Spray "Momat Reno Advance": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

In recent years, the "Momat Reno Advance" tool has become more popular. It belongs to the class of glucocorticosteroids and is designed specifically for topical application. The sale is presented in several forms. You can buy a spray or a drop. Suitable "Momato Rino Advance" for children and adults, has a minimum of contraindications, and the price is quite reasonable, about 200 rubles per package. Does this remarkable drug have weaknesses? Who can and can not use the "Momato Reno Advance"?Read more about this.

Momato Rhino Advance Instruction

What are we talking about?

"Momato Reno Advance" in the nose is released in the form of a spray. Inside a compact and easy-to-use flask there is a thick substance. It can be completely opaque or transparent half. The shade is white or close to it. One package is designed for 60 or 120 uses, depending on the volume. The instruction "Momat Reno Advance", placed on the package, mentions how many times it will be possible to use a bottle enclosed in a cardboard box.

The bottle itself is made of plastic, it must be equipped with a special device for dispensing. One cardboard box contains only one medicine package.

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What is made of?

Describes what the spray "Momat Reno Advance" consists of, the instruction for its use. It is indicated here that the main effect is provided by the active substance, namely monohydrate mometasone furoate. When used in accordance with the rules for one application, the patient receives 50 μg of this compound.

Additional substances have been added to improve the effect of using the Momat Rino Advance spray. Among them - cellulose and carmellose, represented by monocrystals, forming avicel RC-591, as well as a number of chemicals that enhance the effectiveness of the agent and simplify its use. An important component is the water needed to inject the active ingredient onto the mucosa.

Features of the pharmacological action of

The main component specified in the instructions for "Momat Rino Advance" is mometasone furoate. This compound is completely synthetic and belongs to the class of glucocorticosteroids. It is designed to combat inflammatory processes, as well as to eliminate the effects of allergies. The product is designed for local use. A positive effect is achieved if the spray "Momat Rino Advance"( the instruction for application to the spray is always included) is consumed in a volume that does not lead to the development of a systemic effect.

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Due to the presence of mometasone in the substance sprayed on the nasal mucosa, the generation of lipomodulin interacting with phospholipase A increases in the body. This leads to a correction of the arachidonic acid concentration in the lower side. The next element of the chain of influence is a reduction in the production of prostaglandins, cyclic endoperoxides, which normally appear in the body as by-products of the processing of arachidonic acid.

What does this lead to?

This effect of the spray, the drops of the "Momato Reno Advance" allows to exclude the marginal accumulation of neutrophils. This positively affects the amount of inflammatory exudate( volumes are reduced).At the same time, the compounds produced by lymphokines become smaller in volume. Macrophages stop actively migrating. Granulation, infiltration are slowed down and deactivated.

Reviews of the "Momat Rino Advance" show that the correct use of the drug can prevent and stop the allergic reaction. This is ensured by the inhibition of the process of generating products obtained by the metabolism of arachidonic acid. In addition, the positive effect is due to a decrease in the concentration of free mediators, the source of which could serve as mast cells. If the inflammatory process begins, under the influence of the "Momat Reno Advance" used in accordance with the instructions for use, it weakens. This is due to the inhibition of chemotaxis generation processes. The drug acts on late allergic reactions, facilitating the human condition.

Medication in the body: what happens?

It is important to use the spray "Momat Rino Advance" according to the instructions for use. The accompanying documentation states that the bioavailability of the active ingredient in the human body when used "in the nose" does not exceed 1%.To determine this indicator, a method whose sensitivity was 0.25 pg / ml was used. This describes the systemic availability of the substance.

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When studying the effect of the drug on the gastrointestinal tract, it was found that there is practically no absorption, only a small volume of the suspension can enter the body after inhalation of the substance in the nose. All this volume is processed quite actively, and this occurs before excretion with liquids withdrawn from the body( urine, bile).

When can I apply?

Reviews of the "Momat Rino Advance" are positive if the remedy was used strictly for the intended purpose. Doctors recommend to resort to this drug if it is revealed:

  • polyps in the nose, leading to a violation of the respiratory process, loss of smell( recommended only for adults);
  • acute rhinosinusitis( for age 12 years and older), accompanied by mild, mild symptoms, in the absence of severe infection with bacteria;
  • acute sinusitis at the age of 12 years and older;
  • chronic sinusitis at the age of 12 years and older, if an exacerbation has begun.

Reviews, User Manual "Momat Rino Advance" note that the effectiveness of the medication is preserved when used at any age( over 12 years).The drug can be used for elderly patients. It is recommended to use a tool for auxiliary therapy for sinusitis, when the doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics as the main method of treatment.

When else will it help?

The manual for "Momat Rino Advance" also mentions the effectiveness of the drug in the allergic form of rhinitis. It can be used both during the seasonal "attack" of the disease, and all year round. With allergies, the remedy can be used from the age of two. The upper age limit, as follows from the instructions to the "Momato Reno Advance", no.

Medication is considered an effective preventive agent when the allergy season approaches. If the allergic reactions are severe and moderate in severity, and the patient has already reached the age of 12 years, then the remedy is used regularly for half a month or a month before the supposed start of the allergy-causing season.

And when not?

All contraindications are listed in the instructions for "Momat Rino Advance".First of all it is necessary to note the injuries received recently. If the nasal mucosa has been damaged, it is not allowed to use the spray. Similarly, the restriction applies to those who have recently undergone surgery. It spreads until the wound is completely healed. In addition, the restrictions on use are as follows:

  • individual intolerance;
  • Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Momato Rhino Advance Instructions for Use

Children's age does not impose an absolute prohibition, but creates certain limitations: from two to 12 years of spray can only be used in rhinitis of an allergic nature. If polyps are detected, the "Momat Rino Advance" is used only by adult patients. You can treat sinusitis with this remedy at the age of 12 years.

We use, but carefully

In some cases, as indicated in the instructions to the drug, "Momat Rino Advance" should be applied very carefully, with regular monitoring of the patient's condition. The choice in favor of this spray is made if the indications are strict, but alternative medications have proved ineffective or not applicable to a greater extent than the "Momat Reno Advance".The doctor necessarily evaluates the possible risks of such therapy and notifies the patient about it, only after that they begin treatment.

The list of situations that force the nasal spray "Momat Rino Advance" to be applied categorically:

  • is an active local tissue infection affecting the nasal mucosa;
  • tuberculosis of the respiratory tract( equally dangerous will be the use of the drug both in latent form and with active);
  • systemic infection with a flexible, virus, bacteria;
  • infection with Herpes simplex, accompanied by affected areas.

How to use it correctly?

On how to correctly apply the spray, the drop "Momat Rino Advance", you can read the instructions. The drug is intended for intranasal use. Packing is not only a plastic bottle with the active substance, but also a special dispenser that simplifies the correct application.

momato rhino advance user manual

Before you apply the spray for the first time, you need to calibrate the bottle. To do this simply, just press the nozzle to dispense the substance 10 times. By the tenth push, there will be splashes. Once the product has started to flow, the vial is ready for use. If the use of the medication is irregular and since last time has passed more than two weeks, before reusing it is necessary first to double-click on the dispenser of the vial, checking that the spray appears in a normal volume.

Practical application: there is no easier

Before entering the "Momato Reno Advance" on the nasal mucosa, the head is tilted. Then a medicine is injected into each nasal entrance. As a rule, the doctor, prescribing the medicine, gives advice on the injection, in particular, by the number of doses. Usually they sprinkle one to two times in the nasal passage, this has a sufficient effect on an adult.

The dosage unit must be cleaned from time to time to ensure correct operation and the correct volume of the slurry to be dispensed. The process is quite simple. First remove the protective cap, then remove the tip. These parts are washed under running warm water, rinsed, carefully dried, while constantly monitoring the temperature of the environment( to expose to frost or under direct sunlight in summer it is impossible).Dry and clean parts in the reverse order are fixed on the vial: first the tip, then the dosing aerosol.

Observe the rules of

The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that puncturing the applicator and opening the bottle using sharp objects harms the package and may cause incorrect dosing of the drug when used. This applies even to such a small and seemingly innocuous object as a needle.

When the cleaning of the bottle is completed, you can not immediately use the medicine, first you need to calibrate the spray. To do this, press the dispenser of the vial twice. The spray of the suspension is sent to the air, not to the nasal mucosa: this is important!

Each new application of the drug "Momat Rino Advance" begins with a thorough shake of the vial.

What can I replace?

Absolute analogues of the "Momat Rino Advance" are not currently on sale. There are means in which structure the same active component, as well as at the described medicine. These are trade names:

  • Desirinit.
  • "Nazonex".

Analog( instruction to "Momat Rino Advance" is similar to the rules for using this tool) "Allergodil" is known for its good therapeutic effect in case of an allergic reaction. Its main difference is another active component. This medication is based on azelastine.

Allergy: seasonally and year-round

Statistics show that the most often to the aid of the spray and drops of the "Momat Rino Advance" are resorted to because of an allergic reaction. If the remedy is used as a prophylactic measure, and the patient has already reached 12 years, then the medication is used once a day, into the nasal passage by injecting a double inhalation. Total per day, a person receives 200 μg of the active ingredient. Treatment of allergies is similar.

If the condition of the patient suffering from an allergic reaction with Momat Rino Advance has improved, then the volumes are reduced by half. This allows you to maintain a therapeutic effect, is not addictive, does not lead to negative effects. In total, for one day the patient should make one injection of the spray "Momat Reno Advance" in the nasal passage. In total, within 24 hours, 100 μg of active substance enter the body.

What should I look for?

In some cases, the recommended dose for treatment( 200 μg per day) does not have a pronounced therapeutic effect. The manufacturer specifies in the instruction that, in agreement with the attending physician, it is possible to increase the volumes of the medicine in half, to 400 μg. The agent is also used once a day, but the medicine is injected four times into each nostril. When allergy symptoms begin to decrease, the amounts of the drug used are reduced to a standard therapeutic dose.

nasal rhinitis

The effectiveness of the "Momat Rino Advance" can be noticed in half a day after the initial use.

Age features of

If "Momato Reno Advance" is used to treat patients aged 2-11 years, then the dose for 24 hours is only 100 μg. It is introduced into the body in one approach, one spraying into the nasal passage. At a young age, a child can not himself introduce a remedy correctly, the help of elders is necessary.

Sinusitis: acute, exacerbated chronicle

In these diseases, "Momat Rino Advance" is used as an auxiliary medicine to enhance the therapeutic effect of the course of treatment. It is allowed to use at the age of 12 years and older, without an upper limit( possibly using older people).Treatment, prevention of sinusitis( including chronic exacerbations) require the use of a suspension twice a day. Two injections are made in the nasal passage. A total of 400 μg of active substance enter the body in a day.

At a low efficiency of such a scheme of application "Momat Rino Advance" it is allowed to increase the dose by 24 hours twice, up to 800 mcg. Twice a day, four inhalations of the suspension are made. As soon as pronounced symptoms of the disease come to naught, the dose is again reduced to the recommended 400 kg per day.

Acute form of rhinosinusitis, not complicated by severe infection with bacteria

Treatment of this disease with the help of "Momat Rino Advance" is allowed when the patient achieves 12 years. The initial dose is twice a day for two injections into each nasal entrance. If you feel worse, you should contact your doctor to adjust the treatment plan.


If a polyposis has been identified, the Momat Rino Advance can be used by an adult. The initial dosage is twice a day, two injections into the nasal passage. For a situation where symptoms at a specified concentration of active substance in the body gradually disappear, the dose is reduced by half: use the "Momato Reno Advance" once every 24 hours, making two inhalations.

Nuisance: why be ready?

In some cases, people who use the Momat Rino Advance spray according to the instructions for use face side effects. The negative reactions of the organism described below are related to the use of the medication in accordance with the instructions, the recommendations of the treating doctor, observing the age limits for the admissibility of therapy.

Quite unpleasant phenomena are known from the side of breathing. Up to 10% of patients undergoing Momat Rhino Advance therapy face nasal bleeding. As a rule, it accompanies elimination of polyps and is observed only when the drug is used twice a day. Quite often( up to 10% of cases) patients complain of irritation of the mucous, expressed by burning. Sometimes the mucosa is covered with small ulcers. Probable bloody discharge: both bleeding, and the separation of mucus stained with blood.

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Extremely small, but there is a probability of perforation of the nasal septum. There is no precise information about the possibility of this side effect, because doctors do not have sufficient data to provide objective statistics.

What else is possible?

In some cases, there is a possibility of entering into the body parasites, infections. The risk is higher when treated with the "Momat Rino Advance" spray polyps by means of a two-time( per day) use of the medication. In addition, you can run into pharyngitis.

From the side of the central nervous system the most unpleasant of the possible reactions is a headache. This side effect occurs quite often, about 10% of people who have undergone treatment complain about it. Gastrointestinal tract for use "Momat Rino Advance" reacts with irritation of pharynx. This consequence is more common in the active treatment of polyps( the use of the drug - twice a day).

In some cases, we can face a weakening of the sense of smell, a violation of the taste buds. Due to the low frequency of cases of clear medical statistics on these side effects at the moment there. It is also unknown how large the percentage of deviations from the visual organs. It is known that in passing the spray therapy nasal "Momat Rino Advance" there is a small risk:

  • cataract;
  • glaucoma;
  • is an increased pressure inside the eye.