Clinic on Aurora, 6, in Ufa. Clinic specialization, doctors. MMTS "Preventive medicine"

Holding "Preventive medicine" - clinic( Aurora, 6, Ufa) specializes in early diagnosis of cancer and precancerous conditions, as well as treating a wide range of diseases. The network consists of seven branches, where adults and children are admitted.


The clinic of the IMC "Preventive Medicine" was opened in 2001 within the framework of the Republican program on the prevention of cancer. The Center became the first medical private institution in Russia, where they purposefully engaged in the prevention of pathological cancerous tumors. Here, our own system of diagnostics, therapy and prevention of cancer and precancerous conditions has been created and is constantly improving.

In order to provide professional assistance to a larger number of patients, new centers opened in the clinic. Now you can contact a specialist at several addresses:

  • Davletkildeev Boulevard, Building 1;
  • Area Verkhnetorgovaya, building 4;
  • Prospect of October, building 119;
  • Aknazarova Street, building 21;
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  • Revolutionary street, building 111/2;
  • Chernyshevsky street, building 105/1;
  • Aurora Street, Building 6;
  • Hospital( Aurora, 6, Ufa) - opening in the spring of 2018.

To date, "ProMedicine" is a clinic with a wide range of services( more than 30 types) providing medical care. The diagnostic complex is equipped with advanced equipment, which includes high-end MRI, mammography, ultrasound, 3D-CT and many others, they provide the accuracy of diagnosis. Our own laboratory allows us to execute more than 1 thousand research items.

Specialization of the clinic "ProMedicine" - prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, diagnosis of precancerous conditions in the early stages. Doctors of the center have great practice and a desire to help each patient in the fight against the disease. The main principle of the work of specialists is openness, high quality of service, an individual approach to each visitor and the effectiveness of the proposed measures of therapy.

clinic on aurora 6 Ufa

hospital The new address of the largest holding is Aurora, 6, Ufa. The cancer prevention clinic, which is scheduled to open in May 2018, is a unique project with enormous potential and power. According to the plans, about 100 specialists will be admitted to the institution in one shift. The hospital is designed for adults and children.

The new seven-story building was designed taking into account the location of operating units, outpatient and outpatient departments, and consulting and diagnostic units. The total area of ​​the hospital will be more than 5 thousand square meters, where patients will be able to receive medical services in 30 directions.

According to the experience of the holding company's clinics, the most popular specialists are: gastroenterologist( Ufa), oncologist, therapist, surgeon and other doctors of narrow profile specialties. The medical and diagnostic base is planned to be equipped with the latest equipment of domestic and foreign production from the leading manufacturers of medical equipment.

Clinic in Ufa( Aurora, 6) is planned and created taking into account the needs of patients. Within the limits of one institution, visitors will be able to undergo all necessary procedures - diagnostics, counseling, inpatient or out-patient treatment, rehabilitation, and take all necessary preventive measures. High-tech medical care will be provided to adults and children, for whom a self-service with the necessary list of resources is created.

Aurora 6 Ufa Clinic for the Prevention of Cancer

Laboratory research

The specialization of the clinic in Ufa( Aurora, 6) is such that the accuracy of clinical analyzes and the speed of their implementation largely determine the severity of the oncological diagnosis or its absence. In this regard, the center was concerned with the installation of automatic analyzers with a dual quality control system.

The following tests are performed in the laboratory:

  • general clinical, hematological, biochemical;
  • immunological, coagulogenic, bacteriological;
  • molecular-biological, cytological, histological;
  • urine tests( general, according to Nechiporenko).
  • hemostasis, allergic panels, eye studies;
  • bacteriological study of breast milk, throat and nose on staphylococcus aureus.
  • rhinocytogram, diagnosis of anemia, mineral metabolism and much more.

The patient receives the results of the analyzes by e-mail or can be picked up in his personal online office. The entire range of diagnostic capabilities is designed for adults and children.

mammologist Ufa

Services for adults

Located at ul. Aurora, 6( Ufa), the oncology prevention clinic provides patients with assistance not only in the basic profile. In each center of the holding, visitors can turn to specialists in the following areas:

  • mammology, allergology and immunology;
  • endoscopy, urology, proctology, therapy;
  • otolaryngology, hematology, oncology;
  • surgery, gynecology, endocrinology;
  • cardiology, rheumatology, neurology;
  • dermatovenereology, physiotherapy, massage;
  • gastroenterology, dentistry, ophthalmology;
  • anti-aging therapy, orthopedics and traumatology;
  • physical examinations, vaccination, functional diagnostics;
  • MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray and other.

All types of services are rendered at a commercial cost on the basis of an agreement between the clinic and patients.

Software maintenance

A wide range of procedures and programs are provided in the IMC "Preventive Medicine".Doctors have developed complex variants of the survey, allowing to pass preventive and purposeful inspection, diagnostics.

gastroenterologist Ufa

Adult patients are offered the following cases:

  1. "Check Your Health" is a basic diagnostic program followed by a therapist's advice. If necessary, patients receive a referral to the doctors of narrow specialties in Ufa: gastroenterologist, oncologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist and others.
  2. Programs "Vertigo" and "Noise in the ears" - these unpleasant symptoms are affected by people with irregular blood pressure, neurological diseases, somatic causes and much more. A set of diagnostic procedures can identify the cause and consult with doctors about further actions.
  3. Programs that focus on the diagnosis of the reproductive system - "Check Your Health" for women and men, as well as one-day complexes "Women's Health" and "Men's Health".Patients get advice from leading specialists in the clinic in Ufa: mammologist, proctologist, urologist, gynecologist.
  4. "Headache" - a set of diagnostic measures that identify the cause of the headache( somatic, neurology, brain disease, etc.).
  5. "Healthy heart" - the study assesses the risk of stroke, dementia, examines the condition of the heart muscle and vascular system.
  6. "Memory abnormality" - this program examines the activity of the brain and the general state of the body. Activities are designed to identify the first signs of dementia and create conditions for stabilization of the condition.
  7. "Thyroid gland" - a set of diagnostic measures reveals abnormalities in the work of the body, and further consultations with specialized specialists correct the condition, allowing to avoid disease and metabolic disruption.

Prevention and diagnosis of cancer

The main program of the center is Oncop search in development for women and for men. Holding for 15 years is engaged in early detection of oncological diseases and precancerous conditions. Every year more than 250 thousand people visit the center, the main load in the reception of visitors is in the clinic Ufa oncologist.

Thanks to qualitative diagnostics specialists of the center reveal more than 1 thousand cases of precancerous symptoms and more than 100 cases of oncology. Having undergone examination once a year, patients provide themselves with confidence in health or start therapy in the early stages of the disease, which almost always guarantees recovery. Particular attention is paid to women's health. If you follow the program, then be sure to visit the following specialists in Ufa: mammologist, gynecologist and do some research.

mmz preventive medicine

Diagnostics for children

The health of the younger generation is in the focus of the medical holding's attention. The clinic( Aurora, 6, Ufa) offers all kinds of diagnostics, as well as comprehensive laboratory research programs:

  • "Normalize weight";
  • "Jaundice in newborns";
  • "Without nosebleeds";
  • "Healthy skin without rash";
  • «For snot nozzles»;
  • "Healthy tummy";
  • Preparing for the operation.

Children's comprehensive programs

Growing body requires increased attention from adults, therefore in the network of clinics "ProMedicine" offer the following comprehensive programs with the inclusion of diagnostics and consultations with leading specialists:

  • "Life without allergies", "Often ill child";
  • «For snot spouts», «Protection against stress»( for teenagers);
  • "Healthy generation" - programs for boys and girls;
  • Immunoscreening, Happy Tummy, I'm Going to the Garden;
  • "First time in the first class" - for boys and girls;
  • "Obesity correction", "Medical examination 1 month";
  • "With pleasure to school", "Mom, I'm ready!" And so on.


Doctors of children's department skillfully find an approach to each child, make up an individual therapy plan in the clinic of Ufa. Gastroenterologist, pediatrician, psychologist and other specialists see their task in preventing diseases and effectively treating existing problems.

Positive feedback

The clinic "ProMedicina" has been working in the medical services market since 2001 and has become a permanent place of treatment for many patients. Loyal visitors say that they were given invaluable help in the center on many issues. Words of gratitude were written to surgeons, mammologists, gynecologists, ultrasound specialists, MRI and many other doctors.

It is noted that specialists and staff of the clinic are attentive to the needs, problems of patients. Most doctors know their business perfectly, carry out diagnostic measures qualitatively and prescribe a treatment, the result of which is getting rid of the disease. Customers liked the location of the centers, cleanliness in the rooms, modern design of the interior space, the focus of all staff on the successful resolution of any problem.

Visitors who are confronted with oncological diseases, believe that in the centers of "ProMedicine" the best equipment in the city for conducting accurate diagnosis of the condition, stage of the disease. Oncologists of the clinic are highly professional specialists, confident that cancer is not a verdict. Most patients recommend contacting the clinic for diagnosis. Constant clients advise carefully choose the attending physician, numerous reviews are helpful in this matter.

Specialists of the clinic:

  • Avzalov Marcel Rasulovich - urologist;
  • Arslanova Alsu Radikovna - allergist-immunologist;
  • Bagishaeva Yulia Ramilievna - dermatovenereologist;
  • Bashina Lidia Sergeevna - therapeutist;
  • Verzhinskaya Lena Altafovna - a neurologist;
  • Medvedeva Nailya Sultanovna - obstetrician-gynecologist and many others.

specialization of the clinic

What did not like

Not all patients were satisfied with the services, doctors and services in the clinics "Preventive Medicine"( Aurora Street, 6).The main complaint to the staff is the lack of organization of the work of the registry and other related services. Many clients indicate that it is very difficult to make an appointment, no less difficult task is to get the results of the diagnosis with decoding.

There are complaints about frequent delays of doctors to the appointed time of admission, and also that specialists are not always ready to listen to the patient. There are stories that specialists often build a strategy of treatment, guided by financial considerations, rather than the results of analyzes. In claims to the management of the clinic: patients often express an opinion about the unfair formation of the cost of treatment and diagnosis. Even after knowing the price of all planned events, at the final settlement, customers face an increase in the starting price several times.

In general, the number of positive and neutral reviews is greater than negative. Most of the patients felt that they were ready to put up with the administrative and organizational confusion, because only after having overcome these obstacles, one can get to a good doctor to get quality advice and effective medical care.

Aurora street

Useful information

In addition to the centers focused on diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases, the ProMedicina holding includes two specialized clinics:

  • cardio-neurological center for adult children with specialization in cardiac, vascular, central and peripheral nervous system diseases;
  • clinic of allergology and pediatrics - provides a multidisciplinary assistance, but the main activity is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various types of allergies in children.

You can seek medical help at any of the offices of the holding company "ProMedicine", knowledge of the specialization of the clinics will help make the right choice.