"Lidase": reviews."Lidase": instructions for use, customer and physician feedback

Preparations with proteolytic activity are used to treat various diseases. Their therapeutic effectiveness is related to the ability of the medication to act on collagen cartilages, to break down necrotic tissues, dilute the viscous secretion, exudate and blood clots. It should also be noted that such medications are actively used in scleroderma, joint contractures, hematomas, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. In addition, these agents improve the absorption of injection solutions, local anesthetics and radiocontrast substances.

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The most vivid representative of such drugs is "Lidase".Reviews on the effectiveness of this drug will be described at the end of the article. Also in it you will find information about the form in which the medicament is made, whether it has contraindications, etc.

Composition and form of the drug

The medicament in question is manufactured using the testes of cattle( large).This drug is based on the enzyme hyaluronidase, as well as additional substances.

Currently, this product is available in several forms:

  • powder, intended for external use;
  • solution of "Lidase", or rather lyophilizate for its preparation;it can be used for both injection and local application;
  • lyophilizate, intended for the preparation of solution( for local and external use).

One can not but say that some doctors prescribe to their patients and candles with "Lidase".However, it should be borne in mind that such suppositories are not commercially available. They can be ordered at the pharmacy on a special medical prescription.


All listed forms of medicine in pharmacies in Moscow can be purchased without a prescription( except for candles).But before you buy such a drug, you need to understand what it is assigned and how it works.

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According to the instructions, it is an enzyme drug isolated from the testes of cattle( large).It is capable of splitting such an element of the intermediate substance of connective tissues as hyaluronic acid. By the way, the latter is a mucopolysaccharide. It contains glucuronic acid and acetylglucosamine. These components are cementing substances of connective tissue. The medicament in question can reduce its viscosity, increase vascular and tissue permeability, and also facilitate the movement of fluid in interstitial spaces. In addition, Lidazy's injections reduce tissue swelling, soften and flatten scars, increase the volume of joint movements, reduce contracture and prevent their formation.

The duration of this drug for intradermal administration is 2 days.

Indications for the use of

The drug "Lidase" can be used to treat a variety of diseases, as well as to eliminate specific symptoms. According to the instructions, this medication is prescribed with:

  • joint stiffness;
  • scars of different origin( postoperative, traumatic or burned);
  • osteoarthritis;
  • prolonged ulcers;
  • chronic tenosynovitis;
  • skin diseases, including scleroderma;
  • contracture of joints, which arose after inflammation or trauma;
  • hydrocephalus;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • diseases that affect the lumbar spine;
  • retinopathy;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • hyphema;
  • inflammation of the respiratory tract, which is accompanied by obstruction;Neuritis
  • , plexitis;
  • soft tissue hematoma( on the surface);
  • Haemophthalmus.

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After buying a medicine in pharmacies in Moscow or other cities in Russia should always read the instructions. According to her, the enzyme preparation is not recommended for use with:

  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of an acute nature;
  • hypersensitivity to constituent ingredients;
  • prior hemorrhage;
  • at a minor age.
  • intercurrent diseases of an acute nature.

For the implementation of inhalation procedures, "Lidase" is contraindicated in patients with:

lidase than plant

  • malignant tumor;
  • by regular hemoptysis;
  • unceasing bleeding;
  • respiratory insufficiency;
  • tuberculosis of any form;
  • pulmonary hemorrhage;
  • by a vitreous hemorrhage.

How to use

How should I administer Lidase? The customer's response will not give an answer to the question posed. For him you need to see a doctor.

In the treatment of scars, medication is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. In the first case, the injection is made directly under the scar, and in the second case - as close to the affected area as possible.

The dosage of this medication is 1 ml once a day for 20 days.

For ophthalmic diseases, the treatment is carried out by electrophoresis, and by instillation of a 0.1% solution in the eye. In this case, "Lidazu" is combined with an antibiotic.

For tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, medication is recommended for use in the form of injections or inhalations.

In gynecological practice, "Lidase" is used in the form of candles and injections. Suppositories( 1 piece) are injected into the vagina once a day every 2 days. The course of therapy - 10 introductions.

lidase solution

If necessary, use a special solution called "Lidase".Than to plant this medicine? It is diluted with boiled water, as well as 10 ml of a 9% sterile sodium chloride solution. These components are mixed in a container, where the dressing is subsequently placed. After this, it is applied to the affected area, and wax paper is placed on top and fixed with a bandage.

Side effects of

Can the drug "Lidase" cause side effects? Feedback from consumers quite often contains information that the medication under consideration is well tolerated, including with high patient sensitivity and complex disease form.

In very rare cases, this remedy can contribute to the development of an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of skin lesions.

Reviews about the medicine

What do they say about the Lidase drug? A feedback on the effectiveness of this medication can be left by any of its users. Most often this medication is prescribed in the form of injections. In this case, patients often complain that during the first few procedures, injections bring quite unpleasant sensations and even tangible pain. However, these symptoms go on in the future.

Lidase injections

According to experts, in gynecological practice, injections of "Lidase" help to relieve the fair sex of many diseases in this area. In this regard, despite the doubts of patients, this drug is often prescribed and has a very effective effect in the therapy of many diseases.