Syrup for children for immunity: instructions for use and reviews

The realities of modern life are such that we have to think about immunity, immune disorders, etc., very often. This topic becomes even more alarming when it comes to childhood immunity and how it can be strengthened. Of course, there are reasons for such fears: environmental degradation, not a very healthy diet, and violation of the regime.

If we consider that we and our children are constantly attacking viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, then talking about immunity is very relevant. So, in this material we will tell you about what means you can strengthen the health of a child with the help of syrup for children for immunity. baby syrup for children for immunity

Echinacea Syrup for Strengthening the Immunity of a Child

What are the more effective ways to strengthen immunity? The best defense in this case is the strengthening of susceptibility to foreign bacteria and viruses. Most parents are skeptical of the chemicals used to improve immunity.

However, it is possible to use natural remedies known to our grandmothers, they are effective and safe for children's health. Such proven medicines include the medicinal echinacea syrup. This is one of the most effective drugs for strengthening the immune system of the child, which is distinguished by a rather impressive list of useful properties. Despite the fact that the Echinacea syrup practically does not cause allergies and is generally safe for the child's body, before using it, you should consult a doctor.

Echinacea, a plant belonging to the family of astroids, has been used since ancient times by traditional doctors and folk healers. The effect of taking this medication is expressed in increasing the immunity, increasing the activity of macrophages( cells that show activity against pathogenic bacteria).

In addition, Echinacea syrup has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects, contributes to the increase in the protective forces of the body in the postoperative period and after a serious illness. Syrup for immunity for children is very useful.

It increases resistance to infectious diseases, softens cough and improves the general condition of bronchitis, replenishes the lack of vitamin B, removes salts of heavy metals from the body. Syrup of dog rose to children for immunity reviews

Therapeutic properties of Echinacea

The drug has a pronounced antiviral effect, its effect is to destroy the bonds of microbes and cells. In addition, the syrup potentiates the increase in the content of lymphocytes and neutrophils, the main function of which is in protecting the body.

As well as Echinacea contains active substances that are involved in the process of cell membrane repair and help in healing wounds. In addition, the presence of certain components in the syrup enhances the production of interferon, which significantly increases the body's ability to resist infections.

Echinacea is also a storehouse of essential oils that slow the growth of certain pathogenic bacteria. Many experts believe that the syrup for children for immunity also has a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer effect.

Indications for use

This drug is indicated for use in:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • depression,
  • inflammatory diseases of the ear and upper respiratory tract,
  • lowering the immunity of the skin,
  • purulent infections,
  • ulcers,
  • furunculosis,
  • of chronic non-healing wounds,
  • burns.

In addition, the syrup is used for angina, pharyngitis and stomatitis.


Children are prescribed syrup, usually from two years, in exceptional cases from one year. Syrup is contraindicated in children who have allergies, because it contains a large amount of sugar.

Syrup is produced in 50 and 100 ml vials. In addition to the extract of Echinacea, it contains some sugar, distilled water and preservatives.

Adolescents aged 12 years or older take the drug one tablespoon twice a day. Children from 3 to 12 years are assigned one teaspoon twice a day. Children under 3 receive 3-4 drops of syrup in a dessert spoon with water also twice a day.
syrup for raising immunity to children

When should I not drink syrup to improve immunity in children?


Echinacea syrup is well tolerated by the infant organism, but contraindications still exist. These include cases of individual drug intolerance, the presence of autoimmune diseases( AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis).In addition, this drug can not be used in combination with other immunostimulants.

Consider the most popular syrups for children for immunity.


Syrup is available in 100 ml glass bottles. This drug for strengthening immunity is used in children from 3 years of age. The composition of this medicine includes sugar, an extract of a mixture of vegetable raw materials( sea-buckthorn, hips, nettle leaves, flowers of a medicinal calendula, infusion of black currant fruit, propolis, citric acid).

How useful is this syrup for raising immunity to children?
syrup for children for immunity

Therapeutic properties of the syrup "Pomogush"

The drug has an immunostimulating effect, and also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Such a wide range of effects is due to the components of the drug, each of which has a very strong effect on the body.

Also "Help" helps improve the metabolism, increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases. In addition, the drug helps restore body strength, has a general strengthening and vasoconstrictive effect, promotes tissue regeneration and replenishment of vitamins( C, A, E) in the body. Potentates the absorption of vitamin A and D3.

This drug immunomodulating drug is recommended by specialists as a preventive agent for the restoration of immunity, as well as a supplier of vitamins and trace elements. Contraindications for use may be individual intolerance to the components of the drug. The merits of this syrup include the fact that it lacks flavors, dyes and alcohol. That's why he likes children so much. Reviews of rosehip syrup for immunity are in abundance.
syrup for improving immunity in children


Children from 3 to 11 years can receive the drug in a dosage of 10 ml or 2 teaspoons per day. Adolescents from 11 to 14 years are prescribed 15 ml or 3 teaspoons per day. The medicine can be taken with non-hot tea or mineral water. The duration of treatment is two weeks. Reception is recommended to repeat after 7 days to fix the effect.

Reviews about syrup to strengthen immunity for children

According to the reviews of mothers who gave these drugs, they are good immunostimulating drugs. And Echinacea syrup and rose hips "Pomogusha" cope with their task, helping to strengthen and restore immunity. In the presence of mild symptoms of cold( sneezing, runny nose), taking these medications helps to quickly cope with them. The effect of the course of taking immunomodulating drugs persists for a long time, up to several months. The plus is also a pleasant taste, it is important when the baby is small and does not want to take a tasteless drug. How correctly to give a syrup of a dogrose to children for immunity? syrup to strengthen immunity for children

Many parents start giving immunomodulating drugs at a time when the child starts going to the kindergarten and, accordingly, starts to get sick often. According to the results of taking these medications, parents talk about a positive effect, children suffer much less, and if they get sick, the process of recovery is much faster and easier.

Some mothers note the excessive sweetness of the syrup "Help", perhaps, this is the only drawback. As a positive point, there is a low price of these medicines, which is important for many parents.

Syrup for immunity for children from "Siberian Health"

Vitamama syrup is intended to strengthen the health of a child. This is the living force of berries, fruits and medicinal plants, which are so necessary for every adult and child. At the heart of the medicine are natural extracts and berry juice, it does not contain artificial preservatives and colorants. syrup for immunity for children Siberian health

A general restorative and a source of natural vitamins to enhance the body's defenses. Thanks to it, the state of respiratory organs improves and prevention and treatment of cold infections, as well as acute and chronic respiratory diseases in children from three to twelve years are carried out.

As part of the herb of Echinacea, hips, raspberry leaves, herb thyme, leaves of coltsfoot, cherry concentrate, fructose.