How lipolytics work for the stomach: reviews

The most traditional way to create an ideal figure is a long and hard work on your body. Everyone knows about this. This has been taught to us for many years. In this regard, those wishing to create perfect forms had to sit down on a debilitating diet, work hard in the gym, wrap their body with film and spread it with various creams. However, all these and many other efforts sometimes did not lead to the desired result. Particularly offensive became those beauties whose figure had only minor fat folds. It is for such situations, when traditional methods of combating obesity do not help a person, cosmetologists developed a new direction, presupposing injections of lipopolys. What is this technique and what are the results of its use?

Beginning of application of

lipolitics for the stomach reviews More recently, a few tens of years ago, in cosmetology, preparations that relieve the patient of plaques on the eyelids were actively used. After the injections, the skin condition in this zone improved significantly. This was confirmed by numerous reviews of patients. Seeing a similar result, cosmetologists took these preparations for a note. They were used to eliminate fat accumulations throughout the body. For this purpose, injections were given.

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This method was liked by those who did not want to deny themselves sweets, constantly engage in the gym, looking at the same time on the scales. In addition, the result was so fast that no sessions in the steam room and thermal wrapping could match it. After all, small fat deposits were easily corrected by injections of lipolitics.

Principle of action

In the human body, disintegration and synthesis processes are continuously occurring. Normally they are in a state of balance. However, it sometimes happens that one process begins to dominate the other. This happens in those cases when a person does not eat properly or moves a little. In this case, the synthesis of lipids begins to predominate over the process of their disintegration. As a result, between the muscle fibers and on the walls of the vessels, fats begin to be deposited. However, the largest number of them is sent to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. To fight precisely with these deposits, lipolytic drugs began to be used.

What happens after the introduction of the substance into the selected area? In it, under the influence of the drug, the processes of lipolysis begin to take place more actively. In other words, fat breaks down faster than fatty acids.

It is further important that the resulting products do not return to their original state. To this end, these drugs contain substances that activate microcirculation and stimulate the removal of the resulting fatty acids with the help of lymphatic and circulatory systems.

How does lipolytics work for the abdomen? The patients' comments indicate that with their help it is possible to somewhat reduce the existing fat layer by a thickness of 4 to 6 cm. Very often, this manipulation is also carried out with cellulite started to remove subcutaneous tubercles.

For whom is the procedure recommended?

It should be borne in mind that the main purpose of injections for weight loss is to fight only with problem areas, fat deposits in which it is very difficult to remove with the help of sports and proper nutrition. Very often such an area is the abdomen.

Slimming pills are an additional measure. Only in those cases when the weight of the patient was only slightly above the norm before the procedure, lipolytic drugs for weight loss of the abdomen are very effective.

lipolitics for the stomach reviews results

Reviews before and after the procedure indicate that patients, as a rule, remain satisfied with this method. After all, they decided to medically solve the problem due to the fact that fat in the abdomen was not removed by any other means.

Popular drugs

The name "lipolytic" combines several drugs at once. But, despite the different terminology, the main active ingredient of their composition is lecithin, which is a natural extract from soy.

Lipolitics are direct, indirect and "slimming cocktails"( a mixture of drugs).

The number of required sessions will depend on the volume of the problem area, as well as on the funds introduced. Usually cosmetologists appoint at least three procedures. The gap between them is up to 20 days. During this time, the already introduced drug "works".

Straight lipolitics

The modern pharmacological market offers a huge number of different lipolitics. All these preparations have their own characteristics, and they all differ somewhat in composition. However, most often cosmetologists prick direct lipolytics into the abdomen. Feedback from specialists and patients allows us to conclude that these drugs are effective for speeding up the process of losing weight, and, therefore, very popular.

lipopolitiki for slimming belly before and after reviews

Among the direct lipolitics can be identified:

- "Aqualix";
- "Phosphatidylcholine";
- "Sodium deoxycholate".

Let's consider them in some detail.


This product is packaged by the manufacturer into 8 ml ampoules. The drug is injected under the skin no more than 1.5 cm deep, as otherwise there is a risk of damage to the muscle tissue.

how to prick lipolytics in the belly reviews The basis of the product is water-helium. Such a consistency easily distributes the active substance among the tissues in the selected area, achieving at the same time with high accuracy only the problem areas. For one session, two to three injections are given. One injection is enough to process a zone of 20 square centimeters. General course of procedures to achieve the desired effect - two or three sessions.


This is also a popular lipolitics for weight loss belly. The experts' feedback confirms that the substances synthesized from natural phospholipid contained in the preparation "Phosphatidylcholine" effectively accelerate the cell exchange in the problem area, and also influence other biochemical processes.

This preparation is available in the form of a solution intended for subcutaneous injection. The volume of one ampoule is 5 ml. Treatment is carried out by courses that include from 5 to 10 sessions. Between the complex of procedures breaks of at least two weeks are necessary.

"Sodium deoxycholate"

This preparation is an artificially produced sodium salt. It is this substance that is a natural constituent of bile, which perfectly copes with the splitting of fat. This effect arises due to the rupture of molecular bonds. Simultaneously, the drug "sodium deoxycholate" blocks the reabsorption of sodium in the renal canal zone. This action increases urination, relieving puffiness and reducing the amount of intercellular fluid.

The most beautiful receive these lipolytics for belly reviews. The results obtained after their introduction, indicate that these funds are sufficiently effective. Often, cosmetologists resort to "Sodium deoxycholate" when all other means can not help the patient. The effect of using these injections persists for a fairly long period. The course of treatment includes 5-10 sessions.

Indirect lipolitics

These drugs are also used by cosmetologists today. What are the indirect lipolitics for the stomach? The responses of specialists and patients indicate that the effective preparations are artichoke extract, caffeine, and also the "Slim Bodi" remedy. The latter is considered the most popular and receives many positive reviews.

effective lipolitics for the stomach reviews "Slim Bodi" - these are effective lipolitics for the abdomen. Feedback from users suggests that after the introduction of this product in the body is not only the process of losing weight. Patients feel a surge of physical and mental strength, and also notice that their body has become more healthy. All this is due to the ingredients that are part of the drug. They not only prevent the formation of lipid deposits in the subcutaneous tissue, but also activate the body's processes aimed at removing toxins from it. The main ingredient, which leads to rapid weight loss, is L-carnitine. Also in the recipe of "Body Slim" are extracts of Gotu kola, fukus, Indian liana hymns.

Procedure of drug management is carried out by courses, each of which includes from 10 to 17 sessions. Between the series of manipulations, a one-week interval should be made.


These drugs are the most effective lipolytic drugs for the stomach. Feedback from experts and patients confirm that such multicomponent drugs, which contain complementary medicines on their own, lead to weight loss much faster than direct analogues.

The most popular are such cocktails for weight loss, as:

- MIC;
- MRX-lipolytic complex;
- Dermaheal LL.

In addition to lipolitics in its composition, such products contain, as a rule, at least three components. These are:

- amino acids that do not allow the accumulation of fat, as well as normalizing metabolism and giving energy to the body;
- components that improve liver function( for example, choline);
- components that reduce cholesterol( eg, inositol);
- substances with a diuretic effect;
- vitamins included in group B, such as B5, B6 and B12.

MRX-lipolytic complex

This preparation is very effective. The application of these lipolitics for the abdomen reviews of specialists receives only positive. Sometimes doctors call this procedure a little differently. They talk about it as a non-surgical liposuction.

The drug allows even the shortest possible time to split a fairly persistent fat, while being a powerful diuretic. This especially affects the results of losing weight.

This complex contains:

- 3% sodium deoxycholate, which destroys the membranes of fat cells and promotes increased urination;
- 2% benzopyrone, which extinguishes inflammation and removes puffiness;
- 10% L-carnitine, binding acids, resulting from the breakdown of fats, and transporting them for oxidation, and for further removal from the body;
- 2% extract of medicinal dandelion, accelerating microcirculation and intensifying urination;
- 1% lidocaine, which has anesthetic effect.


In what cases it is impossible to apply injections of lipolitics from fat on the abdomen? The experts' feedback confirms that this procedure only at first glance seems completely safe. In fact, it is an active chemical interference in the biological reactions occurring in the body. That is why the list of available contraindications to the use of this method is very impressive.

To whom are injections of lipolitics contraindicated in the stomach? Reviews of cosmetologists and patients confirm that adverse reactions are possible in cases when there are:

- individual intolerance of a component of the drug;
- state of pregnancy;
- endocrine diseases;
- oncology;
- pathology of the nervous system;
- vascular diseases;
- indicators above the normative for blood clotting;
- inflammatory processes in any systems and organs;
- coarse keloid scars in the treated area;
- dermatitis, as well as inflammatory changes in the abdominal region.

How to use the procedure

How is the technique used when liposuction for the stomach is used for weight loss? Feedback from those who have already undergone a similar course of therapy, say that initially any person will need a doctor's consultation. After all, the expert should find out the patient's health and the presence of chronic pathologies.

Attention is also drawn to such diseases, the presence of which is a prohibition to remove the belly from lipolytics. Feedback from experts suggests that to make a detailed medical history the patient will have to pass all the necessary tests. At the same time, a person who decided on such injections should have detailed information about the possible consequences of the course.

If the patient does not have contraindications, the doctor can proceed to direct injections of lipolitics from fat on the abdomen. Feedback from patients and specialists confirm that this procedure consists of several stages. On the first of them the doctor determines the place in the zone of which the injection will be carried out. After that, the doctor treats the patient's skin with an antiseptic.

how lipolytics work for the belly reviews It should be borne in mind that the sensations during the procedure are quite unpleasant and even painful. But doctors necessarily process the necessary site of a skin with a special anesthetic cream before hitting the lipolytic in the stomach. The patients' testimonies confirm that after that no painful reactions are felt.

The next step is the introduction of the product into the fatty layer. To do this, take a disposable syringe, equipped with a very thin needle. It is introduced into the problem zone to an insignificant depth, not exceeding 10-15 mm.

The duration of the entire procedure depends directly on the area of ​​the treated area, but, as a rule, the specialist has fifteen to twenty minutes. During one session, 1 to 3 ampoules of the drug are used.

Obtaining the required results

After penetration of lipolitics into the tissue, a process begins that splits the fat deposits. This action lasts for about two days. After this, the body begins to dissolve the products of decay. All this happens naturally.

When does the technique get positive from the fact that lipolitics were applied to the abdomen, reviews? Results from injections are visible after about a month. But experts recommend further support procedures.
As a rule, only positive receive lipolitics reviews( before and after the belly photo see below).

injections lipolitics from fat on the stomach reviews

However, patients have different problems. Sometimes it will take from two to ten sessions, as well as a repetition of the course.

With the competent selection of the tools used, as well as skilled manipulation, patient feedback indicates that the results of the procedure are encouraging for a long time. And even in those cases when a person recovers again, his stomach continues to retain the received form, since in this zone fat cells have already been destroyed, and there is simply nowhere to lay aside new layers. But, nevertheless, it is recommended to support the figure after carrying out the manipulations. To do this, you need to move more, engage in dancing or sports, eat right, and give up alcohol and carbonated drinks.