What is the placenta

A woman most often does not think about what a placenta is, until the pregnancy test shows a positive result. In fact, the placenta is a special organ that helps and, above all, ensures normal development and vital activity of the fetus. Of course, this body is not formed and does not exist if the fair sex is not in the position. If we talk about how the placenta looks, it often looks like an ordinary flat cake. The organ consists of two main parts: the fruit and the mother. The first is directed directly to the fetus itself, and the maternal one is to the womb of the woman. The umbilical cord of the baby departs from the fruit part of the organ. As for the sizes, at the last stage of pregnancy the placenta reaches twenty-five centimeters in diameter. At the same time, its thickness is one to two centimeters.

Most often, the placenta is located in the back of the uterus of the fair sex. However, this is not always the case. The organ can be located absolutely everywhere. This may be the front wall of the uterus, the upper and so on. Everything depends on the characteristics of the organism of the future mother and other causes. It is worth noting that such an arrangement of the body is not always favorably reflected in the course of pregnancy. The placenta grows and changes throughout the entire period. The basic structure of the body is formed by the third month of pregnancy, that is, by the end of the so-called first trimester. The entire body consists of several parts. These parts are called cotyledones by specialists. They, in turn, contain a lot of capillary vessels and are separated by special septums or septums. As already mentioned above, the placenta is divided into two large parts. So, its fruiting side is completely covered with amnion. All the vessels gradually combine into larger ones. This is the umbilical cord of the child. It is accepted to compare it with a cord-like formation. The umbilical cord plays a huge role in the development of the baby, because it is through it that it gets everything that it needs for a normal existence in the womb of the mother.

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The placenta. What is it? Are you still interested in this topic? So here it is necessary to say that the placenta is an organ that provides life to the child at the first stages of its development, that is, before its appearance. The functions of this body are huge. With the help of her baby gets oxygen, and carbon dioxide is withdrawn back through the vessels of the placenta. Nutrients, hormones and much more enter the body through the placenta and the umbilical cord. By the way, this organ also performs a protective function. This is the so-called placental barrier. It is he who ensures the permeability of only the right substances to the baby. Specialists call this ability selective permeability. However, this function is mostly weakly expressed, because harmful elements, for example, often penetrate the fetus.

What is the placenta, how it looks in your case, you will learn at the examination under the name ultrasound. The specialist will show and tell the future mother, in which part of the womb she is, in what state she is. Everything here depends on the desire of the patient and the clinic, which she chooses for the passage of this survey. It is worth noting that very often pregnant women hear such a thing as premature aging of the placenta. In general, this state has five categories. On it you can determine the duration of pregnancy. For example, the fourth degree of aging corresponds to a period of thirty-three to thirty-five weeks, that is, the final stage of pregnancy.

What is the placenta? This question is asked by every future mother to her gynecologist. Undoubtedly, a specialist can describe in detail this woman to the woman and its main functions, tasks. In addition, all the interesting representatives of the fair sex can be found in the specialized literature or the Internet. For example, it is enough to enter into the search string of a specific browser the question: "What is the placenta?".You will get a huge amount of results, articles and so on.