Shoots in the ear on the right side: causes and methods of treatment

We are surprisingly careless about our own health. The body carefully signals to us about the problems, but we repeatedly ignore these calls until the symptoms become too obvious. However, there are problems that need to be addressed immediately, until they lead to more severe consequences. If it shoots in the ear on the right side, then it is advisable to immediately consult an otolaryngologist for the correct diagnosis. With what such a symptom can be connected, we now consider in more detail. shoots in the ear on the right side

Otitis is a disease much familiar from childhood

Indeed, most of the appeals to ENT result in a diagnosis. Practitioners will agree that otitis is one of the most serious ailments. The first symptoms are discomfort and a feeling that shoots in the ear on the right side. The most common defeat is one-sided. If it is run, it can spread to the inner ear and brain, but it usually starts that way. Why does it usually shoot in the ear on the right side? This is due to the fact that some factors that can contribute to the development of diseases operate unilaterally. However, infection during swimming can give a very different picture.

the right side of the head hurts and the ear shoots

Symptoms of

As a rule, the pain in this case will be very strong. Minutes stretch like a clock. Those who know how to shoot the ear on the right side, well understand what is at stake. Self-medication in this case can bring temporary relief, but in order to get a competent diagnosis, you need to contact a specialist. Within the competence of the otolaryngologist is the treatment of diseases of the throat, nose and hearing organs. Since all of them are closely related, the disease of one organ quickly reflects on the state of another.

Why pain symptoms arise

To start effective treatment, it is very important to find the cause. If the right side of the head hurts and the ear shoots, then this is not a symptom of a specific disease, but only an occasion to turn to a specialist. The fact is that the organ of hearing is rather complicated, and therefore it is almost impossible to make a conclusion about the department in which the inflammation has arisen. The sensations themselves are very strong and extremely uncomfortable, but their appearance has one positive side.

The point is that the chamber confirms the integrity of the tympanic membrane. When liquid accumulates near this membrane, it hinders the movement of blood. It becomes jerky, which we perceive as a shooting. The pain always arises spontaneously. If the pain has stopped, and the liquid has flowed from the ear, then the integrity of the obstruction, which divides the outer and middle ear, is broken. Before this, it is better not to bring, but to begin treatment in advance.

shoots in the ear on the right side of the cause

Three departments

When shooting in the ear on the right side, the reasons can be completely different, so you should pay special attention to the diagnosis. The whole human hearing aid consists of three divisions. In each zone there may be a lumbago, but the reasons, and hence the treatment, should be different. We will examine in detail the diseases and their causes.

Pain in the outer ear

Most often the problem appears here. If shoots in the ear from the right side and into the head, then, most likely, there is an external otitis. This problem may occur due to water ingestion or an allergic reaction. But most often the inflammation begins because of improper cleaning. Many people tend to shove the ear wax as deeply as possible, which can lead to problems.

With external otitis, in addition to shooting at the ear on the right side, the adult will have itching and redness. If the situation has gone far, then purulent discharge is possible. You can not start a situation, because you can lose your hearing. With the first symptoms, the discomfort that arises, you should immediately go to the hospital.

shoots in the ear to the right and to the head

Cellulitis and eczema of the external ear

The enumeration of the reasons we have just started, gain patience. This disease affects the auricle, causing swelling, and as a result - shooting pain. Such an ailment can take an acute form. And you need to realize that any inflammation of the skin is an excellent way to penetrate the infection. The problem goes deep inside, and it becomes more difficult to treat it.

Eczema is localized around the ear canal. It does not appear by itself, and usually indicates a neglected inflammation. In this case, shooting pains are not the main symptom, they arise only if another ailment develops in parallel.

shoots in the ear on the right side of an adult

Middle ear

External ear diseases can be diagnosed more easily, and if the problem lies deeper, then additional diagnostics should be carried out. Often the cause of pain is otitis media. This problem usually appears in the cold season. If it shoots in the ear precisely for this reason, the pain will increase during eating. Most often, otitis media develops against the background of colds. When a person blows his nose, mucus enters the middle ear, where the disease develops. Strong immunity is the best prevention.

This is a very serious disease. There is an accumulation of fluid, which leads to inflammation of the tympanic membrane. If it starts to shoot very much, then the mucus can not be discharged through the Eustachian tube.

shoots in the ear on the right side what to do

Internal ear

This part of the hearing aid is laid during the intrauterine development of the child. The inner ear has many functions, but the complex device makes it even more vulnerable to diseases. If it shoots heavily and gives to the head, but there is no sign of inflammation from the outside, the problem can be covered a little deeper. Again, there can be a lot of reasons here.

  1. Walking in the open air is very useful, but doctors always emphasize that it is necessary to dress in the weather. If a person neglects this rule, and leaves on the street in windy weather without a hat, then soon begins to shoot the ear and give to the head. That is, otitis develops.
  2. Labyrinthite is a serious disease that develops when a virus enters the inner ear. In addition to lumbago, hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness can be diagnosed.
  3. If you do not visit the dentist regularly, then you can skip the development of caries. The fact is that the teeth are located very close to the organs of hearing. If it shoots heavily on the right side, then it is possible that there is a deep caries. Contact your dentist to rule out such a cause.
  4. Neuritis of the facial nerve. Sudden strong pain, which pierces like a dagger, gives to the head, can have nothing to do with migraines and otitis. If the nerve is very cold, then you need to contact a neurologist.

shoots in the ear on the right side of what to do at home

First aid

Of course, it is very important to consult a doctor in time to diagnose. But if you woke up at night from what shoots in your ear on the right side, what to do? First of all, try to determine the cause yourself. Feel the soft, mastoid process in the ear and click on it. If the pain increases, then there is an otitis. In this case, you need competent treatment with antibiotics. If otitis externa develops, warming up will help. Finally, it will not solve the problem, but it will facilitate the symptomatology for a while.

So if shoots in the ear on the right side, what to do at home? There are few options, you can drip camphor or boric alcohol, or use a bag of heated salt. If you need the use of antibiotics without the appointment of a doctor can not do, because choosing the right drug is impossible without considering a specific case.

If you recently took a bath or swam in the pool, then perhaps the cause of the pain is the ingress of water into the ear. In this case, it is not recommended to try to remove liquid with cotton buds, it can only provoke an inflammatory process, especially if by carelessness you damage the surface layer of the epidermis. To get rid of the liquid, it is better to jump on one leg, tilting the head, or lie on the side where it shoots, and wait until the liquid itself comes out. If you suspect that the problem is associated with caries, then start rinsing. On a glass of water, you will need to put 1 teaspoon of soda and add 2-3 drops of iodine.

Traditional therapies

To completely eliminate pain and discomfort, a whole range of procedures is used. Therefore, the course is prescribed only individually by the attending physician. If the patient has treated with severe pain, then painkillers, warming and vasoconstricting drops are recommended. Various antimicrobials are very effective. In addition, warming compresses and bed rest are recommended at home. As soon as the first exacerbation passes, one can come to the physiotherapy procedures in the polyclinic. This is UHF and UFO, electrophoresis and heating with a blue lamp.

Preventive measures

Most often shoots in the ear on the right side for a cold. Therefore, with the onset of the cold season, be sure to wear a hat that covers your ears, take vitamins to maintain normal immunity. Do not clean your ears with chopsticks or other foreign objects. Better choose a peroxide or 40% solution of alcohol. A few drops are buried in the ears, after which they wait until all the dirt comes out. Take water procedures, too, should be careful that water does not fall into the sink. A simple set of procedures allows you to avoid serious problems, so do not neglect them.