Orthopedic pillow from hemorrhoids for prevention and treatment

One of the tasks of treating hemorrhoids is the removal of painful sensations. To do this, apply a variety of tools and techniques that help to ease the patient's well-being. A hemorrhoids pillow helps to improve the condition of a person suffering from this disease, while at the same time enhancing the effect of the use of medications.

This product is also intended for people who are forced to spend a lot of time in a sitting position. Pillow helps to normalize the circulation in the pelvic organs.

Who is the product for

? The orthopedic pillow from hemorrhoids is used as a curative and preventive agent. For prevention it can be used:

  • Drivers.
  • Office workers.
  • To people suffering from constipation.
  • Pregnant.
  • Sportsmen.
  • to the Elderly.
  • To those who have hereditary predisposition.

pillow from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a fairly common disease requiring timely prevention and treatment. The hemorrhoids pillow is an auxiliary. Its action is based on the elimination of stagnation of b

lood in the pelvic region, which is achieved by displacing the support from the perineal region to the bone. At the same time, the blood circulation is normalized, which ensures the reduction of painful manifestations.

What are the pillows

Products for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids are made by many manufacturers, so their choice is wide enough. They can be of different sizes, shapes, with different fillings. The form of pillows from hemorrhoids:

  • Square.
  • Round.
  • Rectangular.
  • Wedge-shaped.

The most convenient is a model, made in the form of a bagel, which is very similar to a swimming circle, but smaller. The product has a weight limitation. If it is exceeded, the pillow simply bursts or does not have the desired therapeutic effect. Inflatable cushion differs in that the air can be pumped into it independently, so it is possible to regulate the degree of rigidity.

orthopedic pillow from hemorrhoids The most popular models are made of polyurethane or foam rubber.

Principle of operation of the

The veins located in the rectum region are pinched by blood overflow, resulting in the formation of nodes. This leads to itching and burning in the anus. In these cases, a pillow from hemorrhoids will be an indispensable tool. Its design is designed in such a way as to prevent the anus from touching the seat surface.

When using such a product, there is no compression of the veins, the outflow of blood is normalized, and the pain becomes less pronounced. The cushion has gone through all the necessary studies, which confirm its effectiveness and safety. It is widely used to normalize the patient's health after surgery or after childbirth.

The main advantages of the product

Applying a pillow against hemorrhoids is quite simple. You must put the product on a chair or car seat and sit on it. It has many different advantages, among which it is necessary to distinguish such:

  • Possibility to apply for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
  • Ease of use.
  • No contraindications.
  • Versatility.
  • Possible application for the prevention of pressure sores.
  • Positive effect on joints and muscles.

cushion after hemorrhoids operation

Pillow for the prevention of hemorrhoids is used not only for varicose veins in the rectal area. It is indicated for patients with diseases of the spine, as well as other organs located in the perineal region.

How to choose it correctly

Orthopedic pillow for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be made of different fillers and have different shapes. To select the desired product, you must take into account such parameters:

  • Permissible load.
  • Shape.
  • Filling material.

When purchasing a pillow, you must take into account the patient's weight. People who are obese, do not recommend the use of products in which the filler is air or foam rubber.

Inflatable pillows are used in the early stages of the course of the pathological process, as well as for the prevention of the disease. For treatment and after surgery, it is best to purchase models with polyurethane and foam filler. When choosing the shape of a pillow, you can follow your own preferences.

Hemorrhoids cushions for drivers Rubber products outwardly resemble a circle for swimming, which can be easily inflated by yourself. In the kit there is usually a special pump. The instructions indicate the amount of injected air in accordance with the patient's weight. This will achieve the most effective result.

Orthopedic pillows made of polyurethane foam, have an increased degree of elasticity, and can take the form, depending on the individual characteristics of the person. Foam products are suitable for people with small or medium weight.

When choosing a cushion in the car, you need to take into account that the product must be equipped with special belts. In addition, you must first consult a doctor who will help you choose the best option, which is ideal for all parameters.

Pillows for the car

Pillows for hemorrhoids for drivers are among the basic necessities for the prevention of hemorrhoids. The best models are those made in the form of a horseshoe or a bagel. Such a device does not allow the inflamed area to come in contact with the seat, which provides comfort and a reduction in painful sensations.

The cushion for the driver on the seat from hemorrhoids can come with a variety of fillers. Rubber, foam rubber products, as well as fillers in the form of buckwheat husks are very popular. They accurately repeat all contours of a body, thereby reducing pressure on the amazed area. Many manufacturers offer products with special belts, which are ideal for drivers of regular buses and truckers.

Pillows during pregnancy

Women during childbearing are at risk of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy worsens metabolic processes, decreases physical activity, stagnant processes occur, which leads to the development of varicose veins in the rectal area.

pillow against hemorrhoids

To prevent the onset of the disease or reduce its manifestations, doctors recommend pregnant women to use special pillows aimed at treating and preventing hemorrhoids. In addition, such products help relieve the strain on the spine and back muscles.

You can also use pillows after the birth of a child, since after birth there is a high risk of hemorrhoids. It is especially good to use it while feeding the baby, as the woman has been sitting for a long time.

Pillows after treatment of hemorrhoids

At the advanced stage of the disease, removal of hemorrhoids is required. Doctors recommend using an orthopedic pillow after the operation for hemorrhoids, so that the seams do not diverge. In addition to alleviating the unpleasant symptoms, this product has a number of significant advantages:

  • The pressure on the anus and spine area is reduced.
  • There is a calming effect on muscles and joints.
  • Preventing pressure sores.

pillow for the prevention of hemorrhoids Pillow is best to choose in the form of a circle. It helps to provide extra comfort for the patient and prevent the occurrence of complications.

Basic rules for using

The cushion should be placed on a hard surface, for example a chair. The use of a soft chair as a surface for this orthopedic product is undesirable, since it is poorly ventilated and leads to the fall of the buttocks inwards. Prolonged sitting on the pillow is not recommended. After 2-3 hours you need to get up, do warm-ups and perform special exercises. This product does not help to cope with the disease, but only relates to one part of the complex therapy.

To eliminate unpleasant sensations in the presence of hemorrhoids, you need to correctly apply this orthopedic product. To start using such a pillow is necessary after the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. The type of product should be selected only by a qualified doctor, taking into account the degree of hemorrhoids, the presence of complications. It is also important to take into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

a pillow for the treatment of hemorrhoids In the presence of dirt, the pillow can be washed or simply washed, but you must strictly follow the instructions. It is important to understand that this product is used only as an auxiliary technique, and also as a preventive measure. Completely rid the person of hemorrhoids no pillow can.

Popular products

In the modern market, there are many models of pillows designed to prevent and treat hemorrhoids. Among the most popular products are Fosta models, which are made of foam-pouleetane, so they are distinguished by their durability and high degree of elasticity. Depending on the temperature of the human body, the pillow changes its degree of plasticity, which makes it very convenient to use. It is made of high-quality and safe materials, passed several degrees of verification.

"TRELAX" pillow is used for complex therapy in patients suffering from hemorrhoids and spine diseases. It is suitable for all groups of patients, regardless of age and sex, even for people with high weight. The product can be conveniently placed on any surface. Special material does not cause irritation, and also allows the skin to breathe.

A ring-shaped cushion from Sitting Ring Round is used as a prophylaxis and to relieve painful sensations during the course of hemorrhoids. It helps to normalize blood circulation, does not allow the occurrence of diaper rash.

Orthopedic pillow "Trivers" is made in the form of a bagel from natural latex and has a porous structure. A special composition helps to exclude the possibility of allergies, it does not accumulate dust and harmful insects. It is used after the operation and as a preventive agent.