OAA during pregnancy: what is it, how to decipher?

Pregnancy is a difficult period for many women, associated with heavy pregnancy, anxiety and unrest, an unstable emotional state. In addition, often doctors scare the future mother with her diagnoses. In exchange cards, you can sometimes find such abbreviation as OAA in pregnancy. What is it and how terrible is it? The answers to these questions can be found in the article.

OAA during pregnancy: transcript

The abbreviation "OAA" means "a burdened obstetric anamnesis".Let's go over the shelves. An anamnesis is a history of the disease from its beginning to referring to a doctor. But after all, pregnancy is not a disease, but a condition. Therefore, in this area, the obstetric anamnesis is everything that is interrelated with other pregnancies and their course. And what does the word "weighed" mean? Earlier there could be some risk factors that affect the bearing of the future baby and a safe delivery.

oaa at pregnancy what is it

What about OAA?

We got a little acquainted with the concept of OAA in pregnancy. We know the decoding, but the essence is not yet clear. This term includes:

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  • abortion;
  • miscarriage;
  • births that occurred before time;
  • birth of a child with various vices, hypotrophy;
  • stillbirth;
  • early placental abruption;
  • anomalies of placental attachment;
  • trauma of the birth canal;
  • spikes, scars;
  • narrowness of the pelvis;
  • fetal asphyxia;
  • status of other children after birth;
  • defects and congenital complications in previous children;
  • other complications.

These factors have a profound effect on the course of subsequent pregnancies and their outcome, so they must be taken into account by the doctor in order to minimize possible risks to the maximum.

There is a concept similar to OAA, OGA, which means "a burdened gynecological anamnesis".It includes everything related to the health of a woman in terms of gynecology: the course of menstrual cycles, malfunctions in them, and postponed sexual diseases. The concept of OHA is closely interrelated with OAA, therefore they are often called the general words "a burdened obstetric-gynecological anamnesis".

It should be noted that the diagnosis of OAA during pregnancy( which is what we explained above) puts very many women. So in Russia, their number is about 80 percent. The high probability of a threat of termination of pregnancy, unfortunately, is not uncommon.

oaa during pregnancy decoding

How to minimize risks?

Since OAA is directly related to the state of health of a pregnant woman, it is first necessary to prepare for a new expectation of the child in advance. There is a special pregravid preparation for such women, which can be done without the OAA, but in this case it will be simpler.

OAA in pregnancy - what is it and how to minimize risks? With this diagnosis, a woman must undergo a series of examinations, as well as preventive measures:

  • To be examined for infection, and if they are found, be cured.
  • Examine the hormonal background and correct it, if necessary.
  • Treatment of concomitant pregnancy diseases of various systems and many others.

Thanks to such methods, the risk of possible involuntary interruption of pregnancy is significantly reduced and the health of the future mother is preserved.

In addition, if a woman knows that she has OAA, it is important to be registered as early as possible, since lost time can affect the preservation of the child's life and its proper development.

The doctor should be aware of all that concerns the health of a pregnant woman. It happens that a woman had previously interrupted pregnancy with a medicamentous method or had a miscarriage for some reason. In this case, with a new pregnancy, these factors may have remained. Moreover, abortion causes a trauma to the uterus. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude the presence and influence of such factors on a new pregnancy.

Also, the presence of complications in previous pregnancies may be due to the fact that the structure of the organs had features that can not be changed.

diagnosis of pregnancy during pregnancy

Action taken

Do you have OAA in pregnancy? How to treat? In this matter, you need to fully trust your doctor and follow his instructions clearly. Knowing that the pregnant woman in the past had an OAA, the specialist should take the necessary measures to prevent possible complications. To do this, the following is done: a risk group is defined, individual measures for accompanying pregnancy are selected. In some cases, for example, a woman needs to be hospitalized at certain times, when there is a high probability of risks. In addition, women with OAA most often two weeks before the forthcoming delivery are hospitalized.

Unfortunately, many women do not inform their doctor that an abortion was previously made or a miscarriage occurred. The specialist, not knowing about such phenomena, can underestimate the possible risks, and the consequences in the future will be deplorable. It is best to tell the doctor everything.

oaa during pregnancy how to treat

Cesarean section of

For women waiting for a second child, cesarean section during the first pregnancy is also a risk factor, since after it remains a scar. Moreover, a rupture of the uterus is possible, which can lead to the death of both the baby and his mother.

After operations on the uterus during subsequent births, a caesarean section is shown, for in this case the child's passage through the natural birth canal is risky. During the entire pregnancy, the specialists fill out the exchange card, carefully examines the history, the history of the diseases, and the presence of adverse heredity is revealed. All these data are used to decide whether the birth will be natural or by cesarean.

Often the second pregnancy can also end tragically, as well as the first: the intrauterine death of a child for some reason. Medical personnel should identify possible pathological processes and take all measures to prevent a tragic outcome. In order to avoid possible terrible consequences, it is necessary to plan pregnancy in advance.

oaa during pregnancy that

Child Health and OAA

Do you have OAA in pregnancy? What is it and how can it affect a child's health? This diagnosis can have a significant impact on the health of the baby. For example, the presence of infectious diseases of the genital tract, because of which this diagnosis was made, can lead to infection of the child during childbirth. But if the doctor is a competent specialist, then this can not happen simply.

It is also necessary to remember that hereditary factors can exert a huge influence on the bearing of a child. Pregnant women with such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, can pass them on to their daughter, for which they will become a real problem at the moment of waiting for their child.

The OAA itself is not hereditary. However, often hereditary diseases can occur during the period of expectation of the child. Therefore, at the planning stage of pregnancy you need to know well the detailed information about the health of relatives. Do not interfere and pass a genetic examination.

oaa during pregnancy is

Emotional mood of

Women with OAA during / during pregnancy are at risk of possible complications during the period of gestation and childbirth. But this is connected not only with physiology. Such women have a completely different attitude to a new pregnancy than women who have a favorable history.

It is necessary for pregnant women to attend a variety of preventive and curative measures, held in the women's consultation and inpatient.

It should be remembered that OAA in pregnancy is not a sentence, but rather an indication to the doctor for choosing the right way of pregnancy. Do not be frightened if the card shows the abbreviation OAA.It is possible that there will be no complications during pregnancy. But in case the doctor does not know about the OAA, the occurrence of risks is most possible.

oaa during during pregnancy

Some tips for pregnant

Do you have OAA in pregnancy? What is it, you now know. And now do not panic, it is better to listen to some advice. For proper and full-fledged development of pregnancy, it is necessary to attend specialist consultations, to fulfill all the recommendations and appointments prescribed by them, to lead a correct lifestyle. It is important not to miss the appointments of the doctor, as well as to inform him truthfully all the necessary information so that the future baby is born healthy.

Very much depends on the mother herself, so you need to make every effort to make pregnancy easy, and the forthcoming birth was successful.