"Asphalt disease": treatment of abrasions from falling

"Asphalt illness" is jokingly called abrasions and bruises, received during the fall. From the impact of a hard surface, there are hematomas, the integrity of the skin is disturbed. If the traces on the body and limbs can be masked by clothing, then the damage to the face immediately visible, and they want to get rid of as soon as possible.

What should I do first?

"Asphalt illness" can be far from harmless. First of all, you need to make sure that the fall was without fractures. We should try not to make any sudden movements. It is important to remember that in the first few minutes a person may not feel pain due to a fracture due to a shock condition.

asphalt disease

If the fall on the asphalt was sliding, then most likely the integrity of the bones is not broken, and everything will cost only sores. Strikes against a hard surface are more dangerous. If after a while there is severe pain and swelling at the site of the injury, it is better to go to the emergency department.

Wash of the wound

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If as a result of "asphalt disease" abrasions formed, then there is a danger of infection of the wound. Therefore, rinse with clean water as soon as possible. This should be done very carefully, since any touch to a fresh abrasion is extremely painful.

It is necessary to visually evaluate the nature of the damage. If the wound is small, then they can be cured at home. At deep abrasions it is better to consult a specialist, since there is a serious risk of infection and even contamination of the blood.

Disinfection and treatment of

At the next stage of treatment of "asphalt illness" it is necessary to disinfect abrasions. If there are many injuries, it is better to take an anesthetic before the procedure. Treatment of wounds is usually accompanied by a burning sensation.

It is best to first treat the damage with hydrogen peroxide. This tool has not only antiseptic, but also hemostatic properties. The liquid is applied to a cotton swab and gently scrubbed abrasions.

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-containing solutions can also be used. However, this is undesirable, since they cause severe burning and pain.

Further damage should be treated with an aqueous solution of "Chlorhexidine".It is used in the same way as peroxide. It is a good and inexpensive antiseptic, it does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations. You can also use iodine and zelenok, but these solutions leave traces on the skin, which is undesirable in trauma on the face.

If the grazes from the "asphalt disease" are small, then it can be treated with a solution of "Betadine".It looks like iodine, but does not cause burning, it can be used with open wounds. The liquid is applied to a tampon or by means of a dispenser equipped with a bottle of medicine. This procedure is repeated twice a day."Betadin" dries the wound, and it is tightened with a crust.

asphaltic disease on the face

For large abrasions, it is undesirable to dry the damage. In such cases it is better to use a healing ointment, for example, "Bepanten".Under the layer of cream, gradually the new skin will grow and the wound will be prolonged.

At home, it is better to keep large lesions open and not to bandage. Cover the abrasion with a bandage before going out. Ointment is applied to a folded piece of bandage or gauze. On top of the bandage. You can not use a cotton swab, it will then be very difficult to remove from the wound. In addition, fibers will fall into the abrasion. If the tampon is still suction, it should not be torn off sharply, this further injures the skin. Wadding or gauze should be soaked with physiological saline. This drug is easy to buy at any pharmacy.

how to treat asphaltic disease

If the lesions are extensive and take up a large area of ​​the body, then a person can have a fever. In this case, you need to immediately consult a doctor, it is possible that the victim will need to undergo a course of antibiotic therapy.

What ointments and creams can I use?

In asphalt illness, other than Bepanten, other local agents may be used, for example, Solcoseryl or Dexpanthenol. They also have wound-healing properties. These remedies act gently and gently, without causing pain. It is not recommended to use ointments with local anesthetics. It is believed that they relieve the pain, but when applied to an open wound such means can cause burning.

When the wound is slightly tightened, you can use Boro Plus cream. It has antiseptic properties and helps to restore the skin.

Damage to the face

How quickly to cure "asphalt illness" on the face? Such damage is particularly unpleasant, as visible to others. The algorithm of action is the same as with abrasions on other parts of the body. First, the damage is washed, then disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, "Chlorhexidine" and "Betadine", and further treatment with ointments and creams. On the face it is sometimes difficult to apply a bandage. To protect the abrasion from infection, you can glue the wound with a bactericidal adhesive plaster.

how quickly to cure asphaltic disease on the face

On the face it is better to use such wound-healing local remedies that contain natural ingredients. These include the ointment "Guardian" and "Rescuer".

Folk remedies

How to treat "asphalt illness" at home, if there are no special creams and ointments in the medicine cabinet? There are traditional medicine that will help you quickly get rid of the consequences of the fall. They are very effective and effective. The following recipes are recommended:

  1. You can make the ointment yourself. To do this, you need crushed pine needles and butter. The ingredients are mixed and applied three times a day to the problem site. Such a prescription is suitable for the treatment of small scratches. Large abrasions treated with this composition is not recommended, since particles of needles can get into the wound cavity.
  2. It is very useful to use aloe juice. This is a wonderful bactericidal and wound healing folk remedy. If you mix the juice with vaseline, you get a cream for the treatment of wounds.
  3. You can prepare a composition of pork fat, goose goose grass and beeswax. This will help not only to get rid of abrasion, but also to remove the inflammation of surrounding tissues.

asphalt disease treatment

All these methods are suitable not only for the treatment of abrasions on limbs and the body, but also for the treatment of "asphalt disease" on the face. Badger fat can also be used. This tool not only heals wounds, but also rejuvenates the skin.

Many patients are interested in how quickly abrasions heal. This question is difficult to answer. It depends on the area affected and the ability of the skin to recover. Timely and correct treatment of damage promotes rapid healing.