Sclerotherapy of veins

Varicose veins - an "epidemic" in the modern world. Increasingly, this disease is diagnosed not only in elderly patients, but also in the younger generation. If earlier, patients with varicose veins were offered to remove the vein all the way, today new methods of treating varicose veins appeared.

Compression sclerotherapy of veins is used as a method of treatment in patients with pathology of veins. The essence of this method consists in the introduction into the pathological vessel of a special contrast substance that promotes gluing of the vein. The process begins in a small operating room where patients undergo preoperative training. Further, a sclerosant substance is introduced into the vein, which spreads throughout the vein and promotes the adhesion of its walls, the vessel ceases to function. To achieve the desired effect of insufficient one administration of the substance, more often 5-6 procedures are necessary. Each procedure is performed at intervals of 2-3 weeks until complete sclerosing.

An important stage of sclerosing is compression therapy after the introduction of sclerosant. It is best to use compression stockings or pantyhose with an adequate degree of pressure.

The advantage of this method is that the sclerotherapy of veins occurs with minimal traumatization of the patient. After this procedure there are no scars and scars, but the method is quite expensive for the average person.

Vascular sclerotherapy can be performed using modern technology in combination with laser treatment. There is evidence that this method is more effective, the effect is much faster and less likely to relapse.

Every patient with varicose veins should understand that this disease is simply impossible to cure, but if the weakness of the vascular wall manifested itself once, then most likely it can become aggravated again only on another vessel. Therefore, the main task of phlebologists is to prevent a possible recurrence and progression of the disease.

One of the newest methods of treating varicose veins is foam sclerotherapy Foam-Form.

The essence of this technique is the sclerotherapy of veins with a foam that allows to glue the walls of even large affected veins or too large areas.

Sclerotherapy is used in medicine not only for varicose veins, but also for the treatment of trophic ulcers on the skin. This method of therapy has found its application in cosmetology for the removal of small vascular asterisks from the body.

Sclerotherapy of veins is a universal method of treatment of varicose veins, justified only if the doctor is confident in its effectiveness.

This procedure requires the desire of the doctor and the patient, as well as the absence of contraindications to the patient. An obstacle for sclerosing veins in a patient can be:

- hot weather,

- obesity of 3-4 degrees,

- immobility or restriction of movement of the patient,

- inaccessibility of affected veins,

- acute skin diseases,

- allergic reactions to sclerosing agent inanamnesis.

If such contraindications are not available, the patient may undergo a procedure for sclerosing veins. The reviews after this treatment are only positive. In most cases, patients are happy, and the disease is no longer progressing. However, cases where sclerosis has not produced any results are described. This can be explained only by the insufficient number of procedures or by their incorrect conduct. Of course, it is possible that the disease in these patients is too advanced or the lesions were extensive, but in any case at least some effect of sclerosing should be.

Therefore, it is best before making the procedure, to make sure of the qualification of the doctor and the quality of the procedure in this clinic.