Very bad after drinking - what to do to make it easier?

Many people feel bad after drinking. What to do in this situation? There are many options for solving the problem. And you yourself can choose the algorithm of actions depending on the situation and personal preferences. It does not matter how much you drank. Some people generally begin to feel bad after a few glasses of wine or champagne. Therefore, usually a little depends on the amount of alcohol taken. So what advice can you give to those who like to drink and do not want to feel bad in the morning or immediately after drinking alcohol? bad after drinking what to do

More liquid

The first thing you can advise is to drink as much water as possible. Or any other drink, only non-alcoholic. Bad after drinking? What to drink to relieve the condition? This you must decide on your own. The main thing that in a drink there was no alcohol. It is advisable to limit tea, water or juice.

Remember: the more non-alcoholic products you take, the better. It is recommended to use at least 1 liter of water. And you will feel better. And if you do one more procedure, you will just have unpleasant sensations and a hangover. But the general condition will improve significantly.

Artificial vomiting

This is a vomiting call. It is advisable to do it yourself. Are you very bad after drinking? What to do in this situation? Provoke artificial cleaning of the stomach. For this, the technique "two fingers in the mouth" is perfect. It is necessary to press on the tongue( closer to the throat) so as to induce a vomitive reflex. Beforehand, do not forget to drink at least 1 liter of liquid.

As soon as the stomach clears, you will feel better. However, unpleasant sensations will still remain. By the way, if you perepil, the body itself from alcohol intoxication will cause a vomitive reflex. It is not recommended to wait for such a phenomenon - in the morning you will become even worse. after drinking, it

Lemon to help

In general, you can hear advice as much as you like. But we will only focus on the best and most effective. You got sick after drinking? What to do? Try to drink one very interesting mixture. Just remember, after it, do not induce vomiting, otherwise there will be no result.

First, find one lemon. Now squeeze the juice into the glass and dilute it with water so that 250 ml of liquid is obtained. Then the drink should be drunk. Do not add sugar. If there is no lemon, you can add citric acid to boiled water. At the amount specified earlier, about 1.5-2 teaspoons of the ingredient will be needed.

Orange and honey

After drinking is bad? What can I do to improve my condition? You can make a certain drink from orange juice. Just try not to interfere with it with lemon. Contraindications to the joint use of these drinks are not, just you can not thus multiply the result of "treatment".very bad after drinking what to do

Take 200 milliliters of orange juice( natural).In it you must add one grated lemon( directly with the peel), as well as 100 grams of honey. All this is mixed in a blender, then used. For greater efficiency, you can add to the drink 1 egg yolk.


After drinking is bad. .. What should I do? If you are not too keen to delve into the particular preparation of a variety of culinary delights that help improve the condition after drinking alcohol, you can use a simple and time-tested method. It is about the use of activated carbon.

Just a few tablets of this drug - and you will become much easier. Not immediately, but after a while. The result will be noticeable in about 20-30 minutes. Note: if you have a stomach cleaning( vomiting), you will have to re-use the activated charcoal. Simple, reliable, inexpensive. However, from a headache for the morning it still does not save.

Soups and sour milk

Are you unwell after drinking? What to do? You can try a few fairly simple and interesting treatment options. It has already been said that after drinking alcohol should take as much fluid as possible. You can replace beverages with thick broths. Just one or two plates of warm food - and you will immediately feel better. Of course, we are talking about cases in which you still think about what is going on around you. what to do if the morning is bad after drinking

Another excellent alternative to broths are fermented milk products. Suitable yogurt or natural yogurt. Try to take as much as possible of these products. But do not forget about the measure. It is necessary to use as much broth or sour-milk products as the body allows. You should not open vomiting. Otherwise, everything will have to be repeated from the very beginning.

Medications to help

What if it's bad after a binge in the morning? It is recommended to prepare in advance. The following recipe should be implemented immediately after drinking alcoholic beverages. He gives the result only in the morning.

You will need several medications. Mix the activated charcoal with aspirin and No-shpa. For 6 tablets of coal you need 2 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and 1 "No-shpy."Once your party is over, take these medications and drink them with a little water. Now you can go to bed.

In the morning, "hangover" and a hangover will almost not be. This is a very good and effective tool, but it is rarely used in practice. All this is due to the fact that often drinking is unpredictable.


Are you unwell after drinking for the morning? What can I do to ease my condition? The easiest method is to take any painkiller. For example, aspirin. Only this is not the most effective way. There is another method, of which many are aware. bad after drinking what to do

To improve the condition after yesterday's booze, you need to drink a few cups of coffee. This drink narrows the blood vessels, which helps to eliminate the headache. It is desirable to brew natural ground coffee without milk. Sugar can be added. After "night adventures" will have to drink about 2-3 cups of this drink. And in about 15-20 minutes you will feel better. And if you take aspirin, you can only rejoice at the result.

Gastric lavage and dropper

Are you unwell after drinking? How to move away from this state immediately after the event, without waiting for morning? It is necessary to do a gastric lavage. Vomiting is far from the only variant of the development of events. Sometimes an enema is more effective method of gastric lavage. Usually it is done in extreme cases.

You can also call an ambulance and ask to "swarm" yourself. Droppers are a great help for hangovers. But they are put exclusively in hospitals. In general, with alcohol intoxication, the most logical way to solve the problem will be to seek medical help. In the hospital, you will definitely receive activated charcoal, and will also conduct all procedures to ease the patient's condition.


Did you get sick after drinking? What if you are not a supporter of taking medications? Another advice, time-tested, will help you cope with the task."Going away" from a hangover will help glucose, as well as vitamin B.

The next day after libations it is recommended to drink fruit juices in large quantities, as well as plain water, preferably without gas. Replenish the amount of fluid in the body, otherwise it will not work to improve your condition after yesterday's alcohol intake.

Sweets also help to restore glucose. It is advisable to limit the sweet tea, but you can use a chocolate bar. In principle, if you feel that you are not threatened with vomiting, snack something sweet. This will definitely help you to recover from yesterday's party. bad after drinking that drink

Coffee-brandy mixture

Strongly bad after drinking? What to do? You can prepare coffee and cognac mixture. Often after it starts to sleep, but if you can endure, you will become much better. Use the resulting cocktail is necessary in the morning after booze.

To prepare this drink, brew yourself a cup of strong good coffee, then add a slice of lemon and sugar to taste. Note: if you love coffee with milk, the latter will have to be deleted. Otherwise, the cocktail will not work. Now it remains to add a few teaspoons of cognac. Stir well the resulting drink and drink it before it cools.

That's all. Further, it remains only to survive the side effect in the form of a slight brief drowsiness. And after that, you will greatly improve your condition. Not very popular, but very effective method.

A pair of bones do not break

But the following advice should be taken with special attention and caution. You can get rid of a hangover with steaming. A hot bath or a bath is what will help you. In the morning after drinking take a hot bath. Or visit the bath - also a very good option. But make sure you do not get too hot - steam and heat in your condition can hurt. Therefore, pay special attention to this method.

In some cases the contrast shower is a great help. First warm, then cool. Washing with cold water is an excellent substitute for taking baths.

Many point to the danger of going to the bath after drinking. Actually, that's the way it is. If you do not comply with the measure and pereparitsya. Vessels will expand greatly, which will cause a negative reaction of the body. It is advisable to take a bath or a hot bath when someone is near you. He who can help, if you suddenly become ill. bad after drinking how to get away


There is no universal remedy for a hangover. You must choose your own secret of "withdrawal" after drinking. In general, the best method will be to seek medical help. Namely, washing the stomach and dropper. It helps even in extreme cases, only in the morning you will still feel malaise and a headache.

You can also take a variety of pain killers. Just do it in the morning after waking up. Or choose medications that are compatible with alcohol. Now it is clear how one can get rid of a hangover and ease its condition after drinking. Great! But it's better not to "touch".