Hypertension is. .. How does atmospheric pressure affect hypertensive people

Hypertension is a very insidious disease, as a result of which around eighteen million people die annually on the globe, and this figure only increases every year. Hypertension is a person who has hypertension. Basically, the disease occurs because of negligent attitude to their health of each individual person.

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What is hypertension?

Hypertension is a chronic disease, a feature of which is a constant increase in pressure.

Hypertension is a high internal-vascular blood pressure and lymphatic pressure. There are two types - primary and secondary. The first species is characterized by high blood pressure and appears with hypertension. The second type is high blood pressure, which has nothing to do with hypertension, but is a symptom of another disease. This species is not rare, and in most cases it will be appropriate to surgical intervention. To distinguish between these two types can only specialist, subject to special research. If the high pressure is in a young person, the doctor prescribes certain examinations for the timely detection of the disease.

The cause of this disease can not be fully disclosed until today, although the mechanisms are well known. The main thing is the nervous mechanism, which causes certain moral reactions that the and lead to pressure jumps. Hypertensive is an person, who is suffering from hypertension, and nervous reaction to his body is affected by increased pressure, which is difficult to normalize. Several small stresses that cause arterial hypertension, provoke hypertension.

how does atmospheric pressure affect hypertensive patients

Blood Pressure Standards

Arterial hypertension is the most common disease, which is the main reason for reducing life expectancy. If a person is a hypertensive person, this is primarily triggered by an incorrect way of life. This includes:

  • Low motor activity.
  • Unbalanced power supply.
  • High body mass index.
  • Exhaustion of the body and stress.
  • Smoking and alcohol.
  • Excess of glucose and fats in the blood.

Sometimes, hypertension can be not only a separate disease, but also concomitant and caused by chronic human diseases. Normal blood pressure hypertensive is:

  • At the age of 20 to 40 years, the norm is 120/80.
  • At the age of 40 to 60 years, the norm is 135/90.
  • With mild hypertension, the pressure is 140/90.
  • With severe form, the numbers will show 160/110.

The first indicator is systolic pressure( contraction of the heart and blood in the artery).The second - diastolic, shows relaxation of the heart muscle.

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How does atmospheric pressure affect hypertensive patients?

Probably, all people at least several times in their life experienced the influence of atmospheric pressure. But it has the greatest impact on people suffering from hypertension. In order to reduce the effects of atmospheric fluctuations, one should understand their harm to the human body.

Atmospheric pressure is the force with which the air presses on the ground. It is considered normal when its marks reach 748-758 millimeters on the mercury scale. The pressure is not stable enough, it changes several times throughout the day. This is due to the fact that as the temperature decreases, the density of air increases sharply, since cold and moist air is heavier than dry and warm air. As a consequence, the pressure also increases. And, of course, high temperature has quite the opposite effect.

How does the temperature of the air affect?

If the air temperature changes gradually, then it has no significant effect on people suffering from hypertension. However, when changes in the weather occur at a rapid pace, the effect on hypertension is extremely strong. The hypertensive is the patient , which feels bad when:

  • Dry weather becomes rain.
  • Small frosts change sharply on the large.
  • Frosts turn into rain.
  • Strong frosts change sharply to high temperatures.

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Why does temperature change affect blood pressure?

How the atmospheric pressure affects hypertensive patients, the has not been fully investigated. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the cardiovascular human system can not extremely quickly adjust to abrupt changes in the weather. If the atmospheric pressure is low , then in hypertensive patients decreases the number of heart attacks, increases the intensity of respiration and pulse. Since the human body has the ability to adjust to weather conditions, in this case, blood pressure also decreases.

It is well known that people suffering from hypertension take certain drugs to normalize and lower blood pressure, but with such an effect of atmospheric pressure, the blood circulation slows down, which causes respiratory failure, headache, drowsiness and weakness of the body. Often carried out a strong load on the internal organs, but this does not pass without a trace.

On any person, high blood pressure is affected. Hypertonics the body reacts with a severe headache, heart disease and low activity. High atmospheric pressure for hypertensive patients is more dangerous than low. And all because there is a strong narrowing of blood vessels, which can cause not only hypertensive crisis and thrombosis, but also to end lethal.

How to reduce the effect of weather on your body?

With , as influences atmospheric pressure on hypertensive patients, we have figured out that now the most important rule is to lead a correct lifestyle, and therefore it is necessary: ​​to exercise rational nutrition, while maintaining a normal body mass index;

  • to sleep for at least seven and a half hours, in order for the forces to resume after a hard day;
  • abandon all bad habits and protect yourself from their effects( passive smoking) ;
  • lead an active life and try to pay attention to the sport or at least do exercises.
  • But this is not all the conditions for keeping yourself from pressure drops. In addition, you need to monitor the weather forecast every day to be prepared for any differences.

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    Low blood pressure in hypertensive patients

    If hypertension has decreased pressure, then you should take a drug that the doctor prescribed for such cases, and in no case should self-medicate. Since there is a poor blood supply to the brain, this can cause terrible consequences. If there are no tablets, then you can increase the pressure of hypertensive tea with strong tea with lemon, a cup of coffee with spices or black bitter chocolate. If a person is at home, then you should lie down, raise your legs and drink two tablets of citramone at intervals of half an hour.

    Doctors' advice on disease prevention

    Can hypertensive patients have anything? Doctors recommend the following rules:

    1. Lunch with dishes that contain a large amount of potassium( to strengthen the vascular system).It can be products such as bananas, cheese, nuts and dried fruits.
    2. Do not abuse food, eat small portions.
    3. For rest, allocate sufficient time.
    4. How to lessen emotional and physical stress.

    But the most important thing is to constantly monitor the blood pressure level in order to reduce the possible severe consequences from a sharp temperature drop. Specialists recommend staying at home in such weather conditions. If there is no such possibility, then you need to have medication and a tonometer in order to protect yourself from critical situations. Is there a link between proper nutrition and hypertension?

    The state of health of a person is inextricably linked with nutrition. If the diet is dominated by harmful food, then the risk of the disease for some nonsense grows several times. This also applies to hypertension. It develops due to the formation of plaques and blood clots in the vessels - due to malnutrition. Therefore, people with hypertension people should first of all adhere to a diet that excludes foods with high cholesterol and fat. It should be remembered that when the disease develops, the heart suffers most, and this leads to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

    Allocate a number of products that are strictly prohibited to hypertensive patients, because they affect the nervous system, palpitation and blood pressure level. Therefore, for prevention it is necessary to change the diet.

    diet for hypertensive people

    Principles of feeding hypertensive patients

    The diet of for hypertensive patients provides for the exclusion of salt from the diet, as it delays in the body water that promotes blood circulation and increase of pressure in the body. Experts recommend to use a day not more than ten grams of this product, but it should come from natural products, but not in its pure form. It is not recommended to salt the cooked dishes. But if you can not do without it, then it can easily be replaced with lemon juice. It is also worth giving up any drinks that include alcohol, even in a small amount, as it causes vasospasms and increases the load on the heart.

    It is important to minimize food by foods that include animal fats( sausages, butter, etc.).People suffering from hypertension should consume vegetable fats. They are safer and do not exercise such an influence as animals. When cooking, use only vegetable oil. It is important to note that harmful fats that cause high blood pressure are found in various types of cheese, fat and confectionery.

    Hypertensive diet excludes the use of easily digestible carbohydrates, which cause obesity. Most of the diet should be vegetables that contain a lot of fiber, they lower the level of cholesterol. The best supper for hypertensive patients will be a glass of kefir, or any fruit. Meat is allowed to eat only lean, or that which contains a small amount of fat.

    And most importantly - hypertensive patients should never go hungry! This will have a very negative effect on the general condition of the body.