Candles for the ears

Ear candles have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The most common therapeutic method was in Tibet, Egypt, India and selected Indian tribes.

Phyto candles for the ears, made on the basis of herbs, can effectively cope with various infections.

Therapeutic effect has three directions.

First, the lighted candles for the ears emit smoke that penetrates into the auditory organ. At the same time, there is a pulling out of contaminants and infections accumulated inside.

The soft heat emitted by the ear candles stimulates blood circulation and lymph circulation in the parotid region. This helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, the accumulated sulfur is drawn out.

Ear candles contribute to the alignment of the intra-arterial and intracranial pressure.

The use of this therapeutic method makes it possible to relieve quite serious conditions. These include:

  1. The loss of balance that arose as a result of viral damage to hair cells and the inner ear, which caused impairment of the transmission of nerve impulses. This condition is closely associated with the general infection of the organism, manifested as independent attacks of dizziness or damaging the vestibular apparatus and brain. In addition, loss of balance can occur due to increased blood pressure or pressure of the middle ear fluid( Meniere's disease).Patients suffer not only dizziness and dysfunction, but also hearing impairment, as well as a sense of noise and ringing in the damaged ear.
  2. Tinnitus. This condition is characterized by noise and ringing in the ears in the absence of an external stimulus. This condition can be present throughout the day. Especially the sensations interfere with rest or attempt to fall asleep.
  3. Tenderness in the ears. It can be of a very different origin. The most common reasons for its occurrence include infections, toothache.
  4. Migraines.
  5. Problems in the sinuses of the nose. As a rule, antibiotics allow you to get rid of a strong infection in one of the cavities. Lesions cause soreness in the eyes and mouth. The use of candles can improve the patient's condition, in some cases eliminating the problem itself, preventing the possible need for surgical intervention. In addition, the procedure has a beneficial effect on the sense of smell, taste and auditory sensations.
  6. Allergies. It should be noted that it will not be possible to get rid of them with candles, however, manifestations of diseases can be considerably alleviated.

Candles for ear cleaning are also used. Due to the heat, sulfur and accumulated contaminants in the sink are drawn out.

However, with all the existing advantages, one should also know about the contraindications to the procedures. Sufficiently detailed about them is said in the annotation to the candles. In addition, you need to know about the possible consequences of using such methods. Often candles provoke burns of the tympanic membrane and external auditory way. During the procedure, heating is performed, and the thermal effect is not shown to all. Do not use candles in purulent discharge, violations in the tympanic membrane and external auditory tube, the presence of tumoral processes in the head, allergic reactions to components of which candles are made. In no case can you perform such procedures for people suffering from hypertension, active forms of tuberculosis, as well as for blood diseases and benign and malignant tumors. In addition, a person who conducts such procedures must have a special specialization. To prevent undesirable effects, it is recommended to consult with an ENT doctor.