Which teeth are better to insert? Types of prostheses

It's unlikely that there will be a person who likes to go to the dentist. The smell of medicines, the sound of boron, from which goosebumps run, the cheek numb from frost. .. It is not surprising that most people prefer to take painkillers and forget about aching teeth. Unfortunately, this irresponsible attitude towards one's health often leads to the fact that the sufferer faces the question of which teeth are better to insert, because other methods of treatment are already impossible for him.

The most common variants of

Most dentists have two answers to the question "Which teeth are better to insert": permanent bridges and implants. The former is considered in medicine traditional and even classical, while the second has appeared relatively recently. It should be noted, however, that implantation has already won love and popularity among both doctors and patients. What to choose? Let's consider both technologies in more detail.

Bridge prosthetics

If you asked a specialist what teeth are better to insert and he recommended a permanent prosthesis, you most likely do not have one or two teeth. The main advantages of this option are that the procedure does not require surgical intervention and takes very little time. After the prosthesis is installed, you do not have to wait long until you get used to it and you are rehabilitated, very soon you will stop paying attention to your new teeth. Provided that you will comply with all the recommendations of a specialist, the prosthesis will last you for as long as three to ten years( the life expectancy depends largely on the type of attachment).

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Features of the procedure and contraindications

The bridge is a fixed structure that is fixed in the mouth through "working" teeth. Preliminarily they are depulpated( that is, nerves are removed) and grinded under the shape of the crown. Bridge prosthetics is contraindicated in patients with bone jaw disease and acute inflammatory processes.


Increasingly in modern dentistry, the answer to the question "which teeth is better to insert" are implants. They favorably differ from prostheses in that they completely replace the lost tooth and reproduce its appearance and functionality. Even with the closest scrutiny, no one will be able to say that one of your teeth is somehow different from your natural "brethren".A properly installed implant will serve you faithfully and truthfully throughout your life.

Features of

So, we figured out which teeth are better to insert. The price will depend on what method your dentist uses. Implantation can be one-step( after the tooth is installed, it is immediately loaded with a temporary crown, which changes to a constant after the artificial root is joined to the bone tissue) and a two-stage( in this case, the patient is first implanted, and after a while, a prefabricated crown).If in the dilemma "which insertion teeth are better to insert" you have made a choice in favor of implantation, do not forget about contraindications. They are quite standard: osteoporosis, chronic diseases, periodontitis and weak immunity.