Nail fungus treatment with iodine: reviews of the results of treatment

The appearance of the fungus on the nail plates is called onychomycosis. There are several stages of the disease. A harmless alternative to medicines, when the nail fungus appears, is iodine treatment. Reviews about such therapy are different. Some do not like that the fungus does not recede instantly. So you need to be patient. nail fungus treatment iodine reviews

Description of iodine

Iodine is one of the most effective means for treating fungus on nails. The solution is used both at the initial stage of the disease, and in neglected cases. Iodine is an element with index 53. The substance is halogen, chemically inactive, refers to a non-metallic category.

The initial state of the substance is black crystals. When they are heated, violet vapor forms and a sharp smell is felt. For medical purposes, a five percent solution is used for alcohol. It is intended for the disinfection of the skin around the damaged area.

Why does iodine eliminate nail fungus? Treatment with iodine( feedback on successful therapy leaves an increasing number of people) effectively due to the properties of the substance, which is an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, has cauterizing properties.

Advantages of iodine treatment

How to remove nail fungus? Treatment with iodine( reviews describe this substance as inexpensive and accessible to any person means) is considered very effective, as it destroys the protein structures of pathogens. At the same time, the plates are disinfected. Bacteria are simply burned with iodine. But the therapy is very cautious.

The correct treatment regimen for

Treatment of the nail fungus on the legs with iodine( feedback testifies to it as a very effective drug) needs to be done correctly. First, check the skin for allergy to the remedy. For this, iodine is applied in small amounts on the wrist. If during the day the skin does not show redness, rashes or other irritations, then you can use the solution.
treatment of nail fungus on legs with iodine reviews

It is important to observe the exact dosage, since it is impossible to apply a large amount of iodine. After the first procedure, there may be some discomfort( unpleasant odor, yellowing of the nails, etc.).Therefore, it is recommended to start treatment at the weekend. Iodine should be applied neatly, it is impossible to touch the skin around the nails.

Treatment of a fungus directly with iodine

Treatment of a fungus of fingernails or nails on arms or hand iodine( responses say that it is possible to apply a solution and without any additives) begins with a washing of hands. Then they are wiped dry with a towel. Iodine is applied with a cotton bud, soaked in a solution, on all nails, including healthy ones. This is done to prevent the growth of the fungus on unaffected plates.

Iodine is applied in small amounts and preferably without contact with the skin. If it is sensitive, with daily application of the solution, it can cause mild burns. A week later, a burning sensation in the areas affected by the fungus will begin. This means that the destruction of harmful microorganisms began. Iodine is applied to the nails every day for a month. Sometimes the course of treatment can last up to 40 days. People who used this method of therapy did not remain disappointed with the result. Nails acquired a healthy appearance, the fungus did not remain a trace. Of course, in this therapy an important factor is constancy and patience. But the result is worth it!

Iodized solution with soda and salt

Treatment of the nail fungus( neglected form) with iodine( feedback on this method is only positive), soda and salt can eliminate the infection within 1-2 months. A liter of hot water is poured into the basin, into which thirty grams of sea salt are poured out and half the soda is poured. Mix everything and immerse the feet in the foot bath for forty minutes.
treatment of nail fungus neglected form of iodine reviews

After this, you need to remove the overgrown nails, all the keratinized skin on the foot and around the plates. After the procedure, the areas infected with the fungus are abundantly lubricated with iodine. Baths are done twice a day for a month. The first result will be visible after two weeks.

Trays with iodine

Treatment of the nail fungus with iodine on the legs can be carried out using a bath on the basis of the preparation in its pure form. To prepare it you need a basin with warm water, which is added a little iodine solution. In the bath you need to lower your legs and keep them there for 15 minutes. Then it is required to cut off the damaged part of the nails, treat them with peroxide and apply a compress of gauze with antibacterial agent applied to it.

The procedure should be repeated three times a week. Treatment is carried out until the fungus completely disappears and signs of the disease. Some patients note that even after restoring the structure of the nail plate, it is better to do some baths for a while. This is necessary for prevention, in order to avoid re-infection.
treatment of nail fungus with vinegar and iodine reviews

Ointment with iodine and celandine

How to remove nail fungus? Treatment with iodine( reviews indicate that ointments based on healing herbs help well) and celandine quickly cures harmful microorganisms. To prepare the ointment, you need 20 g of powder from the dry leaves of celandine.

Then add a little iodine solution to it. Mix everything. The resulting mixture is applied to the nails several times during the day. If the infection has affected the skin( between the fingers, feet, etc.), then the treatment processes all affected areas. Ointment with celandine can cope even with the advanced form of the disease, at the same time it eliminates the processes of festering.

Treatment of nail fungus with iodine and vinegar

Treatment of nail fungus with vinegar and iodine( reviews of successfully cured people are increasingly advised to use this mixture for therapy) is sometimes carried out with the addition of "Fukortsin".First, the nails are treated with only one iodine for two weeks. Then the plates and the affected skin are rubbed with 9 percent vinegar for 14 days. Then "Fukortzin" is used. They are lubricated for two weeks all the affected areas of the fungus. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated.
treatment of nail fungus on the hands of iodine reviews

Treatment with blue iodine

Many people who have encountered fungal infection firsthand, have used for treatment with such a drug as blue iodine. The product has the same characteristics as the usual product( ordinary iodine) and was first tested during the Great Patriotic War. The curative composition successfully treated with dysentery. In addition to removing the fungal infection, blue iodine stimulates the thyroid gland, responsible for all the main functions of the body.

To get rid of a fungal infection, the following composition should be prepared: a few drops of iodine must be dissolved in a small amount of vinegar. The resulting mixture to process all the nails. The procedure is carried out twice a day. The course of treatment is an average of 14 days. Then a short break for a week is done and the therapy is repeated anew.

Masks for the destruction of nail fungus

According to the opinions of patients who encountered fungal infection, one of the effective methods is the treatment of nail fungus with iodine and vinegar. The healing mask can be made from several ingredients:

  • vinegar;
  • iodine;
  • "Nitrofungina";
  • juice of garlic.

All these components are antiseptic, and Nitrofungin is a good antibacterial. All substances from the list perfectly interact with each other, at times increasing the effectiveness of treatment. Before the mask, you need to make a salt foot bath and dip them into the water for 10 minutes.

Then dry with a towel and cut the damaged parts of the nails with disinfected manicure scissors. The above components are mixed in the same proportions, mixed and applied to the plates before bed. Then they put on pure cotton socks.
treatment of nail fungus with iodine on the legs

This mask can be done every other day. The course of treatment is two weeks. If the skin has increased sensitivity, then glycerin is added to the mask. It helps to soften the aggressive effect of the remedy.

The effectiveness of iodine treatment

Iodine excellently destroys the fungus, even penetrating deep into the nail and skin. The result is not immediately apparent. According to the people who took iodine therapy, the positive dynamics will be manifested one week after the treatment started. Usually, after initial procedures, burning and itching appear in the affected areas.

It is not necessary to be afraid of this, because unpleasant sensations mean that iodine successfully destroys the fungus and destroys all foci of infection. But if the symptoms are very strong, and you can not tolerate them, then you just need to reduce the dosage of iodine or apply it only once a day. Treatment can last from a week to two months. It depends on the stage of the disease and the condition of the nails. During this time, the plate gradually grows, and the affected areas are cut off. treatment of nail fungus with iodine and vinegar

To prevent infection from moving to healthy nails, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • for damaged plates use separate manicure accessories;
  • shoes and foot feet daily treated with antibacterial agents;
  • need to constantly change socks( better daily);
  • every time iodine is applied, change the cotton buds.

Do not increase the dosage of the solution or the frequency of the procedures. This can only harm or lead to complications. It is necessary to constantly wash your feet and hands, trim the growing injured nails, change bed linens and clothes more often.

Contraindications for the treatment of iodine fungus

Although iodine is considered a safe remedy, there are some contraindications for its use. The solution can not be applied to the nails of people who have an increased sensitivity to this product.