.

Also, many patients, after they were vaccinated with "Gardasil", gave feedback about the appearance of fatigue, chills, general discomfort, nausea, vomiting, bronchospasm, urticaria. But it is not possible to evaluate the reliability of these data and to establish the relationship of the described complications to the administration of the drug.

Combination of

preparations If you started the course of vaccination with Gardasil, then subsequent injections should be done only with the use of this vaccine. It can be administered simultaneously with other drugs. A temporary break is not required if the patient needs to make a recombinant vaccine active against hepatitis B, meningococcus, diphtheria, whooping cough( using the cell-free component), tetanus, poliomyelitis. The main thing is to introduce them into different sites.

It has also been found that the use of hormonal contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, antibiotics, vitamin complexes, steroid drugs does not affect the efficacy and safety of the Gardasil vaccine. The vaccination was not tested on those patients who use immunosuppressants.

Immunobiological properties of

When talking about all possible advantages and disadvantages of the drug, many do not know exactly how the vaccine works. It consists of highly purified proteins of human papillomavirus 6, 11, 16 and 18 strains. In addition, the vaccine contains an adjuvant, L-histidine, yeast protein, polysorbate 80, sodium borate. Contrary to popular belief, the vaccine does not have viruses( dead or alive), only virus-like particles that can not reproduce. But they allow you to get the necessary immune response.

The proteins that enter the vaccine are produced by separate fermentation. Each type of virus is purified, it is adsorbed on a special adjuvant, which contains aluminum. Everyone who knows the principle of the vaccine, understand that "Gardasil" is an inoculation against the human papillomavirus. As a result of its use, antibodies are produced that persist for 36 months( according to some data they are active for more than 8 years).But in the course of the study, there was no need to conduct a revaccination.

Application of

"Gardasil"( vaccination) is widely used in Russia. At the governmental level, programs have been adopted, according to which girls in the Russian Federation are vaccinated free of charge. The vaccine is done in schools, medical centers, polyclinics. At this step, the government went because in the 2000s, disappointing statistics were recorded. In Russia, 18 women died from cervical cancer every day. And on the Earth the specified diagnosis was established every 2 minutes.

Completely get rid of oncology, of course, will not work, but you can reduce the risk of developing tumors. Indeed, with timely vaccination, it is possible to prevent the development of cervical cancer, which develops as a result of changes in cells by the human papillomavirus.

Alternative tools

Find other drugs that can protect against the development of cancer, you can only if you understand why "Gardasil"( vaccination) is needed. From what the vaccine helps, can explain every gynecologist and immunologist. As it was said before, it is not able to cure HPV, and even more so from cancer, but with its help it is possible to exclude the possibility of infection with the human papillomavirus and the development of cancer caused by it.

The alternative is the Cervarix vaccine. For example, "Gardasil"( vaccination) in Ukraine appeared only in 2014.Before that time, vaccination was conducted only with the use of the drug "Cervarix", which is active against two types of the virus - highly-oncogenic strains 16 and 18. True, there was no universal and compulsory vaccination in Ukraine.

It is better to choose between these vaccinations together with a doctor. In this case, do not forget that they are equally effective against HPV 16, 18 types at a time when the body does not already have this infection. But "Gardasil" is able to protect from 6, 11 strains that cause genital warts. This means that the patient, even after completing the full course of vaccination with Cervarix, may develop condylomas on the cervix and external genitalia. The use of the preparation "Gardasil" excludes the development of such a scenario. But both of these vaccines can not protect against the mass of other strains of the virus.

Features of using

Before you will be introduced a vaccine, you need to clarify the conditions for its storage. So, it should be in a cold place( from +2 to +8 0С), which does not penetrate the daylight. But its freezing is unacceptable. The drug is suitable for 3 years, after the expiration of the specified period, it must be disposed of.

There are also a number of questions regarding the use of Gardasil inoculation at a more mature age. For example, the manufacturer claims that under the vaccination program all adolescents, regardless of gender, and women under the age of 45 can get into the program. Although many studies suggest that vaccination after 26 years does not give the expected result. In most cases, this may be due to the fact that a woman by that age already is a carrier of the human papillomavirus. Therefore, vaccination can not protect against infection and, accordingly, prevent the development of cancer.

Many experts say that it will be much more effective to have regular supervision at the gynecologist and annual cytological research. It will not help prevent the disease, but it will be able to detect any changes in the early stages.

Of course, you can find information about the fact that he could not protect against cancer "Gardasil".The testimonies indicate that even those vaccinated can develop oncological diseases of the cervix, anus, vagina or external genitalia. This may be due to the fact that the vaccine protects against two highly-oncogenic types of the virus - 16, 18. But in 30% of cases of detection of cancer, other strains of HPV are found, and infection with them could also trigger cancer. Therefore, in no case should vaccination be considered a panacea for cancer diseases. Only regular examinations at the gynecologist and carrying out of a smear on a cytology will allow to supervise a state of health.