Testosterone propionate. Application in sports

Description of the drug

Testosterone is one of the most important male anabolic hormones, which is so loved by many professional bodybuilders. Today in the market of sports pharmacology a rather large number of testosterone preparations is presented, but testosterone propionate is most prominent. The peculiarity of this drug is that, unlike the testosterone enanthate, it in very small degree delays water in the muscles. This means that there is an increase in pure and high quality muscle mass, rather than meat that is swollen with water, which will be released one month after the end of the course. Of course, many bodybuilders think that propionate is not effective enough, and, of course, in part, they are right. With this drug it is impossible to gain 8-10 kilograms per month, although taking a number of other drugs, these figures are quite easy to achieve.

Thus, testosterone propionate is highly valued among athletes who take it during pre-competitive training. There is also a combination of the use of propionate in combination with other, more powerful anabolic drugs, for example, with Winstrol or Primobolone. Testosterone propionate, the course of which allows the athlete to build up a sufficiently high-quality musculature and effectively burn a significant layer of subcutaneous fat, is now very popular. Such a course is the brightest example of synergy - an effect in which weak individual drugs give a powerful effect when used together.

Testosterone propionate is one of the cheapest anabolic drugs on the Russian market. But this fact should not mislead people and give cause to consider propionate as a drug for low-income bodybuilders. Every professional athlete knows that testosterone allows the body to recover much better after debilitating exercise, and therefore even the most well-to-do bodybuilders try to insert this drug into their pre-competition course.

Advantages of the drug

The undoubted advantage of testosterone propionate is that after it is taken, it starts to act immediately, after which it is also quickly withdrawn. Thus, it is possible to make several injections of this substance and, as soon as its action comes to an end, a more powerful steroid drug will take over( for example, some steroid preparations begin to operate only 10-14 days after the injection).It should be noted that taking testosterone propionate, you can easily prepare for the competition, which is scheduled for doping control.

Disadvantages of

Of course, this drug has its drawbacks, which include the need for frequent injections, which can go up to 4-7 times a week. Although women in this regard are much more fortunate. Introducing the drug once a week, they completely protect their body from the possibility of accumulating in it androgens.

Side effects of

Testosterone propionate is considered a fairly harmless drug, since the occurrence of side effects is not too great. The main thing for which this drug is so fond is that the liver and kidneys practically do not suffer from its reception, unless the athlete is fond of superdoses. But taking any hormonal medication can have consequences. Speaking about testosterone, you should beware of acne and gynecomastia. The intake of propionate strongly inhibits the production of its own testosterone, so each course should be completed, starting with gonadotropin, proviron, tamoxifen.

Testosterone propionate. Instructions for use

Propionate should be administered intramuscularly by 50 mg at least three times a week. To increase the effect, you can increase the dose and number of injections, but you should take into account that the risk of side effects is significantly increased.