Why you can not eat cucumbers with tomatoes together: advice of a nutritionist

The usual and most popular salad - tomatoes, cucumbers, a little greens, salt and butter. Is prepared quickly and very tasty. It turns out that these vegetables are incompatible. Moreover, getting into the body together, neutralize each other and promote the accumulation of salts in the body. This article will help to understand why you can not eat tomatoes with cucumbers. So, more in detail.

Why can not you eat cucumbers with tomatoes together?

What's wrong with these vegetables? And why do dieticians advise them to use separately?

why you can not eat cucumbers with tomatoes together

The answer to this question is quite simple - cucumbers and tomatoes are vegetables-antagonists. Their effect on the body is exactly the opposite. Tomatoes have an acidic environment, cucumbers - alkaline. If you recall the school chemistry, you can understand what the reaction will be when mixing such ingredients. Salt is precipitated. The latter overload the liver first, then it goes to the kidneys. Such overloading of organs and the deposition of excess salts are absolutely unnecessary. This is the first reason why you can not eat cucumbers with tomatoes together. Be careful.

There is another reason why you should eat these vegetables separately. For the digestion of tomatoes and cucumbers, the body needs different enzymes. Getting into the stomach, and then into the intestine, a mixture of these vegetables promotes the formation of gases. This happens because the stomach emits an enzyme to digest only one vegetable, the other starts to wander( rot).

Many people can say that cucumbers and tomatoes are so delicious, and there is no discomfort in the joint use of these vegetables. Of course, the result is not immediately felt, nevertheless it is better to use it separately. There is one more reason why you should not eat cucumbers with tomatoes together. About this further.

Vitamins in cucumbers and tomatoes - incompatible vitamins

Fresh vegetables are very useful. It, first of all, vitamins. Having understood what kind of organism receives from tomatoes and cucumbers, one can understand another reason for the incompatibility of these vegetables.

why you can not eat tomatoes with cucumbers

Tomato. This vegetable is a storehouse of substances necessary for the body. It is useful both fresh and processed. Fresh tomatoes are best absorbed if they are used with vegetable oil.

Tomatoes contain many minerals. The tomato is rich in vitamins. It contains: vitamin A, B, C, B vitamins, niacin( vitamin PP) vitamin K, E, D. Most of all in 100 grams of tomatoes contains vitamin C.

Now turn the cucumber, not less than a healthy vegetable. According to the content of minerals, it is not inferior to a tomato, despite the fact that 95% of the water consists of water. What vitamins is rich in cucumber? It contains vitamins of group B and vitamin C.

why you can not mix cucumbers and tomatoes in a salad

Both a cucumber and a tomato contain vitamin C. What's wrong? It would seem, then, why not eat cucumbers along with tomatoes? The thing is that vitamin C in tomatoes is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C in cucumbers is ascorbinase. These two substances neutralize the beneficial effects of each other. You can eat not one kilogram of tomato and do not get a portion of vitamin C, if you combine them with cucumbers.

The incompatibility of two vegetables in the garden

Experienced farmers know why tomatoes and cucumbers should not be planted together. To grow these two vegetables require different conditions. Therefore, by placing next to the cucumber and tomatoes on the bed, the amateur gardener risks remaining without harvest.

why you can not plant tomatoes and cucumbers together

Cucumbers love moist air and heat. Frequent watering for this vegetable is harmful, very quickly branches of cucumbers begin to decay and perish. Bright sun, too, can cause the death of bushes. Tomatoes, on the contrary, well tolerate copious watering and sunlight. But, being in a greenhouse next to cucumbers, tomatoes begin to hurt. They are also covered with rot due to high humidity. For tomatoes it is useful to air, and for cucumbers - it is fatal. Therefore, it is better to grow these vegetables separately. Being in the greenhouse, foliage of cucumbers evaporates a lot of moisture, creating a microclimate that will be harmful to a tomato. To obtain a good harvest of tomatoes, they should be grown in a separate greenhouse with ventilation, or on the open ground.

We previously found out why you can not eat cucumbers and tomatoes in one dish. As you can see, it turns out, there are also reasons why these vegetables can not be grown together.

How and with what use is it proper?

Now, when it's clear what's going on and why you can not mix cucumbers and tomatoes together, the question arises. As it is better, and with what it is better to combine these vegetables.

In order for a tomato not to lose its vitamin C in a company with a cucumber, it is best to combine it with broccoli. In combination with this dark cabbage, tomato works more efficiently.

Another useful combination of tomato with exotic fruit, avocado. Useful fats, which are filled with green fruit, will help the better absorption of lycopene, contained in tomatoes. Lycopene is a natural pigment that is responsible for the red and orange color of vegetables and fruits. It is an antioxidant, reduces the risk of prostate cancer and prevents cardiovascular disease. Thanks to avocados, this useful substance will receive 4 times more body. Here is one of the options for replacing the cucumber in a traditional salad. I do not like avocado - it can be replaced with leafy greens:

why you can not mix cucumbers and tomatoes together

  • leaves of lettuce;
  • spinach;
  • of arugula;
  • asparagus.

Tomatoes in the company with proteins and fats will help to better assimilate the dish in general. Salads with a tomato in combination with various cheeses are not only useful, but very tasty and nutritious.

It is undesirable to combine tomato with starch-containing products. In this case, the acid rich in a tomato does not allow the body to digest and assimilate starch.

Like a tomato, a cucumber can and should be combined with leaf greens, hard and soft cheeses. Cucumber promotes better absorption of protein and fatty foods. At the same time, it does not allow overeating, quickly satisfying the feeling of hunger.

Tips for dieticians

Next. What do the nutritionists answer the question of why you can not eat tomatoes with cucumbers? Of course, while a person is young and healthy, and the liver works without interruptions, this combination will not really affect your health. But later, the wrong diet will still make itself felt. It is worth to listen to this advice and not to abuse the "harmful combination" of healthy vegetables. If you really want, you can only pamper yourself with the usual taste. No matter how useful these vegetables are, their combination will not bring any benefit to the body, it will even be harmful.

why you can not eat cucumbers and tomatoes in one dish

Why can not you mix cucumbers and tomatoes in a salad? The reasons were explained above. Now it's up to the little one to pick up salad recipes in which the ingredients will not conflict with each other. Now we will consider them.

Tomato and avocado salad

To prepare it, you need the following products:

  • halved avocado;
  • two large tomatoes;
  • onion;
  • greens( dill, parsley);
  • salt;
  • black pepper;
  • vegetable oil.

Practical part of

Avocado clean, cut into cubes, chop greens, finely chop the onions. Tomatoes can be cut into slices or large cubes. Salt and pepper to taste, add vegetable oil.

Salad from tomatoes, canned mushrooms and green peas

Necessary ingredients:

  • peas canned - 150 grams;Mushrooms canned - 150 g;
  • fresh tomatoes - a few pieces( about two or three);
  • greens, onion, salt, lemon, spices. Cut the onion and tomatoes into half rings. Mushrooms, if large - cut into 4 parts, if not very large - then in half. Mix the peas, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and finely chopped greens. Then you need to salt and pepper to taste the dish. Then it is necessary to fill with lemon juice and vegetable oil.

    Tomatoes with feta cheese

    For cooking it is required: cut two large tomatoes into cubes, add cheese. You can break the cheese with a fork. Or, just like tomatoes, cut into cubes. Remove three cloves of garlic through the garlic. Salad refill with yogurt.

    Salad with cucumber, lettuce and greens

    For preparation, prepare the following components: 2 cucumbers, 4 sheets of Iceberg lettuce, parsley, cilantro, dill, salt, olive oil. Cucumber cut into rings, cut greens and salad large or tear with hands. Season with salt and season with oil.

    Salad of cucumber, chicken breast and canned corn

    Another delicious recipe. why not eat cucumbers along with tomatoes We will need:

    1. Canned corn - 200 grams. Boiled chicken breast - 200 grams. Onion onion.
    2. Cucumber - 2-3 pieces. Yogurt for refueling, salt, pepper.

    Cucumber and breast cut into cubes, add corn. Chop the onions into rings, salt and pepper to taste. Salad refill with yogurt.

    So, we answered the question about why you can not eat cucumbers with tomatoes together. Bon appetit and good health!