Why is the skin on your hands and how to deal with it?

Why is the skin on my hands oblazit? Than to treat such unpleasant phenomenon? We will answer these questions in the article submitted. why the skin on my arms

Basic information

Why does the skin on my arms cloud? The causes of such a pathological phenomenon may be concealed in various diseases. To identify them and begin timely treatment, you should consult a dermatologist. After all, only an experienced specialist will be able to determine the exact cause of this condition and choose the right therapy regimen.

Why is the skin on my hands oblazit?

There are many different negative factors that lead to disruption of the skin regeneration process, as well as its integrity.

Specialists say that in a healthy person the upper layer of the epidermis is renewed every month. In this case, the dead cells are removed unnoticeably, and then replaced with new ones. This is a completely natural physiological process that a person can not observe because of its gradualness.

If the skin on the arms or legs is so oblong that it can be seen with the naked eye, then it may be about the development of various diseases.

The main causes of

Why does the skin on my arms cloud? The reasons for which the integrity of the upper layer of skin is broken, should be identified by an experienced dermatologist.
Most often, this condition indicates the impact of negative factors or pathological processes occurring in the patient's body. why the skin on your hands is oblivious and how to deal with it

So why the skin on your hands oblazit? The main causes of this phenomenon may be:

  • improper skin care for hands or insufficient moisturizing;
  • prolonged exposure to strong sunlight( for example, in summer heat);
  • use of improperly selected or counterfeit cosmetics;
  • allergic reactions, or so-called contact dermatitis, which is caused by the negative effects of various chemicals, including cleaning, hygienic, cosmetic products and medications;
  • dry air indoors, especially during the heating season or hot season;
  • various skin diseases, including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis;
  • is a bad habit, during which a person often scratches his hands, which leads to the penetration of various infections and bacteria into the tissues;
  • lack in the patient's body of vitamins such as A, D, E, B and C, taking an active part in the processes of skin regeneration;
  • the constant use of soap with antibacterial effect, which leads to the loss of skin by its natural protection, as a result of which it becomes susceptible to damage by various fungi and pathogenic bacteria;
  • secondary infections that develop after the penetration of harmful microorganisms through microscopic cracks in the epidermis;
  • infringement of the drinking balance, which leads to dehydration of the body. why the skin on your hands

Causes of skin problems in children

Why does the skin on the arms of a child? More often such pathological phenomenon is observed at kids with the weakened immune system. In addition, peeling of palms in children is often provoked by a violation of their hormonal background. Also, this condition is often noted with increased sensitivity of the baby's skin.

Diagnostic process

Why skin on the arms and legs? Independently to reveal the reason of such anomalous state it is senseless. After all, an ordinary person does not have enough medical knowledge to help understand the development of this pathology. Therefore, when peeling the skin on the lower or upper limbs, you should consult a narrow specialist, that is, a dermatologist. Only doctors with many years of experience will be able to tell you about why the skin on your hands is oblivious and how to deal with it.

In the process of setting the right diagnosis, a normal visual inspection is not enough. In this regard, most specialists prescribe to their patients various methods of research.

Thanks to a series of tests, a dermatologist can identify the presence of a disease, and then pick up the necessary treatment. why does the skin on my arms lie than to treat


Having identified the reason why the skin on your hands is obliterated, you should begin to eliminate this pathological phenomenon.

Any skin requires special and gentle care. Therefore, first of all, after each shower or hand washing, experts recommend carefully patting the covers with a soft towel, trying to avoid energetic friction. Drying the legs and hands in this way, the patient prevents irritation of the epidermis.

The following measures can also be included in the treatment complex for skin cleansing:

  • Use of a moisturizing soap that does not dry out the skin.
  • Switch to the right food. The products used should contain vitamins A, B, E and C, various trace elements and fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the skin.
  • With a strong and pathological lining of integuments, it is advisable to complete a complete course of taking multivitamin preparations that contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.
  • If the skin is hard to peel off from the palms, then we can safely talk about the patient's non-compliance with the drinking balance, which contributes to the overdrying of the epidermis. Thus, an adult should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. In summer, this amount can be increased exactly 2 times. why does the skin on the hands of a child
  • In the development of contact dermatitis due to the action of chemicals, skin contact should be excluded from a likely source of pathology. Dermatitis should be treated immediately, as it is accompanied by severe itching. After such combing, various bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate into the epidermal tissue, which provoke the development of a secondary infection requiring expensive and long-term treatment.


What medications can I take with a strong peeling of the skin on my legs and arms? It depends on the existing disease:

  • In the development of fungal disease, a dermatologist can prescribe local medicines such as Ketoconazole, Exoderyl, Nizoral, Diflucan, Mifungar, Lamisil, and Fluconazole.
  • With regular and unbearable itching, the patient is recommended to use antihistamines, including Suprastin, Loratidine, and Diazolin.
  • When ingesting various allergens into the body, it is necessary to take sorbents that help them to be quickly eliminated( for example, Enterosgel, activated black or white coal).why the skin on the arms and legs will go around
  • For the treatment of various skin diseases, including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, steroid medications( eg, Prednisolone) are used. Also locally, anti-inflammatory drugs can be applied to the skin, including Bepanten, Elokol, Fenistil, and various corticosteroid ointments( for example, Advantan or Lokoid).