The best neurologist in Samara: review, rating and reviews

The profession of a neurologist in Samara, as in other cities, is respected and common. Both adults and children turn to these doctors for help. Real specialists working in Samara clinics and medical centers are always friendly to their clients, therefore patients often come to them from other cities and even countries. good neurologist in samara reviews

Neurologists of Samara

Any neurologist in Samara performs important work and always provides assistance to people who need it. Below are listed some of the best specialists of this city. All of them have quite a lot of experience and a lot of positive feedback from real people.

1. Tarasova Svetlana Vitalievna

Some people say that a neurologist in Samara is not a woman's profession, but Svetlana Vitalievna can easily prove the opposite to them. This
professional is working with patients of different ages and enjoys a great deal of authority among them. Reception at the doctor of medical sciences costs about 4 thousand rubles. the neurologist of Samara

Like all neurologists, Svetlana Vitalievna deals with the treatment of headaches, neuroses, dizziness. In addition, it helps its patients

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get rid of Alzheimer's disease, memory disorders, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

S. V. Tarasova passed residency in neurology on the basis of the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurology in the regional hospital named after MI Kalinin in Samara. In addition, she successfully graduated from the State Medical University of Samara in 1998.

What people say

There are many positive reviews about Svetlana Vitalyevna's work, which is not surprising. Patients claim that the reception is conducted at the highest level. The doctor always communicates professionally with his clients and creates a friendly atmosphere during the reception, which is especially popular with people.

2. Kutuzov Ruslan Rafailovich

The child neurologist in Samara has been working for 17 years and has many regular patients who treat him with great respect. It helps to cope with problems for both adults and children of any age. Reception of a neurologist in Samara costs about 2 thousand rubles. neurologist of Kalinin Samara

Ruslan Rafailovich is a master of psychology, clinical psychologist, teacher and chief specialist of the clinic. He diagnoses and conducts a course of treatment for various headaches, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, intervertebral hernia, absent-mindedness, anxiety and depression.

The neurologist has a diploma in such specialties:

  • "Healing"( 1999).
  • "Psychology, Pedagogy"( 2013).
  • "Therapeutic physical training and sports medicine"( 2015).

In addition, Ruslan Rafailovich from 2013 to 2014 passed the refresher courses in the Moscow school Dovlatov, as well as the Samara Academy "Allergen."

Opinion of patients

People who have repeatedly asked for help from this specialist, say that he is a really good neurologist in Samara. They point out the attentiveness, politeness and kindness of the doctor, thanks to which it is pleasant to work with him not only children, but also their parents. All of his patients Ruslan Rafailovich attracts a good attitude, skills and ability to find an individual approach.

3. Merzlyakova Galina Nikolaevna

Another good neurologist in Samara with more than 36 years of experience holds receptions for 1200 rubles. Galina Nikolaevna always greets her visitors with a smile and gives them help at any time. neurologist samara reviews

A specialist can diagnose and treat any diseases of the nervous system. These include: neurosis, atherosclerosis, neuralgia, migraine, dizziness and so on.

Galina Nikolayevna passed an internship in Kamensk-Uralsky and holds a diploma in the specialty "Treatment and Prophylaxis", received in 1981 at the Ulyanov Institute. She also successfully passed the refresher courses:

  • "Neuropathology of children"( 1996, St. Petersburg).
  • "Actual questions of children's neuralgia"( 2002, Samara).
  • "Epilepsy"( 2004, St. Petersburg).
  • "Fundamentals of Voiot-therapy"( 2006, Kazan).

Comments from visitors

As the neurologist in Samara is good, reviews about him can not be bad. Patients like to work with Galina Nikolaevna, as she is always responsive and attentive to them. Thanks to her, many people were able to get rid of headaches and other problems that arose for a variety of reasons. The clients of the doctor say that they have not met the best specialist in their entire life, although they have often been to treatment abroad.

4. Lyubimov Andrey Nikolaevich

The first neurologist in Samara, worth noting, has a work experience of more than 25 years and is respected among his patients and colleagues. The cost of admission from Andrei Nikolaevich is 1000 rubles. a good neurologist in Samara

Specialist is not only a neurologist, but also a neurosurgeon. He performs diagnostics, as well as treatment of headaches, neuralgias, dizziness, sclerosis, osteochondrosis, epilepsy, vegetovascular dystonia, atherosclerosis and other diseases associated with the nervous system.

Andrey Nikolaevich has diplomas in the following specialties:

  • "Medical business"( Medical Institute in Ryazan - 1987).
  • "Neurology"( 2014).
  • "Neurosurgery"( 2014).

The doctor worked in many clinics, was the head of beginning medical specialists, and also attended many international conferences, where questions in the field of medicine were considered. Since 2013, and at the moment he works at the Seredavin Regional Hospital.


As a rule, after the admission patients leave their comments about the neurologist in Samara, and AN Lyubimov is no exception. His clients are completely satisfied with the work of a specialist and the cost of admission. They argue that the doctor is quite competent, responsive, polite and benevolent. He perfectly conducts receptions of adults and children, knows how to interest and find a common language with each of his visitors.

5. Miroshnichenko Andrey Pavlovich

The specialist of the highest category has a rather long work experience. Reception at him will manage in 3 thousand rubles. children

At the moment, Andrei Pavlovich works in clinic Kalinin( Samara).The neurologist is familiar with many foreign specialists, thanks to whom they can safely apply their medical techniques in their activities.

Patient feedback

The doctor's clients are grateful for his work, understanding and goodwill. According to the patients, Andrei Pavlovich is a true professional in his field. He can answer any visitor question, and also give him some useful advice for the future.

6. Buravcev Konstantin Nikolaevich

Specialist with 30 years of experience perfectly finds a common language with adults and children. The cost of one session is 1100 rubles.

Konstantin Nikolaevich specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches of various types, neuralgias, dizziness, sclerosis, vegetovascular dystonia, as well as other diseases associated with the nervous system. He always controls his patients until his recovery and morally supports them in difficult situations.

The doctor defended his Diploma in the specialization "Medicine" at the Kuibyshev Medical Institute in 1986.In addition, he passed an internship in neurology, and in 2015 went to the refresher courses in the specialization "Neurology."

Comments of people

In their reviews, patients often point to the fact that they understand the doctor's language well. Despite the fact that he explains the diagnosis by professional terms, it's all quite clear to people, which can not be said about some other neurologists. In addition, customers talk about the kindness of Konstantin Nikolayevich, as well as his responsiveness.

7. Derevyanko Leonid Sergeevich

A neurologist who is very popular in the city, is a specialist of the highest category and has a work experience of more than 19 years. The reception is free for all clients, for which people love it. reception of a neurologist in Samara

Leonid Sergeevich is also a somnologist and a vertebroneurologist. He accepts, diagnoses and treats visitors with a variety of neurological pathologies. This includes the following diseases: osteochondrosis, cerebral circulation disorder, vegetovascular dystonia, consequences of craniocerebral trauma, chronic headaches, panic attacks, multiple sclerosis, polyneuropathy, anxiety disorder.

In 1998, the doctor graduated from the Samara State Medical University. A year later he successfully completed an internship in "Neurology" in the same educational institution. And already in 2001 Leonid Sergeyevich went to the capital and graduated there internship on "Somnology" at the Sechenov Academy.

In 2007 and 2015, LS Derevyanko passed several refresher courses. The first was the academy in Chelyabinsk( "Vertebroneurology"), and then the republican hospital in Kazan( "The use of botulinum toxin in neurological practice").

Reviews about doctor

Patients of Leonid Sergeevich claim that he is a rather pleasant and competent specialist. His qualifications can not be doubted, since he himself can identify the symptoms, and then quickly diagnose and prescribe a course of treatment. He always communicates with his visitors with a smile on his face, thereby creating a benevolent atmosphere. Thanks to the neurologist, people could quickly say goodbye to their problems, forgetting about previous failures.