Sanatoriums of Uzbekistan: list, brief description

The state of Uzbekistan is located in the center of Central Asia. Its territory is very diverse: there are also plains, and mountains, and deserts, and rivers with lakes. But tourists come to the country not only to admire the wonderful nature, but also for recovery. Here there are more than 50 health resorts that provide high-quality medical services. The article describes the most popular sanatoriums in Uzbekistan.

Where to rest and improve health in Uzbekistan: a list of health resorts with a brief description of

Sanatoriums of Uzbekistan are located in the mountainous and flat areas of the country. Many of them are built on the basis of healing mineral springs. Also, a healthy climate, an abundance of sunny days, dietary nutrition contribute to the body's health. All sanatoriums in Uzbekistan have a modern medical and diagnostic base and offer their visitors comfortable accommodation.

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"Agalyk" is a health resort located in the Samarkand region. Specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory organs, disorders of the endocrine and nervous system.

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Ak-tash is a mountain-climatic sanatorium, located 65 kilometers from Tashkent. Profile - nonspecific diseases of the respiratory system.

"Buston" - a health resort built in the Kibray district. Direction - cardiology, neurology, urology and gynecology.

"Zaamin" is a sanatorium-and-spa complex located in the protected zone on the slope of the Turkestan ridge. Profiles on the treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system and respiratory diseases.

"Kasansay" - the complex is located at the foot of Chatkal ridge. His visit is indicated for those who need treatment of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system or circulatory system.

"Mercian" - the sanatorium is located 15 kilometers from Tashkent. Here patients with gastrointestinal problems who suffer from pressure changes and diseases of the genitourinary system receive help.

Many other sanatoriums in Uzbekistan - Miraki, Oltinsoy, Tavaksai, Turon, Khanka, Chinabad and others - offer patients quality treatment and a good rest.

Prices and reviews

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Sanatoriums in Uzbekistan, reviews about which are only positive, take payment for a full-fledged boarding house, which includes accommodation, 3 or 4 meals a day and treatment, from 15 to 75 US dollars.

If desired, the patient can buy additional services and pay for an in-depth medical examination.

What kind of rest do sanatoriums of Uzbekistan offer in winter?

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You can relax and improve in the health resorts of Uzbekistan at any time of the year, but in winter it is best to come to the mountains. In winter it is relatively warm, and the slopes perfectly "hold" skis.

Fans of winter recreation can choose not only sanatoriums of Uzbekistan, but also professional resorts - Beldersay and Chimgan. They are located only 90 kilometers from Tashkent, have their own ski slopes with cable lifts, offer comfortable accommodation and a first-class holiday.