How quickly to withdraw alcohol from the body?

Unfortunately, the overall quality picture of the vast majority of alcoholic beverages sold in stores is very sad. Taking part in the feast, pay close attention to what you are treated to. Many owners do not consume alcohol themselves and take cheap spirits for guests. And then the guests ask themselves in the morning the question "how quickly to get the alcohol out of the body?".And the statistics of such cases are rather disappointing. So, if alcohol causes suspicion, refrain from taking it.

The most severe in terms of hangovers are any sparkling wines, as well as strong drinks obtained by prolonged infusion and aging. Red wine, which contains a lot of tyramine, can cause a severe headache. In addition, low-quality cheap alcohol contains a lot of impurities( esters and fusel oils, concomitant with ethyl alcohol).When mixing several types of alcoholic beverages, the amount of toxins increases many times. But if alcoholic beverages are of high quality and taken in moderate doses, then the morning question about how quickly to withdraw alcohol from the body, largely loses its relevance.

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The main cause of ailments after drinking alcohol

The very condition of an alcoholic hangover after consuming alcohol causes acetaldehyde, which is formed in the liver. This substance causes throbbing pain in the head, severe thirst and dry mouth, alternation of chills with fever, dizziness, unstable blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeat. As the decomposition of acetaldehyde into less toxic components, the hangover state begins to subside. Thus, the rate of excretion of alcohol from the body directly depends on the health of the liver and the rate of decomposition of acetaldehyde. In general, alcohol is excreted slowly enough from the body. If you have drunk a bottle of vodka, then complete sobriety will come no earlier than in 20 hours.

In addition to physical ailments in a hangover state, mental disorders can also occur. There may be a state of anxiety, irritability, aggression. The main thing - stay calm. You need to know that all of these effects of alcohol intake will gradually go away. And here it is very important to get enough sleep, providing the body with complete peace. To avoid depression in a hangover state, you can rest in the shade on the bank of a river or lake in the morning, watching the nature.

Too often began to wonder how quickly to withdraw alcohol from the body? You should moderate the dose or even abandon the addiction.

Drugs that accelerate the withdrawal of alcohol from the body

Next, we will talk about how to cleanse the body of alcohol with drugs.

For accelerated withdrawal of alcohol from the body, you can take Zorex. It activates the oxidation process for ethyl alcohol, converts harmful substances into non-toxic complexes, which are subsequently excreted in the urine. The drug is taken half an hour before meals. Zorex is ideal for both alcohol abuse and chronic alcoholism.

Do not know how to quickly remove alcohol from the body? Excellent drug "Glutargin", which provides a pronounced sobering effect and rapid withdrawal of toxic substances.

The characteristic deficiency of potassium is quickly replenished by taking asparcuma or panangin. If these drugs are not available, then you can use a conventional brine.

In a hangover state, the body may lack the vitamins C and B. Therefore, it is a good idea to drink 0.5-1 L of lemon, pomegranate or orange juice in the morning. Fasting fruit juice can cause urge to emptying the intestines, which is also very useful for purifying the body of alcohol. Nicotinic and ascorbic acid, riboxin, will help nicely.

Brewer's yeast and Glycine are good for restoring metabolism in the body.