What are steroids: description, types, application, effectiveness and feedback

The life of an athlete - it's solid training, bars and jogging, diet and competition. Every day you must be in shape and on top. Even for a skilled bodybuilder, this can be difficult. And what about the newcomers who just came to the training hall. They want to quickly achieve excellent results, but strength and stamina are not enough. It is they who most often start to collect information about what steroids are, how to use them correctly, in order to achieve the desired forms more quickly. what are steroids

Magic tablet or something else

There are a lot of myths associated with what steroids are. Let's deal with you. These are substances for the acceleration of anabolic processes. The first drugs on their basis were created to treat sick people.

Of course, gradually the world began to learn what steroids are, and to some of the athletes it occurred to them that the quality of these drugs will help healthy people to find the ideal muscle in a short time. But the whole point is that this effect works correctly only with certain nutrition, observance of the work and rest regime, careful calculation of the dosage and the correct choice of the drug, which only experienced physicians can do.

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Testosterone and its esters

Anabolic steroids for muscle mass gain really work. They are able to present the desired figure in the shortest possible time. But there are difficulties that need to be considered. As anabolics, free steroids are used that can penetrate the cell membrane. Synthesis of proteins provokes androgenic steroids. They are responsible for the signs of masculinity. This is the reason that a female athlete becomes like a man. Such effects in large sports have been observed more than once. Today, physicians have accumulated considerable experience, allowing to avoid such mistakes. without steroids

Testosterone for men

And now the next moment that allows you to better understand what steroids are. These substances reduce the level of cholesterol, destroy the body's fat reserves and, last but not least, cause the growth of muscle tissue. It is necessary to consider still here that. Most testosterone, the most famous androgenic steroid, is produced by male testes. If you prick it regularly and in large quantities, then the body stops synthesizing the hormone on its own. After steroid withdrawal, this process can start again, but sometimes this does not happen.

Another problem is characteristic of all androgenic steroids. Under the influence of enzymes they will turn into estrogens. This leads to obesity on a female type after drug withdrawal. As you can see, there are enough nuances. Maybe it's better to go to the rocking chair without steroids? steroids for a set of muscle

The ideal body and how to achieve it

Despite all the shortcomings, it is worth noting that without the use of special drugs and sports nutrition it can be difficult to get good results. Sometimes the years of training pass with a slight weight gain. In this case, ideal assistants are steroids for a set of muscle mass. However, it is very important to choose those that will do a minimum harm at maximum benefit. But in order to evaluate all the pros and cons, it is important to consult a specialist. For example, the use of testosterone esters varies depending on the purpose:

  • Enanthate and cypionate are suitable for weight gain.
  • For the drying and burning of fat, it is better to use propionate.
  • To preserve muscle energy - testosterone enanthate.

The best steroids for the mass of

We have already talked a little about testosterone. It should be the basis of any course. However, today, rarely a bodybuilder uses monotherapy. Most often a combination of several drugs + proper nutrition + sports loads is used.

  • When considering the best steroids for a set of muscle mass, it is necessary to note "Methandrostenolone", also "Dianabol".In practice, it has proved effective despite the water retention. The increase in muscle mass and strength is simply enormous, but the pullback after the course is significant. Many athletes are willing to sacrifice this and even accept side effects( aromatization, significant fluid retention, toxicity for the liver), as it is difficult to find something more effective during the period of weight gain.
  • "Deca-Durabolin" - do not say that it is the strongest in terms of mass recruitment. The growth rates will be less than in the previous case, however this drug is safer. It is non-toxic and with proper use it has practically no side effects. Let you gain less muscle mass for a certain period, but the rollback will be minimal.
  • "Turinabol".In fact, it is the same "Methandrostenolone", only it does not aromatize and does not retain water so much. That is, the set of mass is slower, but its quality is much higher, and there is practically no rollback. However, due to the lack of water-battery effect, the performance indicators are lower, therefore "Turinabol" is on the third place. However, the effect of this oral steroid lasts 16 hours, which is very high for such drugs.
  • Equipoise is an injectable preparation that is considered one of the best for weight gain. Like no other, it increases appetite. The steroid stimulates the synthesis of protein in muscle tissues, does not retain water, which means that the collected mass is better preserved after the course. It is not toxic to the liver.

the best steroids for a set of muscle

Reviews of athletes

To date, the most popular steroid for mass gain is the drug "Turinabol".If newcomers in the world of sports prefer speed and therefore choose drugs with strong side effects, then professionals know well: it's better slowly but surely. The results are very different. It depends on the quality of nutrition and loads in the training hall. On average, for a course( 8 days), you can dial up to 10 kg. Do not forget that the dosage of the drug depends on the body weight and is selected individually. anabolic steroids for a set of muscle

For the relief body

The aim of the athletes is not a set of shapeless masses. Otherwise they would just lie on the couch and eat cakes. Beautiful, embossed muscles are a real decoration and pride of a man. Especially if there is a genetically dense physique and a tendency to gain weight, the choice is most often steroids for a set of dry muscle mass. Again, I would like to emphasize that the choice of drugs is strictly individual. For example, for powerlifters, the best option will be Oxandrolon, Winstrol and Trenbolon. All of them give a significant increase in strength without the effect of increasing body weight.

The best preparations for the relief

  • The first place can be put "Oxandrolon".One of the most mild and safe steroids, which is low in toxicity and does not require restorative therapy.
  • "Stanozolol" - is used most often in combination with other steroids for drying, promotes the manifestation of venous musculature. Very good increases in strength.
  • "Trenbolone".Universal drug, which is used in massonabornyh courses and for drying. Its main action is the burning of fat.

steroids for a set of dry muscle mass

Instead of concluding

Advantages and disadvantages of steroids is a topic for many hours of lectures, and even then all nuances will be difficult to take into account. The main thing that the reader needs to understand is that they are serious drugs that a specialist should select. Only in this case it is possible to calculate the optimal dose and course, take into account the individual characteristics of the athlete. To use steroids or not is a choice of everyone, the main thing that it did not go to harm to your health.