The preparation "Almiba": instructions for use, analogues, composition and reviews

What properties are inherent in the medicine "Almiba"?The instructions for use, analogs, composition and characteristics of this medication will be presented below. almiba instructions for use

Form, Composition of Medication

What is the medicine of Almiba? Instruction for use says that this is an injection solution, released in ampoules of 5 ml. The active element of this drug is levocarnitine. Also the composition of the preparation includes the following auxiliary ingredients: water for injection, 10% hydrochloric acid.

Pharmacology tools

What are the properties of the Almiba medication? Instructions for use, reviews claim that this is a metabolic remedy. Its active element is a natural substance that resembles the vitamins of group B.

This drug takes part in all metabolic processes. In this case, levokarnitin acts as a carrier of fatty acids through the cell membranes from the cytoplasm in the mitochondria. In them, acids are subjected to beta oxidation, resulting in a large amount of metabolic energy.

Features of the metabolic agent

What is remarkable about the medicine "Almiba"( p / p int.)?The instructions for use say that this agent is able to normalize fat and protein metabolism, and also restore alkaline blood reserves, inhibit anaerobic glycolysis and the formation of keto acids, can still reduce the degree of lactic acidosis, increase motor activity and increase the tolerance of exercise. It should also be noted that this drug saves glycogen consumption and increases its stores in the liver. almiba instructions for use similar composition

What other properties are inherent in this medication? It shows an anabolic effect and, representing a partial antagonist of thyroxine, normalizes the increased metabolism in hyperthyroidism. In addition, this agent helps slow down the decomposition of carbohydrate and protein molecules, as well as stimulation of gastric juice secretion.

Admission of the drug reduces the body weight of the patient( excessive), reduces the amount of fat in the muscles, inhibits the development of apoptosis, has a neurotrophic effect, restores the structure of nerve tissues and limits the area of ​​their lesions.

Medication kinetics

How does the absorption of Almiba medication occur? Instruction for use informs that with parenteral administration this drug penetrates quite well into all tissues of the body. Very high concentrations of this drug are in the myocardium and skeletal muscles.

Excreted medicament by the kidneys in the form of acyl esters. In this case, free carnitine is reabsorbed.

almiba application instructions price reviews

Indications for the use of

Solution What are the conditions for the patient to be prescribed Almiba medication? Instructions for use( the testimony of this tool will be listed right now) states that this drug is actively used at( including in pediatric practice):

  • sluggish sucking reflexes and a slight increase in weight;
  • nursing preterm infants, as well as those who suffered asphyxia or birth trauma;
  • inadequate development of mental and motor functions, reduced muscle tone;
  • hypotension, hypotrophy, adynamia;
  • growth retardation in adolescents under 16 years of age, mild form of thyrotoxicosis, exogenous-constitutional obesity, diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • respiratory distress syndrome in newborns;
  • cardiomyopathies, myocarditis, IHD, acute myocardial infarction, post-infarction states;
  • anorexia, dementia, memory impairment, senile depression, chronic cerebral ischemia, physical exhaustion, ischemic stroke, traumatic and discirculatory encephalopathy;
  • neurological manifestations in traumatic, toxic and vascular lesions of the brain;
  • chronic gastritis with reduced acid secretion of hydrochloric, chronic pancreatitis, liver diseases;
  • conditions, accompanied by a decrease in appetite, exhaustion and weight loss;
  • intensive physical exertion;
  • after surgery and various diseases;
  • diseases, accompanied by a deficiency of carnitine, as well as its increased loss;
  • strong and persistent muscle cramps;
  • general weakness, affecting the quality of life;
  • muscle weakness or myopathy;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • anemia requiring large doses of erythropoietin;
  • psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, scleroderma, discoid lupus erythematosus.

Prohibitions for the use of

solution Are there any contraindications to Almib's medication? The instruction, applied to the drug, asserts that this remedy can not be used only with increased sensitivity to its components. In other cases, this medication is not contraindicated. almiba instructions for use

Preparation "Almiba": instructions for use

The price of the funds in question is not very high.

This medication can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly. In the first case, it is poured in slowly with a stream or drip. In this case, the content of the ampoule is dissolved with 0.9% sodium chloride solution in an amount of 100-190 ml.

The dosage and duration of treatment with this tool are set individually( depending on the indications).

The daily dose of medication for adolescents from 12 years and adults is 1-3 g in 3 injections.

Babies under the age of 12 years of age are prescribed a regimen based on the body weight of the patient.

For disorders of cerebral circulation of acute nature, the medication is prescribed in an amount of 1 g per day for 3 days, and then 0.5 g for a week.

After 10-13 days, the course of treatment can be repeated.

In the recovery and subacute periods, as well as in brain lesions and discirculatory encephalopathy, the solution is administered to patients at a rate of 0.5-1 g per day intravenously or intramuscularly( in 3 administrations).

When the postinfarction status and angina pectoris is prescribed inside at a daily dose of 2-6 g. Before such a drug intake, the contents of the vial are dissolved in a glass of water and taken regardless of eating. almiba r r internal instructions for use

In case of congenital metabolic disorders, the dosage of the drug depends on the specificity of the pathology, as well as its clinical severity during the treatment.

The duration of parenteral therapy with this drug should be at least 3 months, since it is during this period that the normal level of free carnitine in the muscles is restored.

The therapeutic efficacy of the drug should be assessed by monitoring the levels of free and acylated carnitine in plasma, and by studying the dynamics of clinical symptoms.

Side effects of

Almib's medication, the instructions for use of which were presented above, very rarely cause negative consequences. In view of the increased level of released energy during the treatment with this remedy, the patient may develop insomnia. To prevent this phenomenon, the patient should take L-carnitine before lunch.

With individual carnitine intolerance, a person may experience nausea, headache, or a stool disorder.

Special Information

With high glucose utilization, the administration of the drug to a diabetic patient during hypoglycemic oral therapy or insulin administration can easily increase hypoglycemia. almiba user manual

The efficacy and safety of oral Levocarnitine treatment can not be evaluated in people with renal insufficiency. Long-term use of high doses of such a drug in kidney disease during hemodialysis can lead to the accumulation of trimethylamine, toxic metabolites and trimethylamine-n-oxide, since they are excreted together with urine. Such cases are absent with intramuscular or intravenous infusion of Levocarnitine.

Price, reviews, analogues of the medicine

Now you have an idea of ​​what "Almiba" is. Instructions for use, price, reviews about this medicine are indicated in this article.

The cost of this drug is approximately 150 rubles. If required, it can be replaced with medicines such as Agvantar, Carniel, Carnivit, Carnithen, Steator, Lekarnita, Heptral, Gepadif, and Stimol.

As for consumer feedback, there are not very many of them. Of the reports that are available, we can safely conclude that the drug in question is a very effective and effective metabolic remedy.

The merits of this drug include the fact that it can be used not only for adults, but also for newborn children. The main thing at the same time is to observe all the dosages prescribed by the doctor, and also to apply the most suitable method of drug administration. almiba instructions for use price

It should also be noted that, if urgently needed, this medication can be given to pregnant and lactating women. However, in this case, always consult a doctor and read the attached instructions.