Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions: reviews

Do you want to conquer men with a fascinating look? Then you should pay attention to the corrective color lenses Freshlook Dimensions. With them you not only forget about glasses, but also change the color of your eyes a little. If you have naturally blue eyes, then you will be able to use the Sea Green lenses. They will make your look deep and clear. Today we will find out what other colors there are for these glasses substitutes, and also find out what people themselves think about them. contact lenses freshlook dimensions


Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions are colored polymers designed for light eyes. CIBA Vision produces these eyeglasses. These lenses provide an excellent view, as well as peripheral vision under any conditions. These products can be either with diopters, or without them( that is, only the color saturation of the eyes).

You can wear such lenses in the daytime, at night they must be removed. The term of wearing is one month.

Available shades

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions colors have the following:

- Pacific Blue - blue azure.

- Sea Green - a green lagoon.

- Caribbean Aqua - aquamarine. contact lenses freshlook dimensions reviews

Advantages of

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions, photos of which can be seen below, have the following advantages:

- Natural look through natural colors.

- High degree of hydration of eyes.

- Easy fit.

- The possibility of buying a product even with zero diopters. That is, a person can acquire lenses only in order to change the color of the eyes. contact lenses freshlook dimensions photos

Disadvantages of

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions are not without flaws. True, only one drawback is available for these polymer products, and this is low oxygen permeability. However, this feature, unfortunately, is typical for all color lenses. That's why you can not sleep in them, it is necessary to remove these products before bed. After all, often the insufficient supply of oxygen to the cornea of ​​the eye becomes the cause of many diseases.

Products without vision correction

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions Plano have only diopters "0".That is, these polymers are created only in order to change the color of the eyes, make them bright and saturated. But these lenses do not correct sight. From this series you can buy the same 3 shades, which were indicated above. With these lenses, the eyes will become attractive, expressive, and the eyes - deep and charming.

These polymers must be changed on a monthly basis. Only lenses wear during the day.

The cost of packing( 2 pcs.) Is about 900 rubles. contact lenses freshlook colors

Opinions of people on products of non-adjusting

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions Plano user reviews are mostly positive. Girls note that they visually increase their eyes. They are also convenient to take off and put on. In addition, such non-corrective vision lenses do not dry on the eyes, do not cut them. Girls like that you can wear these soft polymers all day and feel great at the same time.

What is the advantage of such contact lenses? Colored polymers of other manufacturers, according to some girls, look unnatural at the eyes. I even want to look away from the owners of this artificial look. At the same time, the Plano series lenses are toned, not colored. That's why such polymers look natural. They have the contour of the iris as in color, but the pigmentation is not so intense, slightly muffled.

By the way, many girls advise to purchase such lenses in accordance with the color of the eyes. After all, these polymers make the organ of vision more expressive. If the girl has blue eyes, and she wants to buy green lenses, then she definitely will not like the result.

Some representatives of the weaker sex point out that these products are much thinner than their counterparts, so you need to handle them carefully so as not to tear. Still there are girls who remained dissatisfied with these lenses due to the fact that they have standard curvature. Indeed, they are issued with a curvature of 8.6.Therefore, those who have this figure is, for example, 8.3, do not buy lenses. Otherwise they will constantly move out of sight, interfere.

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions without diopters have come up, it is necessary to visit the oculist. The doctor will determine the angle of curvature, and on the basis of this, the person will already decide whether to purchase these products or not. contact lenses freshlook dimensions plano

Positive feedback on color lenses

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions reviews generally receive eulogies. Many users like the fact that these products perform just 2 roles: act as a substitute for glasses, and change the color of the eyes, making them more expressive and sexy. Also, girls and boys note that it is easy to use these polymers even for beginners. After all, the lenses themselves have a FL mark, which serves as a guide for proper donning.

Many people do not want to change these lenses to analogues of other firms, because they are completely satisfied with everything. In such polymers, the ideal ratio of price and quality.

Negative feedback on color glasses substitutes

Contact lenses Freshlook Dimensions besides flattering also have disapproval reviews of people. Some users believe that the lack of these polymers is just in the inscription FL.It seems to people that this mark is visible to others. However, in fact, this is not true. Still some users are dissatisfied with the fact that after a three-hour wearing of these glasses substitutes the eyes turn red, veins appear on them. This really happens, but only in some cases:

- The person does not observe the rules of wearing. For example, he sleeps in lenses, does not change the solution in a case.

- The curvature of these products is not suitable for the user.

Actually these lenses are good, but before buying them, you need to find out whether they fit you or not. After all, everyone's eyes are different, if one person's angle of curvature is 8.6, then the other does not. That is why it is very important to go to the reception to the oculist and after that make a decision about buying these lenses. contact lenses freshlook dimensions plano reviews

Lens Care

- These colored polymer products can be stored in any multifunctional solution. True, the liquid should not contain hydrogen peroxide in its composition.

- Since these lenses are monthly wearing, the person must change the solution daily in a container to a new one.

- Do not wash the case in which these polymers are stored with tap water. You can do this only with the same solution, which is then poured into the container.

- Once a week a person should conduct heat treatment of the case with boiling water.

- Do not mix pure solution with old one.


From this article you learned what Freshlook Dimensions polymeric products are, what are their advantages and disadvantages. Judging by the reviews, we can conclude that this is a wonderful replacement points. In this case, such lenses are able to make the eyes more expressive, and the view - deep at the expense of a palette consisting of 3 colors.