Sanatorium "Radon", Liski, Voronezh region: rest and treatment

Sanatorium "Radon"( Liski) - a great place where you can quickly improve health, shorten the energy of the pristine nature and get a lot of positive emotions. The health center has highly qualified personnel, which is able to put anyone on their feet. What services does the Radon sanatorium offer to its clients? Liski than so attract many tourists? How much does it cost to relax in this amazing place? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

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Where is the sanatorium located?

To get to the sanatorium, you need to come to the city of Liski, which is in the Voronezh region. The presented health resort is located on a unique territory, near the Bogatoye Lake and the Don River. The buildings of the sanatorium are surrounded by pine forests. Favorable climate, fascinating nature, fresh air, attentive staff and ample opportunities for complex health improvement of the organism - all this makes the sanatorium "Radon"( Liski) an ideal place for spending holidays and vacation with the whole family.

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What is known about the health resort?

The town of Liski is located in an area surrounded by untouched flora. As for the health resort itself, it attracts the attention of domestic holidaymakers primarily with its sources of radon mineral water. The natural deposits of medicinal liquid that are located near the sanatorium are the only ones of its kind for the entire Central Federal District.

It is on the wide use of radon water that the basic list of therapeutic programs that are practiced in the health resort is being built. Its internal use makes it possible to normalize the reductive and oxidative reactions that take place in the body. There are other procedures for the guests. So, radon water is used by specialists of the sanatorium and for external use.

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About the prices of

How much should I have in stock to visit Liski, Radon sanatorium? The prices for accommodation here are as follows:

  • Single rooms with basic facilities. For such a room you have to pay 2900 rubles per day.
  • Double economy-class apartment. The cost is 2500 rubles.
  • Single rooms with improved layout. Their price starts from 3250 rubles per day.
  • Double rooms of increased comfort. Will cost you 3,100 rubles.

The cost for accommodation in the health resort rooms includes: three meals a day, spa treatment on the basis of preliminary examination and prescription of the doctor, use of playgrounds and sports grounds, entertainment. For a fee, vacationers can rent a sauna and a swimming pool.

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Sanatorium "Radon", Liski which can be proud, offers its visitors three meals a day with a seven-day menu. The health center has qualified nutritionists. At the request of customers, specialists are able to develop an individual nutrition program based on a preliminary examination of the body.

The standard menu of the sanatorium is based on popular dishes of European and Russian cuisine. The guests are offered daily mineral water, fresh fruit and vegetables. All this contributes to improving the protective functions of the body and strengthening the immune system.

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Therapeutic base of the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Radon"( Liski, Voronezh region) has the following medical facilities. In the health resort there are numerous drinking pump rooms, in which medicinal mineral water is available absolutely free of charge. There is a modern hydropathic institution on the territory of the institution, where the visitors of the complex take radon, sea, iodine-bromine, coniferous and pearl baths. Here is a modern mud baths. Among other services it is worth noting the possibility of visiting inhalators, departments of physiotherapy equipment, massage rooms, electric lighting cabinets, phytobars, magnetotherapy and laser therapy rooms, dental offices.

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What kind of entertainment is available for holidaymakers?

There are bars and restaurants, dance halls, music salons, billiard rooms, karaoke and discotheques at the disposal of the clients of the sanatorium. These places are an excellent option for an exciting pastime in a fun company. As already noted earlier, there are also saunas with a swimming pool on the territory of the health resort. Fans of cultural recreation are offered board games, theater performances, concerts, the possibility of visiting the library.

For an additional fee for tourists, exciting excursions are organized, during which you can get acquainted with the history of the city, local attractions, the culture of the region. Literally a kilometer from the building of the sanatorium on the shore of Lake Bogatoye is a comfortable beach. In addition, visitors to the health resorts are available hairdressers, beauty salons, ATMs, free Wi-Fi zones, laundry, souvenir shops.

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Sanatorium "Radon"( Liski): telephones

You can find health resort at the address: Voronezh region, Liski, Comintern street, house 61. For any questions, you can contact the information services of the sanatorium. For this it is necessary to use the following phone numbers: +7( 47391) -464-62, +7( 47391) -410-86.

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What documents are required for processing a trip to the sanatorium?

To receive a permit to the sanatorium "Radon" it is necessary to provide:

  1. Identity papers.
  2. Resort card, which is made on the model № 072 / у-04.
  3. Extracts from the medical history, if any.
  4. Health insurance policy.

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In conclusion

Here we are and examined what good sanatorium "Radon".Liski( Voronezh region) is a unique place. The settlement itself is surrounded by a pristine nature. Once in this area, most people tend to return here again. As already mentioned, in the health resort you can not only rest well with the whole family, but also improve your lost health. It has a comfortable environment for living, a modern highly developed medical base, a mild climate, various options for organizing leisure.