Contact lenses Air Optix: description, advantages, instructions for use and reviews

Lenses Air Optix - one of the latest products of the famous company CibaVision. These polymer products deserve many fans. People like that in these glasses substitutes comfort is felt throughout the entire period of wearing. Today we learn what kinds of lenses are presented, what they are better than others. And also find out what people think about these optical polymers.


Contact lenses Air Optix are new silicone-hydrogel glasses substitutes, which are recommended to be worn both in daytime and in continuous mode.

Features and at the same time the advantages of these polymers are as follows:

- Excellent oxygen permeability, several times greater than conventional lenses.

- The patented material of hydrogel products allows you to keep moisture as long as possible.

- Quick selection for any person.

- Excellent fit to the eyes.

- Ideally smooth surface. air optix lens for astigmatism

Wearing 30 Days and Nights

Lenses Air Optix Night Day will need those people who, due to their work schedule or for other reasons, should wear these glasses replacements and at night. It is possible to use such hydrogel polymers for 1 month.

They will suit both short-sighted and far-sighted people. The radius of curvature can be chosen 8,4 or 8,6.

Besides the fact that they can be worn at night, the Air Optix Night Day lenses can even be removed for 30 days.

Advantages of these eyeglasses:

  1. These lenses do not require special care, nor do they need to be spent on the solution.
  2. These polymers have one of the highest oxygen permeation coefficients( 175 D / l).
  3. The ideally smooth surface of the lens makes it resistant to various deposits, as well as more moisturized.
  4. In these glasses substitutes, the low percentage of water content, only 24%.In this regard, the lenses are not prone to drying out.
  5. Lenses Air Optix "Day / Night" is easy to take off and put on. Due to the specially applied tinted layer, it is not difficult to find the visual polymer in the container.

Reviews for lenses Air Optix Night Day

Most users who were fortunate enough to buy such a substitute for glasses, are satisfied. People note that the lenses are very thin, fit perfectly to the eyes, do not cause a sensation of sand. For young mothers, who have recently born babies, this is generally an ideal option. Do not need to hurry in the lens, if you need to urgently go to the doctor, or worry that you can fall asleep in them. They can not be removed for a month, and it bribes people.

Also, users note that such lenses are ideal for those who are going on a long journey, a journey. In fact then it will not be necessary to remove polymers in transport, it is possible to sleep in them. lenses air optix night day aqua

Hydrogel hemispheres for people with age-long farsightedness

Air Optix Multifocal lenses are designed for day wearing with a planned replacement period of 1 month. The tinting of these polymers is light blue. These lenses are not suitable for everyone, but only for people who have age-related farsightedness. These silicone-hydrogel hemispheres are made of a material called lathrafilcon B. Its main feature and advantage is a high degree of oxygen transmission( 138 D / l).

With these lenses, the adult population can forever forget about the glasses. With such polymeric products, a person will see equally clearly both in the distance and near.

Reviews of multifocal glasses replacements

Lenses Air Optix Multifocal estimates of people on the Internet have little. Since such polymers are designed for people of age, it is understandable why there are so few reviews. After all, the older generation is not something that will not sit in various forums, it can not even work with a computer. Therefore, the number of responses specifically about these lenses is small. But those estimates that are available are only positive. Users like these hydrogel polymers, now there is no need to constantly wear glasses in your bag to read some inscription in the store. With the lenses Air Optix "Multifocal" such a problem disappears. lenses air optix multifocal

Replacements of glasses for astigmatism. Reviews of people

Lenses Air Optix for Astigmatism are designed for monthly wearing. You can wear these hydrogel products only during the day, you must remove them at night.

Advantages of such contact lenses are as follows:

- Patented Lotrafilcon B material, thanks to which moisture is stored for comfortable wearing throughout the day.

- Ultra-smooth surface with excellent wettability and resistance to various deposits.

lenses air optix night day

Astigmatism is a visual defect in which the uneven curvature of the cornea of ​​the eye is observed. Such lenses are ideal for people who suffer from this shortcoming. Indeed, those users who wear these polymers are delighted with them: the eyes are not aching, the head is not spinning, there is no sense of heaviness. Often these lenses are written by those girls who exchanged glasses for such hydrogel products. And they did not regret it. Not only that it became comfortable to be in such optical products in various rooms, on the street( after all, glasses often get fogged up), so it became possible to put on sunglasses.

Lenses Air Optix Night Day Aqua: Description

This model of hydrogel polymers is designed for mandatory replacement after 30 days. In these substitutes glasses can even sleep.

Advantages of "Night Day Aqua" lenses:

- High level of oxygen permeability.

- Excellent wettability due to the special Aqua Moisture System.

- Easy to clean.

- Easy to put on.

- High resistance to deposits.

- No allergic reactions. lenses air optix

Instruction for use

Air Optix lenses must be properly worn:

  1. Wash hands, wipe off with a lint-free towel.
  2. Always wear the lens in front of the mirror, tilting the head forward.
  3. Carefully remove one lens from the container, inspect it to avoid any damage.
  4. Place the polymer on the cushion of the right index finger. The lens should resemble the shape of a bowl.
  5. Pull the lower eyelid with your left hand and insert the optical product into the eye.
  6. Be sure to ensure that the lens is well placed on the eye.
  7. Close your eyes, then blink.
  8. Perform the same manipulation with the second eye.


From the article you learned that the lenses of Air Optix have several varieties: for daytime, combined( day and night), and monthly wear. These eyeglasses are popular with many people, because they are comfortable, the eyes do not get tired, do not hurt and do not itch. The main thing - to pick up with an ophthalmologist that pair of polymers, which will perfectly lie on your eyes.