Persimmon strengthens or weakens: different opinions

Persimmon - delicious, beautiful and considered a dietary fruit. Especially useful is this fruit for people suffering from malfunctioning of the intestine. But the main question that most people are interested in: persimmon strengthens or weakens the stomach?

persimmon strengthens or weakens

Features of the fruit

Let's look at the beginning with the features of these fruits. First of all, a persimmon is unusual in that in no case it can not be eaten underserved. In addition to the fact that in the unripe fruit the useful qualities are considerably reduced, it simply can be dangerous - the stomach hardly manages its duties. And then it does not matter - persimmon strengthens or weakens, it is a question of the total health of internal organs. It should be remembered that a completely ready-to-eat exotic fruit is considered after frost. Before them, he even does not taste very pleasant - too tart, bitter and with some sourness.

Caution when handling!

The question of persimmon fastens or weakens, is especially relevant for people prone to constipation and adhesions. In the case of such problems, it is worth to regain a curiosity - it is possible to get an intestinal obstruction, which is fraught with serious consequences, possibly, up to surgical intervention.

a persimmon weakens or strengthens

Similarly, care must be taken for diabetics, but not because of the uncertainty that the persimmon weakens or strengthens - it contains an impressive amount of sugars, which are also very, very easily digested, which can dramatically and significantly increase inblood sugar level. The same warnings apply to people who are overweight. As a result, both the first and the second group are generally avoided persimmon.

To the little-known peculiarities of persimmons it is also necessary to attribute the fact that it is absolutely not combined with cold water( warm enough if thirst is thirsty) or with milk( here the temperature does not matter).However, in general all fruits are not particularly friends with milk.

Sweet "King"

We have the most common persimmon varieties "korolev".And it's no wonder: it's sweeter, less tart and, quite importantly, very affordable. Useful properties persimmon "korolev" expressed more clearly, so that in the presence, for example, chronic diarrhea is very reasonable to turn to her help.

useful persimmon persimmon properties

Who is right?

So all the same: persimmon fastens or weakens? The popular opinion believes that the stomach is fixed, but recent studies have not confirmed this opinion. We can say that the fruit we are talking about adjusts the digestion, and does so very gently. If a person is periodically tormented by constipation - a persimmon will have an unobtrusive laxative effect;if, on the contrary, there is a tendency to diarrhea - gently fix the stomach. That is why persimmon is recommended to pregnant women and nursing mothers: easy adjustment does not harm them, or the children( both future and already born).The only condition is self-control. Overeating is harmful even in such a delicate state, and, taking care of the health of children, one must be triply accurate, because, again, like any other fruit, a persimmon can provoke the development of an allergy.