Allocations are red, but not monthly: causes

Features of the female body should know every girl. Otherwise, sooner or later, his incomprehensible reaction to these or other stimuli can frighten. For example, it is important to know under what circumstances there are secretions of red, but not monthly. A fairly common phenomenon, but it still scares many. So what can cause this phenomenon? When should I sound an alarm?

allocation red but not monthly

All the same, the monthly

The female body is an eternal mystery, and often even for the medical profession. Therefore, to predict the cause of the appearance of bloody discharge from the vagina is not so simple. It is necessary to take into account all the features and nuances, the changes that have occurred in the life of the patient.

As practice shows, red discharge before the onset of menstruation, especially if they do not cause pain, are not dangerous. Most likely, it's just a shift in the menstrual cycle. The reason for this can serve as a hormonal background. In any case, this should not cause fear. So do not think that the monthly ones come as a clock. Even if earlier the critical days were coming strictly at a certain time, no one is immune from the shifts in the cycle. Remember - allocation at the same time can be unaffiliated in the first few days, smearing.

red discharge after menstruation


The next variant of the development of events is common, but it does not attach much importance. You have vaginal discharge red, but not monthly? Do not rush to panic. After all, if this phenomenon does not bring you any special discomfort and especially painful sensations, there is no reason for fear. Why?

Red discharge after menstruation( and before them) is a clear sign of body stress. Hops, a strong emotional stress( even with positive emotions) - all this can affect your menstrual cycle and the state as a whole. Usually, the discharge due to stress is not strong, without mucus or some other special signs. After the normalization of the situation everything comes back to normal.

By the way, overwork can also be attributed here. To isolate stopped( at one point they can be confused with monthly), you just need to relax and rest. All this is not a reason to visit a doctor. The maximum that you will be discharged is antidepressants. And a good rest, complete isolation from stress. After all, this is how a woman's body shows a protective reaction.


Red excreta, but not monthly - this is another sign of having some kind of disease. Just do not rush to the doctor, not in all cases it is necessary. Often the cause of this phenomenon is erosion of the cervix. It can bleed from time to time. As a consequence, on any given day, you may begin to get red color.

reddish discharge with monthly

As practice shows, they are not plentiful, smearing, without impurities and mucus. They can continue up to monthly. But they also pass in some cases on their own. If there is a suspicion of erosion, it is best to consult a doctor. It will definitely help you decide if there is a given disease, or not. If necessary, prizhech erosion, for example, radio waves. After treatment, the reds, but not the menses, will stop.


As practice shows, vaginal discharge from red can appear for many reasons. And they can be foreseen without the help of doctors. Therefore, do not get hysterical if you notice these changes in your body.

Red markings before the monthly( or even after them) may indicate a break in the capillaries. Usually this phenomenon is observed if a woman strains a lot. That is why the fine part of society is not recommended for heavy physical work.

red discharge but not monthly

As in all previous cases, the discharge is of a smearing nature, does not bring any special discomfort or any painful sensations. The doctor should go only if the deviation is accompanied by pain or too much blood. Just limit physical work and rest. It takes several weeks to restore the body. So do not think that one day of rest is enough for the allocation to pass.

Damage to

Dark red discharge during menstruation is a sign of mechanical damage to the vagina. This phenomenon can be accompanied by any painful sensations. For example, traumatic pain in the lower abdomen or immediate discomfort within the vagina.

Usually this problem worries girls after sexual intercourse( immediately or after some time).Lack of lubrication, too fast pace, "rigidity" of the process - all this can damage the sensitive vagina. As a consequence, there are spotting.

If they do not go away for several days, moreover they are accompanied by discomfort, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The same thing needs to be done when the blood is released abundantly. The doctor will tell you exactly whether there are any problems more serious. If you do not have any diseases, then it is mechanical damage that occurs. We'll have to have patience and wait until the wounds heal. And continue to be more cautious during intercourse. red secretions before menstruation

Conception of

Do you have a red discharge after a month after a week or two? Remember what kind of sexual intercourse you had. Most likely, this is a conception. It's not a secret that around the middle of the cycle( which is exactly 7 days after the end of menstruation on average), ovulation occurs - an auspicious day for the conception of a child. After fertilization, the egg should attach itself to the woman's body in order to develop further. Just this very attachment can be accompanied by spotting.

Although, as practice shows, usually conception occurs without a trace. But if you notice red-brown discharge( if they are not monthly), and you had an unprotected sexual intercourse, it is possible that in a week or two more critical days will not come, and the text on pregnancy will be positive. So keep this in mind. Usually the discharge during conception lasts several hours, no pain or discomfort is not delivered.


Allocations are red, but not monthly, accompanied by severe and severe pain, abundant and sudden may result from miscarriage. This is how the natural interruption of pregnancy manifests itself in small terms.

Often when miscarriages in the secretions, you can find a little mucus. In any case, if you are pregnant, and then suddenly the blood has gone from the vagina, there is every reason for panic. Try to stay calm and just go to the doctor's office as soon as possible. It is advisable to call an ambulance in general.


Sometimes you can easily guess why the vagina is bleeding. The reason for this can be the most common surgical intervention. A variety of operations, abortions and even the use of an intrauterine device - all this can cause bloody discharge.

instead of a monthly red selection

Usually this kind of phenomenon resembles the monthly. And the blood continues on the order of 5 days. Gradually it becomes less abundant and stops. There are no reasons for panic. Just be ready, that after an operative intervention from the vagina, bloody masses can start to be allocated. Some discomfort also occurs. But here pain is usually in this case is not observed.


In normal pregnancy, there is usually no red discharge. Maximum - pink, and then only at the very beginning of the process, with the attachment of a fertilized egg. Only by the end of pregnancy you can have blood from the vagina.

As practice shows, the allocation of red, but not monthly, in recent terms, "interesting situation" is often a sign of the onset of labor. Usually, blood can be seen with mucus. Do not be scared, it should be so. You can also drain water. In principle, the passage of the mucous plug can also be accompanied by blood from the vagina.

If after a certain period of time after the detection of discharge you feel a cramping pain, call your relatives or an ambulance - you have a baby. It is quite normal and natural phenomenon. It should not cause you to panic.

After the birth of

Childbirth itself is a very difficult process. Therefore, you should pay attention to the fact that after them you can have a dark red discharge. With menstruation, they are not like that. Although light red blood also occurs in some cases. There are no reasons for panic - these are lochia. After labor, spotting will persecute the young mother some more time. Approximately a month and a half, or even all 2. Everything depends on how quickly your body regenerates from labor. dark red discharge with monthly

In the first 4-5 days, the blood is abundant. Therefore, the use of special postpartum pads is recommended. But after( closer to the discharge from the hospital) the number of excretions decreases. Over time, they acquire a smearing character and disappear.


The last point that is worth noting is the presence of any diseases, not necessarily gynecological. If you notice red discharge, but not monthly, which bring discomfort or suspiciously lasts for a long time, you have a direct way to the doctor. Do not hesitate!

Try to undergo a comprehensive examination and find out what the cause of the problem is. Tumors, polyps, infections and even thyroid diseases can cause spotting from the vagina. As soon as find out the cause of the disease, eliminate it. Do you have a red period? Now it is clear what the problem may be. In any case, a doctor's consultation will not hurt.