Injured ear: what to do if you can not immediately run to the doctor

There are several reasons why you can lay your ears. Inflammatory processes associated with colds, for example, and sulfur plugs. Sharp pressure drops lead to what the ears pawns in the plane. Pregnant women often face a similar problem, although there may not be visible reasons. It is best to go to the doctor right away. He will establish the cause and prescribe the treatment. And yet, before we turn to a specialist, we try to save the pledged ear ourselves. What should I do to get rid of unpleasant sensations and restore the old acuity of hearing?

If the ears pawn in the plane, the usual chewing gum will come to the rescue. It causes excessive salivation, you start swallowing more often. This helps to reduce the pressure in the ears, and therefore, and the feeling of stuffiness. If the chewing gum is not at hand, try to plug your nose, take a deep breath, close your mouth and release air through your nose.

If the problem has appeared after bathing, it means that water could get into the stuffed ear. What to do in this case? Carefully remove water from the external ear canal with ear cleaning sticks. It is possible that the cause was sulfuric cork. Do not attempt to remove it yourself by foreign objects, so as not to accidentally damage the stuffed ear. What can I do to get rid of it at home? A small plug will save the instillation of hydrogen peroxide. Sulfur will dissolve and leak out of the ear. Gently remove excess moisture with a cotton swab after the procedure. If this did not help, then the cork is big enough. Visiting a doctor can not be avoided.

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Ears can be pawned with a cold, accompanied by nasal congestion and runny nose. If the time is not taken, the infection can spread further. When it gets into your ears, otitis will develop, accompanied in addition to feeling overwhelmed by severe pain. Rinse your nose with salt water, bury drops from the cold. If self-medication does not begin to bear fruit, go to the doctor so that the disease does not go far.

Gymnastics is another way to heal a pawned ear. What do doctors advise? It is necessary to push the lower jaw and make it circular movements - up-forward-down-back. Try to shift the jaw as much as possible, but be careful not to dislocate it. When properly performed inside the head, clicks are heard, while the fluid causing the stuffing, descends into the nasopharynx, and the ear again normally functions.

Many women complain about lays their ears during pregnancy. If this is not the result of a cold, then there is no danger to the health of the mother and the baby. If the cause is low pressure, you can eat a few pieces of chocolate, drink a cup of tea or coffee( provided that it is not prohibited by a doctor's prescription).An active walk will help. If there is no possibility to go out into the fresh air, go back to bed - in a recumbent position, usually the obstruction passes. Do not forget to say about your condition to the specialist at the next reception, even if the problem has passed by itself.

In any case, if the above simple methods do not help, contact an ENT doctor. Perhaps the disease is more serious than it seems. Take care of ears and hearing.