Scandalized speech and the factors that cause it. Scandalized child speech

When a doctor tells his or her patient( or his parents) that the visitor has a scandalized speech, most often he has to explain what is meant. The term is not understandable even to a literate person, who fully realizes what chanting is. Meanwhile, the sounded symptom is very serious and, when detected, requires a detailed and multidirectional examination. chanted speech

What is a chant of

Speech disorders doctors identified a huge amount. But rank-and-file members of the society will remember only the stammering and cartilage. But chanted speech is among the three most common. Identify it is not harder than a lisp. A man with a chanting speech speaks extremely slowly, almost reciting. The words are pronounced in the literal sense by syllables, like the way children read the letter. Characteristic for such speech and monotony, although it is possible and the opposite situation, when the patient virtually every syllable distinguishes intonation or pronounced stress.

Why people chant

Scandalous speech most often appears in people with pathological lesions of the cerebellum or closely related other parts of the brain. It is also considered a symptom very characteristic of multiple sclerosis. And the more it progresses, the stronger this defect is.

Often chanted speech occurs after strokes. Almost always - if the hemorrhage is localized in the cerebellar hemispheres or directly in the brain stem. Hemorrhage of traumatic origin as a result of craniocerebral injuries often also leads to the appearance of chanting.

Such speech disturbance can become a consequence of intoxications with lead and mercury compounds.

Treatment is always preceded by identifying the reasons for which a chanted speech has appeared. And the therapy is aimed at their elimination, and it is coordinated with a number of narrowly specialized specialists: loroma, otoneurologist, neurophysiologist, neuromuscular, etc. chanted child speech

Children's chanting of

Somewhat differently the situation is with children. Scandalized speech of the child can be caused by abnormal pregnancy( hypoxia of the fetus, toxicosis, especially early, Rhesus-conflict).Possible causes of its occurrence are birth trauma and asphyxia in childbirth, prematurity and a strong degree of the so-called jaundice of newborns. The consequences of many of the risk factors can be eliminated if a speech defect is detected in the early stages.