Exercises for constipation in adults. Physiotherapy

Constipation exercises help not only accelerate the emptying process, but also improve the quality of the bowel. About what physical exertion is necessary for a person with such a problem, we will discuss further. exercise with constipation

General Information

What exercises for constipation help the best? Before answering this question, it is necessary to tell what the problem is in general.

The process of disruption of normal circulation in the rectum often leads to the fact that a person begins to experience pain, heaviness and itching in the anus. Over time, going to the toilet turns into torture, as during the act of defecation there are unbearable pain and even bleeding.

According to experts, a person can suffer not only diurnal, but also weekly constipation. This condition is fraught with intoxication of the body, as well as the formation of hemorrhoids.

Reasons for

Exercises for the intestines with constipation help quite well. But this is only if such classes are held regularly. In addition, to prevent the development of this problem, a person needs to eat right, lead an active lifestyle and so on.

Why constipation occurs? There are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. Most often, constipation occurs due to lack of fluid in the body. Difficulty with emptying can also result from poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. exercises with constipation in adults

Solving the

problem How to restore the intestine, or rather, its work? For this, experts recommend not only to perform certain exercises, but also to eat right. After all, nutrition plays a very important role in the prevention and treatment of such a disease.

Frequent snacks on the go, a violation of the usual rhythm of life, low water consumption ultimately leads to disruption of the intestine, as well as to the formation of constipation. The best prevention of the problem at hand is the regulated diet.

Do intestinal exercises help with constipation?

Most people who regularly suffer from constipation do not believe that regular exercise can solve their problem once and for all. Such patients prefer to use laxatives, that is, get rid of the symptoms rather than the causes of the disease. But, unfortunately, such actions help for a short time. Very soon the problem returns again.

So, do exercises with constipation in adults and children help? Experts answer this question in the affirmative. They argue that in the process of physical activity, the circulation in the pelvis is markedly enhanced, improving intestinal peristalsis and facilitating its rapid emptying. exercises for the intestines with constipation

Breathing exercises with constipation

Many people suffer from regular constipation. These include pregnant women, mothers who have just given birth, and elderly patients, and those who have suffered severe illnesses or a surgical operation.

Unfortunately, exercises for constipation for such people are contraindicated for some time. Therefore, most experts recommend using special respiratory gymnastics.

According to scientists, with proper inspiration and exhalation, the diaphragm starts to activate, which starts the work of intestinal peristalsis.

Deep breathing, the organs of the human gastrointestinal tract receive a kind of internal massage. It helps the intestine to cope more effectively with its direct task.

So how to restore the intestine and its work? For the prevention of constipation and its treatment, breathing exercises should be carried out according to the following rules:

You need to breathe only when lying down, completely relaxed. how to restore intestine

  • On inhalation, place a hand on the abdominal area. This will allow you to better control the depth of inspiration and exhalation.
  • With exhalation, maximally clear your lungs from the air. In this case, the diaphragm should rise to the level of the chest, and the stomach - strongly drawn to the spine. The hand in this process should also fall into the depths together with the stomach.
  • The second part of the exercise involves the implementation of a deep inspiration. However, you should not do it with your chest, but with your stomach. It is desirable to control this process with the same hand.

It should be noted that such exercises for the work of the intestine are very effective, especially if the patient is contraindicated for more severe physical exertion. By the way, such exercises are useful not only with constipation, but also with hemorrhoids, as well as other diseases of the intestine. You can perform these exercises at any time of the day. For greater efficiency, it is desirable to do such breathing exercises at least 7-8 times a day for 10-15 approaches.

Physical activity features

Physical exercises with constipation are no less effective in respiratory gymnastics. Regular exercises done correctly help a person enrich the body with oxygen, accelerate metabolism and circulation, and maintain optimal body weight and improve immunity.

It should also be noted that therapeutic exercise helps not only fight, but also prevent the development of many diseases of internal organs, including constipation and hemorrhoids.

According to the experts, the best prevention for problems with the intestines is morning exercise. To get rid of constipation, do it preferably on an empty stomach, after drinking a clean and cool water( 1 glass).physical exercises with constipation

What exercises are better?

In fact, any physical activity has a beneficial effect on the intestines. Therefore, it is not necessary to adhere to any specific exercises.

To get rid of constipation, physical education can be practiced not only in the gym, but also at home. To improve the quality of the intestine, it is necessary to tilt the body( left, right, forward, backward), and also rotate the pelvis and the body as a whole( clockwise and counterclockwise).

Also, with the locks, the press swing, squat, jump rope, march in place, etc., works well.

By faithfully performing all these exercises, it should be remembered that the first few exercises will not give effect. To achieve a complete cure for regular constipation is possible only with regular physical exertion.

If the problem in question is complicated and you have hemorrhoids, then experts recommend walking or jogging more often. Such exercises help strengthen the muscles of the press and peritoneum, and also increase blood flow. By the way, in the winter season, with this problem, you can go jogging.

Yoga for the prevention of constipation

Physical exercises with constipation in adults should be aimed at supporting the muscles and vessels in the lower body. To do this, we recommend yoga: exercises for bowel movement

  • After spreading a mat on the floor, and lying on your back, stretch your legs and arms and different sides, then press them sharply to the body. Such exercises will be a good workout for you.
  • In the same pose, try to squeeze the anal ring as tightly as possible, as well as the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Hold this voltage for 7 seconds, and then relax. Repeat a few dozen times.
  • Lifting your straight legs to a comfortable height for you, pull out the socks, then cross them several times. Perform such "scissors" should be several times, increasing the depth and number of repetitions.
  • At the end of the exercise, stand on all fours and follow the cat's pose, that is, several times, bend and round the back.

If constipation disturbs a pregnant woman, then to solve the problem you can buy fitball. The complex of exercises on a large inflatable ball will improve blood circulation in the small pelvis and accelerate the emptying of the intestine.