The drug "Modelform Slender Mama": reviews of doctors and buyers

"Modelform Slender Mama" is a biologically active additive to food, which helps young mothers to control body weight after giving birth and ending lactation. This innovative tool allows you to lose weight, gained during pregnancy. The formulation of the drug is designed specifically for all the special processes of life, taking place in the body of a woman for one and a half years after childbirth.

Reviews about "Modelform Slender Mama" will be discussed in this article.

modelform slender mom reviews

Composition of the preparation

The product contains a special innovative complex, which is enhanced by additional plant ingredients:

  • Bitter orange extract is a source of synephrine that can activate metabolism, suppress appetite and reduce excess body weight. It has a stimulating effect on thermogenesis, improves lipid metabolism - activates the breakdown of fats. Also has a light toning effect: relieves fatigue and increases activity.
  • Psyllum( or ovoid plantain) - is a dietary fiber that helps to facilitate the process of reducing body weight, while providing the body with a feeling of saturation, which undoubtedly helps reduce the amount of food consumed. Normalizes digestion, restores the balance of digested fats and carbohydrates, regulates the work of the intestines. About the tool "Modelform Slender Mama" reviews of doctors are in abundance.
  • Extract of Japanese medlar - contains in its composition a large amount of potassium, vitamin C, corosolic acid and provitamin A. During laboratory studies it was proved that this component improves the metabolism, lowers the level of sugar, cholesterol in the blood, which helps to reduce body fat mass.
  • Milk thistle extract - the main constituent of the biologically active substance is silymarin, which strengthens the liver's cell membranes, improves excretion of toxins from the body during weight reduction. It is considered a good preventive plant, helping to minimize the risk of gallbladder and liver diseases.
  • Laminaria extract - is a natural source of iodine, necessary for the normalization of the thyroid gland. Also, kelp contains irreplaceable amino acids, natural vitamins, micro- and macro elements needed by the human body( sulfur, potassium, barium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, etc.) in the most accessible and easy to assimilate form.

modelform slender mother

  • Damian extract - has in its composition, chlorophyll, tannins, resins, sugars, damianin, arbutin, pigenin, essential oils. Promotes the restoration of body forces and the normalization of the menstrual cycle. It is used as a soft sedative, able to improve mood, reduce anxiety and anxiety attacks. Helps to relax with nervousness, depression, emotional exhaustion, fear caused by stressful situations, and also tones up with fatigue, so characteristic of young mothers. Has the properties of aphrodisiac, enhances sexual function in women. Has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility, reduces the amount of food consumed and normalizes the energy balance. About the preparation "Modelform Slender Mom" ​​reviews and photos are presented below.
  • Biotin - is a water-soluble vitamin B group. It promotes fat burning and fatty acid decomposition, protein digestion, participates in purine, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Actively participates in the process of producing hemoglobin, the normal level of which affects the decrease in appetite. Also, vitamin is very important for maintaining the required level of glucose in the blood plasma. Positively affects the condition of bones, skin, nails and hair. Left on the tool "Modelform Slender Mama" reviews this is confirmed.

Mechanism of Action

Is a preparation of an accumulative effect, the effectiveness of which manifests itself after a certain time interval. The first visible signs of a decrease in body weight appear no earlier than 7-10 days from the beginning of taking the remedy. Components are quickly absorbed from the duodenum. Bioavailability of the drug is about fifty percent, and all because some of the active substances are destroyed in the digestive tract under the influence of hydrochloric acid. Biologically active additive is very quickly excreted from the human body - within 24 hours, but sometimes this time interval can be equal to 48 hours in the presence of inhibited metabolism due to chronic diseases of the digestive system. It is excreted mainly with urine.

modelform slim mom reviews of doctors

Scheme of taking

"Modelform Slender Mama" is recommended for women only after breastfeeding, which allows to avoid adverse effects on the child and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

One capsule of this medication contains 350 milligrams of the innovative complex in combination with plant components. The drug should be consumed one capsule a day before noon on time after meals. This scheme of reception is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the action. The course of reception of this remedy should not exceed two months.

Although it's rather difficult to find honest and truthful about the "Modelform Slender Mama" preparation, but they are still there.

Indications for use

The drug is used to control:

  • excess weight gain;
  • increased appetite, not passing at the end of the meal;

modelform slim mom reviews of gynecologists

  • is a violation of all metabolic processes in the body of a young mother;
  • pathological changes in menstrual cycles due to pregnancy;
  • reduced sexual desire to partner;
  • postpartum body changes and depressive states.

On the tool "Modelform Slender Mama" N30( caps.) Reviews will be considered below.


As with all medications, the main contraindication to use is the individual intolerance of the components, which can lead to the occurrence of various allergic reactions, up to anaphylaxis( anaphylactic shock).The drug can not be used during pregnancy, because changes in metabolic processes can be very bad for the process of forming the internal organs of the child. So, in this regard, the product is not recommended to use during breastfeeding of the baby with breast milk.


A possible side effect is only the occurrence of a mild allergy in the form of various rashes on the woman's skin and itching, which usually bothers you after eating.

modelform slim mom n30 caps reviews

"Modelform Slender Mama": reviews

After analyzing a huge number of reviews, we can conclude that the medicine has a large number of pluses and a minimum number of minor cons.

The main advantages of the drug include:

  • The absence of side effects or its minimal manifestation, which does not have any strong damaging effect on the body.
  • The preparation contains in its composition only natural components without any chemically modified substances.
  • High efficiency and quality, guaranteed by domestic and foreign research. What else about the product "Modelform Slender Mama" reviews exist?
  • Consequences of taking medication are irreversible, that is, excess weight at the end of the course is not returned. The set of body weight can arise only because of excessive consumption of food and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Does not have a diuretic effect and does not cause a variety of digestive disorders.
  • Low cost, affordable for almost any social level of the population.
  • Very fast achievement of observable physical results.
  • A convenient way of using the product - without the help of medical personnel.

modelform slim mom real reviews

  • Lowers the uncontrolled constant feeling of hunger.
  • Improves the positive attitude without causing emotional lability.
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle in the presence of any pathological abnormalities due to pregnancy.
  • Reduces dry skin and minimizes the risk of cracks.
  • Reduces cravings for flour and sweet products with visual contact with them.

To the minuses of this biologically active additive, consumers simply refer to the lack of good advertising in the media, as well as its scarcity on the shelves of city pharmacies.

"Modelform Slender Mama": reviews of doctors and gynecologists

The opinions of qualified doctors about this biologically active additive are controversial, since in detailed study it turns out that the consumer is unlikely to get the expected result for the following reasons:

  1. The dosage is so small that even with the use of five capsulesin a day it is unlikely that the drug will have an effect on the metabolic rate in the body and the weight of a person.
  2. Synephrine, which is part of the drug, has side effects. But, most likely, its dose is so small that undesirable phenomena develop rarely.

modelform slender mom reviews and photos


Despite this, most nutritionists disagree with the above statements and continue to prescribe to their numerous patients this drug. But provided that the right diet and exercise, at least small, are observed.

We have considered real reviews about the drug "Modelform Slender Mama".