How to treat colds in adults and children

Late autumn, winter and early spring are the seasons, when it's easier to "catch" a cold. Acute respiratory diseases are always associated with all known symptoms: a runny nose, a headache, a cough and a sore throat. Is it worth to go to the medicines at the first signs of the disease? Traditional medicine here will, perhaps, be more appropriate, because simple and effective advice of our grandmothers have been tested not by one generation. Than to treat a cold? First of all, you should stay at home, observe complete peace, wrap yourself up as warmly as possible and conduct treatment using several simple recipes. It is very important to observe the correct diet during the period of the disease, excluding heavy and fatty foods from it, consuming as much liquid as possible( hot vegetable soups and meat broths), drinking warm milk with honey, tea with raspberries and currants, cranberry juice, warm kefir.

Another important factor of rapid recovery is warmth. You should dress warmly, put on woolen soc

ks and a sweater, and wrap your throat with a soft downy scarf. And, of course, compresses of mustard, flaxseed, salt very well warm up the body and relieve pain.

Than to treat a cold at the first symptoms of the disease? For this, there are recipes for broths based on red wine or beer. A glass of red dry wine is heated on the stove to 40 degrees, gradually adding a pinch of cinnamon, juice and a peel of half a lemon or orange, a spoonful of honey, a little cloves and ginger. A hot drink warms very well and improves sweating. Another composition: half a liter of dark beer is heated to 40 degrees, add to it half a spoonful of cinnamon, lemon zest and a stick of cloves. Separately in a saucepan beat up two yolks with two tablespoons of sugar, add hot beer and, stirring, keep on low heat for 5 minutes. This drink is a good drink for the night, covered with a warm blanket.

How to treat a cold and cough? A few simple folk recipes help to get rid of a dry cough quickly. It, first of all, broths from a ledum, roots of licorice, birch kidneys. Well helps the juice of black radish with honey( one part of juice and two parts of honey), as well as a milk broth from onions and garlic. For its preparation, two medium onions, grated, and two or three cloves of garlic pour a glass of milk and cook over low heat for 40 minutes, then strain and add a spoonful of honey. This broth should be taken during or after a meal.

To treat a cold and runny nose will help inhalation with essential oils and decoction of chamomile, which have good disinfectant properties. For inhalations, you can use a special device or simply, covered with a towel, breathe over a pot of boiling water, which is added a few drops of fir, eucalyptus oil, tincture of chamomile or calendula.

Than to treat a cold at the child? The general recommendations here are the same. It is very important to give the baby as much drink as possible. Decoctions of rose hips, viburnum, raspberries and currants, cranberry juice, sweet tea with lemon will suit well. The more a child uses fluids, the better, because along with it, infections and toxins are eliminated from the body. Be sure to ensure that the air in the children's room was wet, and the temperature of the environment did not exceed 20-22 degrees. This will not allow the mucous throat and nose to dry out. It is desirable to use quartz room, after which the air is enriched with ozone and disinfected. To prevent disease and improve immunity( especially during the period of increasing incidence) it is recommended to give children anaferon or arbidol in the dosages specified in the instructions to the drugs.

The question of how to treat colds in adults and children is directly related to the symptomatology of the disease and its duration. In the early stages, with conventional symptoms, folk remedies are more preferable and no less effective than medication.