Dental clinic Implant City: reviews, services, and prices

Today, a completely new way to restore the integrity of the dentition has come to replace prosthetics: implantation. As a result of a complex of procedures, the patient gets the opportunity to get rid of aesthetic problems and find a beautiful smile. The new tooth is no different from healthy teeth, and the life of the implant is over 20 years. Since implantation is a long and laborious process, real professionals must be engaged in the restoration of lost teeth. Such specialists work in the center of dental implantology Implant City. The patient's comments presented in the article will help to verify this.

The main line of work of the

Clinic The Implant City Specialized Center( Moscow) has been working in the field of maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology for more than 10 years. During this time, the team of specialists of the clinic conducted more than 7000 successful operations. Practical activities of dental implantologists are combined with participation in training events on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. This makes it possible to apply all the modern technologies known to date.

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implant reviews

Complex operations would not be possible without special equipment that the clinic is fully equipped with. Cooperation with representatives of different implant manufacturers makes it possible to offer patients of the clinic the best cost-effective treatment, including budget.

The professionalism of the dentists at the Implant City Clinic is, according to the reviews, in line with international standards. Patients can be offered different methods of implantation here:

  1. Classical - a technology with 45 years of global experience. The operation is quite complicated. According to the terms, it can take up to 8 months if there is a need to build up bone tissue.
  2. Single-time - is carried out simultaneously with the removal of the tooth and involves the installation of the implant in the same well. Term of treatment is 3-7 months.
  3. Express implantation - the technology involves the restoration of a large number of lost teeth without a preliminary bone extension. The average duration of treatment is 2 months.

The possibility of applying this or that method is negotiated with a specialist after preliminary consultation and a panoramic shot.

Dental services in Implant City

In addition to dental implants, the clinic specialists are engaged in:

  • prosthetics( removable and non-removable);
  • professional teeth cleaning;
  • by their treatment( sealing, alignment, installation of bracket systems);
  • tooth extraction;
  • bleaching( modern technology Amazing White, Zoom and others);
  • bone grafting.

Implant city on Chekhov

According to reviews, in Implant City all dental services are provided at a high professional level. Patients are satisfied with the quality of care and prices. For example, the implant "Alpha Bio" can be installed for only 7500 rubles. All kinds of actions are constantly being performed in the clinic, making implantation accessible to all patients.

Reviews about stomatology "Implant City"

After visiting the clinic most patients had a positive opinion about it. Patients' comments about "And Mplant City" are as follows:

  • quality implant installation;
  • affordable prices for services for dentistry of this level;
  • high professionalism of dentists;
  • friendly staff;
  • is a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

implant city reviews of patients

People come to the center of dental implantology not only for the installation of implants, but also for receiving other services. The procedure for dental treatment is absolutely painless, you do not need to spend time in the queue, since customers are recorded at a specific time in advance.

In a negative review of Implant City, one of the patients noted that despite the recording to one doctor, the reception is completely different. This spoils the impression of the clinic as a whole.

dentistry implant city reviews

Contact Information

Everyone who needs to restore lost teeth can contact the center of dental implantation. Reception of patients by specialists of the clinic is conducted by appointment. Judging by the reviews, in "Implant City" on Chekhovskaya you can reschedule if there are unforeseen circumstances.

The dental clinic is located at the address: Moscow, Strastnoy Boulevard 4, building 3. Nearby is the metro station "Chekhovskaya".You can make an appointment by calling the hotline, which can be found on the website, or by e-mail. The clinic operates daily from 8:00 to 22:00.