Delay 9 day, pregnancy test negative: what could be the reason?

Quite often, women experience a delay. Day 9 is not an exception even if the pregnancy test is negative. According to gynecologists, you should not worry much, but you still need to figure out what changes are taking place in your body. If menstruation does not occur more than eight to ten days, be sure to consult a specialist.

Delay of the monthly 9 days, negative test, white allocation of

Most often, such a delay in the months will indicate that the woman is pregnant, especially if it is accompanied by white discharge from the vagina. But if the pregnancy test several times showed a negative result, then we can conclude that the reason for this is still different.

delay of 9 days

A delay of 9 days, accompanied by white secretions, can indicate that a hormonal failure has occurred in the woman's body. In this case, be sure to contact your gynecologist and ask him to take a gonadotropin analysis for your chorion.

Delay of 9 days, negative test can be caused by such factors:

- a woman has very tiring physical or mental activity;

- this can also be affected by diets in which foods that can move the menstruation cycle are used;

- psychoemotional tension associated with conflicts, change of work, place of residence and climate;

- also do not forget that with age, the hormonal background of a woman is being reconstructed, and this can mean that there will be a delay of 9 days.

Also, menstruation may be delayed due to a violation in the hormonal system or in the presence of inflammatory infections in the body. If the delay is accompanied by white secretions, then this may indicate that the woman has sexually transmitted diseases. This condition can be accompanied by a burning sensation in the labia or a discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The delay of the 9th day is very troubling for women. It is impossible to give an exact answer, what was the reason why the monthly ones do not yet come. However, let us consider the main reasons in more detail.


Delay 9 day can cause a lot of unrest in the fair sex. First you need to buy a pregnancy test. Even if he showed a negative result, still go to the doctor. Often this method shows inaccurate results.

9 days delay test

If your doctor has confirmed that you are pregnant, you should not worry about white discharge. Usually they form a protective shell against infections.

Infectious Diseases

A delay of 9 days can indicate that there are infectious diseases in your body. Thrush is the most common of them. Such diseases can affect the menstrual cycle. Therefore, if apart from the delay you are concerned about the discharge, be sure to tell the gynecologist. Perhaps, in addition to thrush, you will have to cure more serious diseases. Please note that in this case, the course of treatment will have to be passed to both partners.

Presence of inflammatory processes

Delay of monthly 9 days( negative test) may also be due to the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. This includes various diseases that are accompanied by inflammation of the ovaries and cervix. To confirm the diagnosis, you will need to hand over smears, as well as urine and blood tests. Also the gynecologist will suggest to make you an ultrasound.

9 days delay negative test

Do not discard this procedure. Thanks to such studies, the doctor will be able to determine why you have a delay of 9 days. The pregnancy test does not always give accurate results, do not forget about it.

Failure in hormonal system

Malfunctioning of the hormonal system is the most common cause of menstrual cycle delay. In this case, you will have to undergo a special examination, on the basis of which the doctor will be able to prescribe hormonal preparations for you. Usually hormone therapy very quickly copes with its task and leads the cycle back to normal.

Stressful situations

In fact, the 9 day delay may be due to stressful situations. Believe me, if you are very worried, it will immediately affect your cycle. In this case, doctors recommend a lot more rest and drink sedatives.

delay of the monthly 9 days

After normalization of the mental state, menstruation will also improve.

Preventative measures

9 days delay( negative test in this case) can drive every woman crazy. Above were described all the possible reasons for which the cycle was violated. And now we will consider how to take preventive measures correctly.

The first thing you need to know every woman is how to wash herself properly. Do this only from the front to the back. Always use running water. Gynecologists recommend to wash themselves with a soft baby soap or special means for intimate hygiene without a smell.

Wear only quality linen, made of natural fabrics. Especially it concerns those women who are prone to allergic reactions.

9 month test delay

And of course, use condoms, especially when having sex with a non-regular partner. Take care of this should you, so better not rely on the responsibility of your young man.

The most terrible mistake that all women commit is that they do not go to the doctor if the test is negative. If you delay a visit to a gynecologist, you can incur a lot of trouble.

Menstrual cycle duration

Menstrual cycle is a time interval from the first day of the month to the beginning of the following. Each woman has her own cycle, but the norm is from twenty-five to thirty-five days. An ideal cycle is the interval of twenty-eight days. But unfortunately, due to many factors, such a cycle is considered an exception to the rule.

It is considered the norm if in a year the woman has had no more than two delays for up to ten days. In any other case, you must go to the gynecologist.

Do not play with your health, because any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Eat right, go in for sports, have more out in the fresh air and go to the doctor regularly, and then no illnesses will be terrible for you.