An abscess on the gums: treatment at home, features and recommendations of specialists

In dental practice, the periodontal abscess is quite common. Among the population, many call it simply - an abscess on the gum. Treatment at home can not always be possible. After all, in order to make it effective, you need to find out the cause of the abscess. But still, some actions can be taken to improve the state of health before going to the hospital. We will talk about this.

abscess on the gum treatment at home

Types of abscesses on the gums

A prerequisite for the appearance of an abscess on the gum is the presence of infection. Its source, as a rule, is located either inside the dental unit, or at its root. Running caries or improperly filled with filling material can create a situation when an abscess appears on the gum. Causes and treatment are usually interrelated. Simply put, in order to effectively eliminate the abscess, you need to understand what caused it to appear.

The appearance of pyesis in soft tissues can be different. Sometimes there is a swelling on the gum, covering a small area. After a while, a fistula filled with a cloudy substance appears in this area. It's pus. During the thinning of the tissues, the fistula breaks and its contents come out.

In some cases, swelling of the gums is accompanied by swelling of the soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, nose. This is already caused by the localization of the focus of infection and the severity of the course of the inflammatory process.

causes an abscess on the gingiva and treatment

Symptoms of

Everyone can face the fact that he will have an abscess on the gum. What to do? First, let us list the symptoms accompanying this phenomenon. In the course of the progression of the disease, the listed symptoms usually intensify and cause the patient many unpleasant moments.

  • Soft tissues swell and blush.
  • Gum bleeding increases during teeth cleaning.
  • Patients complain of increased sensitivity at the time of biting, pressure on the tooth, located in the area of ​​the abscess.
  • A white fistula appears, filled with purulent contents.
  • Appearance of putrefactive odor from the mouth.
  • Toothache, the origin of which is difficult to establish( worries about the whole jaw).
  • The gums swell( from a small abscess to a size that distorts the shape of the face).
  • Elevated body temperature is observed.

In addition to the above symptoms, the abscess is accompanied by the appearance of a fistula. After it breaks, pus when pressed on the gum or spontaneously enters the oral cavity. In cases where the neoplasm is too deep, its contents can not come out. Then granulomas or cysts are formed.

an abscess on the gum causes and treatment at home

Causes of an abscess on the gums

Pathogens caused by the inflammatory process are pathogenic bacteria that are found or enter the mouth( staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, intestinal and pseudomonas aeruginosa).

For gums of a healthy person they are not dangerous. But if the tissues have undergone mechanical damage or have been affected by an infection, then the active multiplication of bacteria begins. All this provokes the onset of inflammatory processes.

Factors contributing to the occurrence of an abscess

It will be useful for each person to become acquainted with information on factors that increase the risk of an abscess. This will, perhaps, avoid the appearance of an inflammatory process, warning him.

  • Various mechanical damages of the gum, for example, after removal of the dental unit or installation of the prosthesis. Also, the integrity of tissues can be disturbed during hygiene procedures. Using too solid food, you need to be extremely careful.
  • Periodontal disease causes inflammation of the peri-toothed tissues. It can be triggered by inadequate nutrition and poor oral hygiene.
  • Periodontal disease leads to inflammation of the tissues from the tip of the roots to the wells in which the teeth are placed. All this can be manifested due to a neglected deep caries or an unprofessionally sealed canal.
  • Failure in the immune system, for example, because of a common cold.

All these factors can lead to an abscess on the gums, treatment at home which will not be easy.

how to treat an abscess on the gum

What can not be done?

Of course, when there are various inflammatory processes in the mouth, you need to know at least about what doctors do not recommend taking. After all, some actions can aggravate the situation.

  • If there is an open wound, which can bleed at the same time, you can not apply a bandage of gauze. Such actions can lead to infection in the cavity. In consequence, the tumor may increase in size.
  • Pain sensations can differ in intensity when an abscess on the gum appears. Treatment at home does not involve the use of antibiotics, especially in childhood. This group of drugs should be assigned only by a specialist.
  • Doctors do not recommend taking Aspirin tablets to ease your well-being. This drug is capable of provoking bleeding.
  • Do not eat too hot or cold food. Differential temperatures can increase pain.
  • It is absolutely forbidden by doctors to open the abscesses themselves. After all, even a small part of their contents( if not come out) can cause immense harm to the patient.

Dips the gums: what to do at home?

The most innocuous means for improving the condition in the occurrence of abscesses is rinsing with a soda solution. In order to prepare it you only need to dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of warm boiled water. Rinse the mouth cavity every half hour. The solution acts as a disinfectant. The activity of pathogenic microflora will be suppressed and a person will feel relief. However, if for several days the abscess does not pass, then there is no sense to engage in self-medication. It is better to seek help from a specialist.

gums gum what to do at home

Propolis tincture

Here is another recipe that will improve a person's condition if he has an abscess on the gum. Treatment at home, of course, does not always allow you to completely get rid of the problem. In most cases, the doctor should eliminate the cause of the inflammatory focus. However, you can alleviate the condition if you have a propolis tincture at your fingertips. Only to prepare it is necessary in advance.

It is necessary to mix propolis with vodka, diluted in half with distilled water. You can add St. John's wort to these ingredients. All must be mixed thoroughly. Within two days( minimum) the drug should be infused in a dark place. Such a preparation can be prepared and stored in a refrigerator. If any inflammation occurs in the mouth or a soft tissue injury, the tincture should be used for rinsing. A glass of warm boiled water should be added 20 - 25 drops of the finished medicine. Follow the procedure three times a day daily.

Herbal Collection

It's no secret that many plants have medicinal properties. Therefore, there are many recipes for cooking decoctions. They will certainly help or at least alleviate the situation if a person has an abscess on the gum. Treatment with folk remedies sometimes has an amazing effect.

To prepare the broth we need the bark of oak, sage and St. John's Wort. These plants are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. Oak bark can stop bleeding due to astringents. St. John's wort and sage have a pronounced regenerative effect.

First we need to prepare a mixture of the above plants. To do this, connect them in equal proportions. To prepare the broth, we need only a tablespoon of the finished mixture. Let's fill it with two glasses of boiling water. After the broth is infused and cooled, it must be filtered. This medication is enough for five rinsing procedures. Then you can prepare a fresh broth.

Here is another tip that allows you to learn how to treat an abscess on the gums yourself. We will do this with the help of herbal collection. It will include a wood doe, peppermint, birch buds and periwinkle. Mix 6 spoons of each plant and fill with a liter of vodka. In a day, the remedy will be ready for use. Rinse the tincture with an oral cavity every few hours. Within a couple of days the abscess should break through and the swelling should decrease.

gingival abscess

Useful tips for

Here are a few more ways of how to treat an abscess on the gum.

  • Take two tablespoons of sage and ordinary green tea( only without additives).Ingredients brew in a liter of boiling water. Two teaspoons of salt is added to the same place. After cooling the drug, strain it and apply it to the rinse. Sage brew like tea and rinse your mouth with infusion as often as possible.
  • At the pharmacy you can buy a ready-made disinfectant called "Chlorophyllipt".To prepare a solution, you only need to dissolve the spoon in a glass of boiled water.
  • When you need to immediately anesthetize the affected area, we will help fresh juice from onions. We moisten a small swab in it and apply it to the sore spot.
  • Conventional table salt will help pull pus out. It is only necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of crystals in a glass of water. The solution must be typed into the mouth and kept on the side where the abscess occurred. After spit and repeat with a new portion of the remedy. Such manipulations well draw pus from the deep layers of soft tissues.
  • After the focus of inflammation has broken, you can rinse your mouth with a solution with the addition of manganese( potassium permanganate).

Recommendations of specialists

Of course, dentists do not advise themselves to try to neutralize the abscess on the gum. Recommendations for treatment are that it is necessary to determine the cause of the abscess. If it appeared because of poor-quality channel sealing, then, accordingly, they will have to be opened. Sometimes the focus is removed through an incision in the gum. In cases where the cause of neoplasm are periodontal diseases, it is urgent to begin their treatment. Sometimes you can not save the tooth and you have to delete it. In any case, modern technology allows for high-quality treatment. Going to the hospital will reduce the risk of complications.

an abscess on the gum treatment recommendations

Preventive measures

There are several rules, which, if done, can reduce the risk of an abscess on the gum. Causes and treatment at home we have already considered. Proceed to preventive measures.

  • It is necessary to monitor the quality and regularity of hygiene procedures.
  • Visit the dentist regularly. This will prevent the emergence of chronic diseases of teeth and gum tissue.
  • The ration should contain a sufficient number of solid, rigid products. This will help to train the jaw apparatus. In addition, stiff food perfectly cleans the surface of the enamel from the plaque and massages the gums.

It is necessary to monitor the health of the whole organism and, accordingly, get rid of bad habits. All this will avoid a lot of unpleasant moments in life.