Hair loss: what to do, how to deal with the problem?

When excessive hair loss begins, what should I do? This is perhaps the most urgent issue. And it's true, many people face such a problem. And much more often than we would like. The statistics are disappointing: every second woman suffers from this at least once in her life.

Hair loss: what to do? Determine the cause of

Nothing happens just like that. There are a lot of reasons for hair loss, and they are very diverse. It can be both heredity, and pregnancy, and health problems, and sudden changes in temperature, and stressful conditions, and frequent staining, and improper care, and much more. Usually, hair loss begins after 3 months from the time of the traumatic factor.

Of course, if the problem arose due to improper care, frequent use of a hair dryer, various lacquer and coloring agents, then it's enough just to take care of the hair properly and carry out a set of restorative procedures. If the problem is with health, then this is much more serious. And it is better in this case to turn to a specialist, and not to engage in self-medication.

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Hair loss: what to do? Correct care

First, do not let everything on its own. Your hair without support will never be restored. So, we need to help them in this.

Secondly, do not despair and do not fall into depression, do not succumb to the influence of negative emotions. Feel the strength and tune in the systematic fight against hair loss.

1. Do not forget to take vitamins. After all, for a beautiful, thick and shiny head of hair, you simply need protein and protein, as well as vitamins C and Group B. So, in your diet, you must have fish, meat, liver, various cereals and legumes, nuts and citrus.

2. Carefully choose a shampoo for your hair. It should include vitamins B and C.

3. It will be useful to buy burdock oil from hair loss in the pharmacy. It has emollient properties, strengthens weak hair follicles, prevents hair loss and improves hair growth. Oil can be rubbed into the head in circular motions or make special masks. If desired, it is mixed with any cosmetic means, including other oils.

4. Wash your head properly. Specialists in hair care advise it to do it no more than once every three days. By the way, for washing your head there are also rules: water should not be hot, it is undesirable to use hard water from the tap, it is not recommended to comb wet strands so as not to damage them accidentally.

5. Purchase a special anti-hair loss lotion. These are in any specialized store or pharmacy. Do restoring masks, use serums and essential oils.

And finally. Do you know that 80% of all human heat leaves through the head? And this is a scientifically proven fact. So take care of your head: do not go out to the frost without a hat and do not walk in the rain without an umbrella. But if hair loss started, what to do, you now know!