Krasnodar, the center of mother and child: list of services, address, reviews

The appearance of a child in the world is the happiest event for a young family. It is no coincidence that young couples carefully choose a medical institution in which the future mother will be observed and subsequently give birth. If we consider Krasnodar, the Mother and Child Center is the most in demand. Here is the whole range of services in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Basic information

The medical institution appeared due to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 1993 on the basis of the Kuban Medical Institute. The clinic is still the main gynecological base of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology. Here there are all the necessary conditions for the training of students 5-6 courses. Thus, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has taken care of a worthy replacement of existing obstetricians.

Krasnodar center of mother and child

In addition to teaching and research work, the staff of the clinic are engaged in the treatment of women with various gynecological pathologies. There is a clinico-diagnostic laboratory, in which it is possible to identify complex diseases at an early stage. In addition, the medical institution has a cosmetology department. Women have the opportunity to defeat premature skin aging, cure acne.

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Where is the clinic in Krasnodar? The center of mother and child is in a place with a well-developed infrastructure - along the street Zipovskaya 4/1.It's easy to get here, both on public transport and on your own car. However, it is recommended to make an appointment beforehand with the chosen specialist.

Doctors of the clinic

Great success in the treatment of the reproductive system of women and men can be achieved due to the knowledge and skills of specialists who conduct their activities in the stacks of the clinic. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the chief doctor, who is a doctor of medical sciences. Today the specialist deals not only with administrative activities, but also conducts the reception. The main direction of work is obstetrics and gynecology.

More than 250 highly qualified specialists work within the walls of the Mother and Child Center in Krasnodar. You can see the phone number for an appointment with the selected doctor on the official website of the organization. The greatest number of good reviews can be found about specialists in the field of andrology, gynecology, allergology, immunology. Achieving success in the therapy of complex patients is possible thanks to the help of a medical psychologist.

Gynecological department

The medical institution is provided with quality care from various diseases of the reproductive system organs. The clinic has the necessary equipment, which allows timely detection of any pathologies. In the future, the specialist makes a decision, use conservative methods of treatment or resort to surgical intervention. In Krasnodar, the Center for Mother and Child is engaged in the therapy of such complex diseases as uterine myoma, various types of infertility, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Aesthetic gynecology is another direction of the medical institution. Changes in the shape and size of the labia are not just a whim. Often, such a measure can improve the quality of a woman's sexual life, remove psychological complexes. Indication for surgery is also the prolapse of the genitals.

Children's gynecological department

In Krasnodar, the Mother and Child Center is the only medical institution that provides qualified medical care to adolescent girls. Unfortunately, not many parents think about the fact that the majority of diseases of the reproductive system begin their development long before the sexual life begins. Problems with the menstrual cycle, inflammation of the ovaries - all these pathologies require qualified care.

list of services

The children's gynecological department has a unique structure. A girl can be observed from one specialist from birth to 18 years. The department has a hospital for 15 beds. Here the patients get in case of emergency. The basic list of services is provided on an out-patient basis without leaving the school. In the department, patients can not only cure complex pathologies, but also have a consultation on hygiene and contraception. Help is also provided by a psychologist, to whom girls can address anonymously.


Infertility couples can have both a female and a male factor. Therefore, if the family can not conceive a baby for a long time, both partners should undergo the examination. It offers high-quality services in the andrology field of the Mother and Child Center( Krasnodar).Treatment prices depend on the individual needs of the patient. For the first reception of the expert it is necessary to pay 600 rubles. The doctor-andrologist will help to solve the problem in the event of erectile dysfunction, check the spermogram. The specialist will do everything to reveal the cause of infertility. Often it is enough for a man to give up bad habits and start eating properly to improve the quality of sperm.

eco in the center of the mother and child of Krasnodar

Infertility in overweight men is often diagnosed. Nutritionists work at the Mother and Child Center. The cost of the program for correcting the body weight is 15 240 rubles.

In Vitro Fertilization

Unfortunately, some pathologies of the reproductive system can not always be cured. For such couples, IVF is offered at the Mother and Child Center( Krasnodar).Thanks to the latest technology, the fusion of the sperm and the egg of a woman occurs outside the woman's body. In the future, the strongest embryo is inserted into the uterus of the future mother. If a woman can not stand a baby for a number of reasons, the couple can resort to the help of a surrogate mother.

center of mother and child

Indication for in vitro fertilization is, first of all, unremovable obstruction of the fallopian tubes. This pathology leads to the fact that the sperm and the egg can not meet in the natural environment. There is a big risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. The price of in vitro fertilization without taking into account the cost of drugs is 27,975 rubles.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory

It is thanks to this department that specialists receive accurate information about the pathologies of patients, which makes it possible to decide on the selection of the scheme for further therapy. All departments and specialists are closely connected with the clinical diagnostic laboratory of the Mother and Child Center. The work uses both classical methods of research and the latest technologies. In the walls of the clinic, scientific work is carried out.

center of mother and child

Great attention is paid to hormonal research. The majority of diseases of the reproductive system in men and women are associated with violations in this area. Hormonal imbalance often causes infertility. However, timely detected violations can easily be eliminated.

The laboratory is equipped with the necessary equipment for conducting general clinical, biochemical and hormonal studies. The cost of the tests starts from 150 rubles.

School of prospective parents

Pregnancy is a time of change that can frighten the unknown. To ensure that young couples feel more confident and able to overcome their fears, a school of young parents was organized in the Mother and Child Center. Here, men and women learn the basic information about pregnancy and childbirth, receive psychological support, and learn to look after the newborn. Women who are registered with the gynecological department, as well as their spouses, can get to the lectures.

Reviews about the Mother and Child Center

About the Center for Mother and Child in Krasnodar, almost all young parents have heard. To address here it is necessary to steams, at which there were difficulties in a question of conception of the child. In most cases, patients leave positive comments about the medical facility. Specialists do everything for the treatment of infertility, they provide psychological support.

departments and specialists

Pleasing democratic prices for procedures. So, in vitro fertilization in the leading clinics of the capital costs at least 40 thousand rubles. It is no coincidence that many couples from other cities go to Krasnodar for help. Patients also respond well to individual specialists. The center of mother and child in Krasnodar is a medical institution that helps to fulfill the dreams of married couples who have lost hope. There is also a great list of additional services in the field of cosmetology, dentistry, therapy, etc.