Rosart means analogues, instructions for use

Cholesterol in the human body is a vital substance, the content of which must, however, correspond to the norm, an excess or shortage of it is unambiguously harmful.

In particular, from the increase in the content of low-density cholesterol in the blood arises atherosclerosis - a change in the elasticity and patency of blood vessels.

At the moment, the basis for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis, are drugs that regulate cholesterol metabolism.

One of the high-quality lipid-lowering drugs( which reduces the concentration of certain groups of lipids) drug is Rosart. Analogues of this remedy are also effective. In medical practice are widely used funds "Acorta", "Mertenil"


Drugs belongs to the group of lipid-lowering agents. They are produced in the form of tablets of slightly pink color of round form. The main substance in the composition is rosuvastatin. Medication can be dispensed in a different dosage. Drugs are released in blisters, 10 tablets each.

rozart analogues Must be examined before using Rosart application instructions. Analogues also should not be used without a doctor's recommendation.

Action of

The maximum effect of the drug is in the liver. There the cholesterol and lipid metabolism is normalized. The hypolipidemic action depends on the prescribed therapeutic dose. After a week of taking the medication, a therapeutic effect sets in. After two weeks of treatment, the patient can observe a significant weight loss.

rosart the price The maximum effect of the preparations "Rosart", "Acorta" or "Mertilin" can be observed after a 30 day intake. The active ingredient is output mainly through the intestine in an unchanged form. Excellent reviews have the drugs "Acorta" and "Rosart".The price of medicines is about 500 rubles per package.


These drugs are prescribed for the treatment of primary or mixed hypercholesterolemia by Fredriksen. It is also used as an additive to diet and exercise, aimed at weight loss.

Drugs are the basis of preventive methods for atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction, stroke. Before the start of treatment, it is worthwhile to carefully study the indications for the use of Rosart. Analogues, price - all this can be learned from the pharmacist at the pharmacy.


Do not use medicines for hypersensitivity to components if liver and kidney problems occur. Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, myopathy, lactose intolerance.

rozart analogues price There are also age restrictions. Medicines are not prescribed to under-age patients. When alcoholism is not worth using the tablet "Rosart".Analogues are also desirable to use after consulting a specialist.

Dosage of

The patient must, at the time of treatment with the drug, comply with the appropriate diet and exercise. The medicine can be taken at any time of the day. The tablet is not chewed, washed down with a small amount of liquid.

The initial dose of the drug is 10 mg once a day. After a month, if necessary, the dosage can be increased to 40 mg. Under such a scheme, the means "Mortenil", "Acorta" and "Rosart" are accepted. Analogs usually have similar indications and usage characteristics.

Side effects of

Drugs can cause the development of many unpleasant symptoms. In most cases, when taking tablets, the patient has back pain, dizziness, headache, tremor, sleep disorders, nausea, diarrhea, increased excitability, impaired coordination, increased sweating. Most often, these symptoms are temporary and disappear only a few days after the start of therapy.

The drug "Roxer"

This is a lipid-lowering drug that affects cholesterol metabolism and helps prevent atherosclerosis. The main substance of the drug is rosuvastatin. Produced in the form of tablets of 5, 10, 20 and 40 mg. A drug is used to treat hypercholesterolemia and combined dyslipidemia. Helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and normalize the metabolic process. Also, pills are prescribed with a low effectiveness of diet and exercise with forced weight loss according to therapeutic indications. Widely used drug for the prevention of atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. For the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia, not only the means of Acorta and Rosart are prescribed. Analogues are also often used.

rozart instruction on the use of analogues It is not recommended to prescribe medication in the acute period of liver and kidney disease, with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. Patients over 65 years of age should be treated with caution. No remedy is given to minors.

Medication has the same effect as Rosart. The price of "Roxer" tablets does not exceed 450 rubles. What drug to choose in a particular case, the doctor will tell.