Edit the abdomen: a description of the procedure and reviews

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The abdomen is the most important place in the human body. In this area are internal organs, vessels and nerve endings. Most diseases are somehow connected with the abdomen, as our wise ancestors knew. Any violation in the work of internal organs sooner or later leads to the development of a serious ailment. However, at the initial stage, it is not easy to suspect that something is wrong. Often a person notices a disease only when she begins to manifest herself with extreme vigor in the form of painful and unpleasant symptoms.

But the ailments do not occur suddenly, immediately turning into a sharp form. This is preceded by a long process of the origin and development of the disease. In most of the failed internal organs, there are signs of vascular spasm or paresis of nerve fibers. That is, if you just establish a good blood flow in the abdominal area, you can ensure yourself good health for many years. abdominal correction

All this was known and actively used by our ancestors, and in some villages their methods are still used. Moreover, it can be assumed that the ancient knowledge is not inferior to modern medicine, and even exceed it. For example, during the time of tsarist Russia, nobility, using the services of expensive qualified doctors, rarely lived up to 80 years. At the same time, in villages, people older than 100 years were not uncommon. Their long and fruitful life was facilitated by the correction of the abdomen - a kind of manual therapy, in which special manipulations with internal organs were carried out. They were carried out with hands or improvised objects - pots, sticks and other tools that were found in everyday life.

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Old-slave belly correction

Belly correction was carried out by both experienced healers and ordinary people to maintain health. This simple operation is simple: the abdomen's surface is pushed, shifted and massaged by internal organs. Due to this, metabolic processes are normalized, blood flow and lymph flow are restored. Restoring normal blood flow is often enough to reverse the illness. After all, the stagnation of lymph and blood in the body leads to the fact that the products of metabolism are worse derived from it. This contributes to the development of pathogenic microflora. Also, the affected body receives less nutrients and oxygen.

Usually the doctor methodically probes the abdominal surface, emphasizing his attention in the places of internal organs. He presses on them until painful sensations appear. If discomfort did not appear, then the organ is healthy. But if in a pressure place there are painful sensations, the expert accurately presses into this place, slightly massaging it, while the pain does not pass. Gradually, by changing the pressure angle and the place in which it is made, the doctor passes the entire surface of the abdomen. Thus, a complete analysis of the organs is carried out with simultaneous restoration. Naturally, in one session the problem will not be solved, for complete recovery you need about 7-10 massage courses.

The belly correction would have been safely forgotten, except for Alexander Ogulov, a doctor of traditional medicine, who restored ancient knowledge. In 1994, his unique technique was clinically tested, as a result of which it was recognized as an effective way of restoring the correct functioning of internal organs. Ogulov's system was called "visceral chiropractic."Today it is actively studied and practiced not only by adherents of traditional medicine, but also by some doctors. The correction of the abdomen after childbirth is very popular.


Traditional medicine differs from the generally accepted dogma not only by treatment methods, but also by diagnostics. Visceral correction of the abdomen does not divide the organs into diseased and healthy ones. It involves suppression of the disease in the early stages of development, when classical medicine can not yet reveal them. Healers practicing belly correction use the term "functional weakening".It is applicable not only to the organs, but also to the general state of man. Define violations of the eyes, ears, pulse, language, skin and digestive system. belly correction in Moscow

The first signs of a violation are not evident. However, if you do not take decisive measures in time, the disease will necessarily make itself felt later, in a rigid and uncompromising form. The first anxious bells are cracked lips, herpes or pimples on the face, periodic headaches, digestive disorders, constipation. Also, the malfunction of the organs is indicated by dry mouth, pigmented spots and papillomas, regular back pain. The appearance of a person can tell a lot about his health.

Traditional medicine offers to get rid of troubles by simply removing symptoms. Because of this approach, the disease continues to develop in the "background" mode until it reaches the critical point. In fact, many people who look healthy externally, suffer from serious violations in the work of internal organs, they simply do not yet know about it. For the prevention of disease, the Slavic correction of the abdomen is perfect. With this simple procedure a person can take care of his own health.

Displacement of internal organs

Sometimes, due to heavy lifting, shock or surgery, the organs leave their usual place. In this case, our ancestors said that the navel was out of place. Doctors, most likely, will say that everything is in order, so that only old-Slavic abdominal correction will help you. In villages, as a rule, people have to work hard physically. Sooner or later someone will necessarily tear up the stomach. Here and then comes to the aid of traditional medicine, but first you need to determine which way the displacement occurred.

If the navel is higher than necessary, then digestion problems begin. Begin to disturb the pain in the stomach, gastritis, blood circulation in this organ is broken, as a result of which it gradually descends. Displacement of the navel down causes disturbances in the work of the genito-urinary system. Women can become barren, and men can face impotence. Even the slightest displacement causes malfunction in the intestine. Old Slavonic abdominal correction

The best way to determine if your navel is biased is palpation. It is carried out with two fingers, which are located about 1 cm from the navel. First, the upper part is probed, and then the places on the side and below. In each of these places, there should be a noticeable smooth ripple. If it is felt unevenly or absent in some directions, then the navel is not in place. To return it, you will need to correct the abdomen and the navel.

The simplest techniques of

If there is a displacement of the internal organs or they have lowered, it is best to consult a specialist in abdominal correction. However, such people are rare, so sometimes you have to manually adjust your body. For this, there are a number of unpretentious techniques that anyone can perform. The easiest option - the movement of hands around the navel. Perform it only clockwise, gradually increasing the load. It is best to start with light strokes, smoothly turning to rubbing. After the skin around the navel turns red, you can start to gently push the surface of the abdomen. At the same time, the hand seems to sway, plunging inside. With time, the movements become deeper and more intense, but without fanaticism. This procedure takes about 15 minutes. It will take approximately 7-10 sessions to fix the problem. visceral ablation

Hands are best lubricated with cream or soap. Good olive oil or grape seed oil. Such a correction of the abdomen will not only raise the lowered organs, but also improve the lymph flow in the body. The technique described above is not the only correct one, it is possible to vary the movements, producing spiral or circular pressures. Also, the stomach can be pressed linearly. It is important to feel a person, constantly being interested in his state of health, working in tandem with him, and not mechanically massaging his stomach.


Not only the hands can heal the organs, often in the abdominal correction used improvised means. One of them is a usual clay pot with a volume from one to one and a half liters. It is an excellent means for normalizing the work of the intestine. For this, the pot is placed on the stomach of the person with the bottom down. The patient should breathe the stomach so that the pot is raised and lowered to the beat of his breathing. Then the healer presses the tool, while rotating it clockwise. This causes displacement of the skin and intestines, removes stagnation of blood and relieves spasms from the long-suffering organ.

Adjusting the abdomen with a pot is performed with such force that the pressure is palpable, but not excessive. The patient should not experience severe pain. In addition, it is important to feel the area of ​​the intestine from time to time, being interested in the sensations of a person. So you can understand if you did him harm. If during the next palpation the pain syndrome disappears, then the procedure has brought the result, and it can be stopped.


This unpleasant phenomenon can overtake everyone, regardless of gender and age. The cause of the hernia may be weight lifting, sneezing, childbirth, violent laughter or an unsuccessful jump. In the lower part of the abdomen a destructive process begins, as a result of which the internal organs push the peritoneum into one of the holes in the abdominal wall. The formed sac sinks lower, most often through the inguinal canal or the femoral arc. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures, since it is possible to pinch.

Another type of hernia - umbilical. Most often, small children suffer from it, but sometimes quite adult individuals become victims of this ailment. If children solve this problem with a simple bandage, older people need more effective methods of eliminating it. The best option is correcting the abdomen. Reviews about it are usually positive, but before it is carried out, it is necessary to get acquainted with a specific case of a hernia, to find out contraindications. belly correction personal experience

Treatment is performed with a pot of approximately 1.5 liters or a glass jar of the appropriate size. It is better to take a pot, as the pot leaves deep traces behind it, which heal for a long time. Place the setting to the maximum stretch and relax, then smear with petroleum jelly. After that, one half of a potato or an apple is taken, several matches are inserted into the round part of it. On average, about 10 pieces are used, but depending on skin density, their number varies. One of the matches is ignited, after which the construction should be covered with a pot. As a result, oxygen inside burns out, and the pot sucks safely to the skin.

After 15-20 minutes the pot is removed. In its place should remain a small bruise - this is normal phenomenon, you do not need to get scared, after a day or two it will pass. After the bruise disappears, you need to repeat the session. The procedure is performed up to 5 times, usually this is enough to eliminate umbilical hernia. If after three sessions there are no changes, then further there is no sense - there will be no effect. It is also important to ensure that after the pot is left a bruise. His absence indicates that you need to put more matches.


Edit the abdomen of Ogulov - just one of many methods of this multifaceted art. An indispensable assistant in this matter will be a simple tangle of woolen threads. It is better not to use synthetic materials, since the effect from them will be less. The size of the ball corresponds to the size of your fist. At first it is desirable to relax and massage the navel area. Then you need to lie on the floor so that the ball is under the navel. If there is a pain, then something is wrong. In this case, you need to relax your stomach as much as possible and lie on the ball until the pain passes. This procedure must be repeated until the negative sensations cease completely.

You can also use 3 woolen coils of different diameters. Usually their diameter is 5, 10 and 15 centimeters. Here everything is done in the same way as in the previous version, but the balls are put in turn - from the smaller to the larger. On each ball it is necessary to lie until the pain subsides, and only after that change it into a ball of larger size. If you do not have woolen threads, then at the worst will go and tennis ball. The best time for this exercise is evening.

Staroslavyanskaya belly correction in Moscow

Residents of the capital have many opportunities to join the healing method of the Slavs. Seminars are constantly held, teaching all those who want cherished skills. Specialists in this area can not be counted, but it is best to contact large massage parlors or serious clinics. Old Belly belly correction in Moscow at home is a dangerous exercise, as it is easy to get on a charlatan that can significantly harm your health. Therefore, it is better to come to a large medical center, which monitors your image and carefully selects specialists. Slavic abdominal correction

One of the places where belly correction is performed in Moscow is the "Eureka" health center. It employs a whole team of specialists who have mastered the unique Ogulov system. For those who do not trust other people's hands, it will be useful to visit one of the many seminars that will teach you how to serve your body independently without resorting to help from strangers. Naturally, such events are quite expensive, but it is much safer than learning this subtle art on the Internet. The basics of dressing the abdomen can be easily mastered by one's own strength, but you can become a real healer only under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

In general, the Old-Slavic abdominal correction in Moscow is gaining momentum. Every year people show more interest in their native culture. The surprising effectiveness of visceral chiropractic has long been beyond doubt. Gone are the days when such things were handled only by rural doctors and Old Believers. Edit the abdomen perfectly complements modern medicine. After all, doctors, unfortunately, rarely undertake to treat the omission of internal organs. It is easier for them to sew or remove a problem area than to spend a lot of effort to eliminate the ailment.

Massage and visceral chiropractic

Classical massage techniques perfectly complement abdominal correction. It is an intensive and deep procedure, so it must be preceded by a massage. The principles of classical massage say that the techniques must follow one another in such a way that the load gradually increases. You need to start with stroking. It is performed by a relaxed hand that slides over the body so as not to move the skin. This method will cleanse the skin from old epidermal scales, calm the nervous system and prepare the patient for further manipulation.

After this, you can start more intensive activities, such as rubbing. It is similar to stroking, with the only difference being that it is more intense and dramatic. The result of rubbing is hyperemia - reddening of the skin, which indicates that blood flow has increased in it. This useful technique helps to remove the products of vital activity from the skin layer, and also improves the cellular nutrition. Rubbing should be done very carefully if there is an abundant hair covering on the person's stomach. If this technique causes severe discomfort, then it is better to abandon it.

The next action is kneading. In fact, this is not only a preparatory action, but also a real correction of the abdomen. Personal experience, accumulated by years of diligent practice, will help to start the diagnosis of the patient already at this stage. Painful sensations during kneading testify that one or several internal organs do not work as it should. It is on problem areas that you should focus your attention in the future. Beginning kneading with a gentle pushing the stomach clockwise. It is also desirable to stretch the lines from the navel to the protruding hip bone, and the lines that run from it sideways, as if encircling the body. The area of ​​the kidney can not be massaged! When kneading the hands must make pushing circular movements, slowly moving over the body. With time, the intensity of exposure should increase. After kneading, you can apply a gentle tapping with your fingers. In this case, the brush should be as relaxed as possible.

After performing preliminary massage actions, you will achieve maximum effect. They will prepare the body for the load that gives him a belly correction. In Moscow, many excellent masseurs who own visceral chiropractic, so it is not necessary to do it yourself.

Edit the abdomen. Ancient knowledge in the service of the modern man

Many were disappointed in modern medicine. Often, it is simply not profitable for her to save people from illness, since then they will no longer go to hospitals, buy medicine, invest in this huge industry. Pharmacists are trying to put as many people on their products as possible. Tablets relieve symptoms, but do not affect the root cause of the disease. Thus, the patients go to the pharmacy in amicable ranks to get temporary relief, like drug addicts suffering without a regular dose of the drug. abdominal and navel correction

Visceral chiropractic will help prevent the onset of many ailments. Of course, it is not a panacea for all diseases, but it seriously reduces the risk of the appearance of any disease. The first sessions are best conducted from an experienced specialist, if there is such an opportunity. Correction of the abdomen at home is not always justified. In Moscow, there are good specialists, but charlatans are also lacking. Therefore it is desirable to seek help from major health centers. There you will receive professional help, as well as be able to make an impression of correct abdominal correction, then to independently engage in this useful work. Human hands are an amazing tool that can successfully diagnose and treat diseases. Touch the wisdom of our ancestors, and she will give you unbreakable health!