Treatment of arthritis with gouty medicines and folk remedies

Man is the result of centuries of evolution. Nature has provided everything in her crown. Higher nervous activity, incomprehensibly supporting the coherence of the work of all body systems. The brain, which has inexhaustible resources for its development. Organs of feelings, allowing a person to contemplate the world around him. But only in one she made an irreparable mistake - she made her creations very fragile.

Mankind is too much susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Moreover, pathologies can be either the simplest or the most severe. An exception is not gouty arthritis. According to statistics, about three people out of a thousand managed to pull out a "lucky" ticket and experience the entire "charm" of gout. And most of all this disease is affected precisely by the stronger sex. Women, on the other hand, should beware of it only if menopause occurs.

Arthritis Arthritis Treatment

What is fraught with ailment and what should be the treatment for arthritis gouty? Let us consider these points in detail.

What is arthritis gouty

Pathology is a serious disease of the musculoskeletal system, caused by a sharp increase in the amount of uric acid in the human body. Because of the increase in the concentration of this substance, the salts are converted into the form of microcrystals and settle on the joints, forming skin tofu. It is this mechanism that underlies the development of gouty arthritis.

A distinctive feature of the disease is the frequency of seizures. There are pains in the lesions. They are accompanied by swelling, redness of the skin and, in some cases, an increase in temperature. Attacks last for 2-3 days. Relapses are repeated, as a rule, after 6-8 months. If the treatment of arthritis is not made timely, then as the disease progresses, the interval between attacks is significantly reduced. Pathology begins to progress.

Gout is not a disease that can go away by itself. It requires the adoption of serious comprehensive measures. Treatment of arthritis gouty includes the use of special drugs, the passage of a number of physiotherapy procedures, nutrition on a special system and connection of folk remedies.

Medication Therapy

The basis of an effective complex aimed at getting rid of gouty arthritis is properly selected medications. They should be appointed by a doctor.

So, what is the medical treatment for gouty arthritis? The drugs used in this case provide:

  • relief of symptoms of the course of the disease;
  • elimination of factors contributing to the development of pathology;
  • warning of possible complications;
  • restoration of impaired metabolism;
  • decrease in the concentration of uric acid salts in the blood;
  • removing them from the body;
  • strengthening of general immunity.

treatment of gouty arthritis arthritis

In combination with the therapy of the disease itself, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate and relieve seizures.

  1. This will help:
    1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Indomethacin, Diclofenac, Butadion, Naproxen Dicloberte, Nimesulide, Naize.
    2. Steroid hormones: "Kenalog", "Diprospan", "Hydrocortisone".
    3. Means that inhibit the synthesis of uric acid and remove it from the body: Allopurinol, Allomaron, Thiopurinol, Urolesan, Ketazon, Benzobromarone, Urodan.

    Coping an attack of the disease

    What if, suddenly, an attack began?

    Doctors recommend taking the following measures:

    1. To facilitate the course of attacks, gout should be taken inside the NSAID.You can use drugs such as Ibuprofen, Voltaren. Excellent treatment of gouty arthritis "Colchicine" has proven itself. It is a new generation of medicines intended for internal use. After 15 minutes after its use, negative symptoms pass, and the patient's condition is normalized.
    2. To achieve the greatest possible effect, you can use steroid hormones: "Diprospan", "Kenalog".They are injected with a syringe directly into the affected joint.

    Treatment of gouty arthritis with medicines should be done in small courses, lasting from 5 days to a week.

    treatment of gouty arthritis drugs

    Therapy of the pathology of

    The whole campaign aimed at curing gout should be directed not only at immediate disposal of it, but also to eliminate the causes of the manifestation of this disease. That is, it is necessary to prevent the formation of microcrystalline salts of uric acid and their subsidence on cartilaginous tissues. This is the treatment of arthritis gouty.

    In this difficult matter, the following drugs will become the true helpers:

    1. "Allopurinol", which significantly reduces the concentration of salts in the blood.
    2. "Etamid", "Sulfinpirazon", and also "Urodan", known for their properties, accelerating the process of excretion of uric acid.

    Only after medical treatment of gouty arthritis arthritis has been passed( it should be noted that this joint is most often affected), it is possible to connect physiotherapeutic procedures to combat the disease. The most commonly prescribed:

    • UHF-therapy;
    • electrophoresis;
    • magnetotherapy.

    Correct diet with

    As mentioned earlier, successful treatment of gouty foot arthritis is impossible without adherence to special dietary nutrition. This especially applies to people who abuse animal fats and alcohol. Indeed, the overabundance of these foods in the diet and entails one of the causes of gout - metabolic disorders.

    It is important to understand that it is not so easy to get rid of the disease with medications alone and physiotherapy sessions. Changing the diet, at least for the duration of therapy, is simply necessary.

    treatment of gouty arthritis with folk remedies

    What should I completely eliminate from the daily diet?

    Treatment of gouty arthritis at home should begin with such restrictions:

    1. First of all, any foods containing too many animal fats are excluded. This fatty meat and fish, as well as some types of cheese.
    2. Alcohol, especially champagne and cognac.
    3. Various kinds of canned food and smoked meat.
    4. Broth cooked on meat with skin.
    5. Drinks such as cocoa, tea and coffee.
    6. Chocolate, especially rich in saturated fats in its composition. Representatives of legumes: peas, chickpeas, lentils.
    7. Mushrooms.
    8. Some vegetables, in particular spinach and cauliflower.
    9. By-products.

    Optimal diet for gout for better treatment of

    A specially designed nutritional regimen for the treatment of gouty arthritis, where every meal would be prescribed, does not currently exist. However, some rules that must be adhered to to get rid of this unpleasant pathology are still available:

    1. The main postulate in the diet for patients with gout should be the rejection of salt. It contributes to excessive accumulation of fluid in the body, causing swelling.
    2. It is necessary to drink daily your water norm( up to 3 liters).This will ensure the support of the natural water-salt balance of the body.
    3. You also need to include in the diet fresh vegetables and fruits( ideally - citrus, beets, eggplant, potatoes and garlic).Lactic acid products of low fat content, macaroni are useful. Do not neglect bread from whole grains or rye.
    4. Eating eggs is best minimized, or, if possible, completely discarded.
    5. About the inclusion of low-fat meat in the menu is better to talk with your doctor. And if he gives a "green light", it will be permissible to eat no more than 300 grams of lean( for example, chicken) product once a week.

    treatment of arthritic foot arthritis

    Treatment of gouty arthritis with folk remedies

    Recipes of alternative medicine are also a good help in fighting the disease. However, they are only used under the supervision of a doctor and without the fanaticism inherent in people who want to recover as soon as possible. Naturally, such methods of getting rid of gout should be combined with special medicines, special diet and physiotherapy procedures.

    Let's consider the most effective folk remedies that can get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

    Magic baths

    This method of combating the disease can be included in the treatment of gouty arthritis of the ankle. Baths are used to relieve severe inflammation and reduce pain in the joint.

    For water procedures you need:

    • pour 100 g of chamomile flowers with five liters of boiling water;
    • add 20 g of salt;
    • give the decoction about an hour, so that it is infused, and then use it for its intended purpose.

    treatment of gouty arthritis with medicines

    Cleansing the joints with a bay leaf

    This is another effective method of combating the disease.

    Treatment of gouty arthritis with a laurel leaf is as follows:

    1. Five grams of laurel leaves pour 300 grams of water.
    2. Boil and cook for five minutes.
    3. Next, the broth should be wrapped in a terry towel and let it brew in a dark place for three hours.
    4. After the allotted time, this drink is poured into a more convenient container for storage and is drunk throughout the day.

    Cold and heat

    This method perfectly allows you to stop negative symptoms.


    1. This recipe requires two basins. One - with cold water, the second - with boiling water.
    2. In a basin with a hot liquid, you need to add a few grains of any cereal plant and wait until they swell. Be sure to wait for the water to become such a temperature that it would be comfortable to immerse the diseased leg.
    3. Now lower the affected joint, literally for a couple of seconds, first into a basin with cold water, then - into a warm one.
    4. After all these manipulations, you should wrap your foot in a wool product to conserve heat.

    Onion soup

    Excellent results will provide such a tool:

    1. Fill two liters of water with four bulbs. Cook them until completely softened.
    2. Onion soup should be taken in small portions( up to 250 ml) before each meal for two weeks in a row.

    Secret of mustard

    This remedy is used as a compress for the night. A great option if you have to treat gouty arthritis of the big toe in the home. You can apply it for other joints. The product has a very good heating property.

    treatment of gouty arthritis of the big toe in the home

    It will require:

    1. Mix in a 1: 1: 1 ratio( it is better to start with one teaspoon) mustard powder, honey and soda.
    2. The resulting gruel is applied to the steamed skin of the joint. It is recommended to apply a compress after the procedures described above. For example, after "magic baths" or "cold and heat".
    3. Wrapped in polyethylene and tightly tied with a bandage. Leave for all night.

    Repeat the compresses every day for 14 days.

    Porous rice

    You can resort to the following tools. Due to its cellular structure, rice is deservedly considered an excellent adsorbent. It cleans the body of slagging. It removes all harmful substances from it, including uric acid.


    1. To use the absorbent properties of cereals to the fullest, it is first necessary to get rid of the excessive starch content in these white grains. To do this, it is recommended to wash several times 40 grams of white rice.
    2. Fill it with cold water and clean it in the refrigerator for the night.
    3. In the morning, the seeds are washed again.
    4. Rice is brought to a boil, but not boiled. Wash again and put on fire. Again bring to a boil and washed. This cycle should be repeated five times. It is this kind of trip that allows you to get rid of unnecessary starch.
    5. In food, the porridge can be taken after the last wash in the cycle. Eat it without oil and salt. After such a diet for 4 hours, do not consume liquid or take other foods.
    6. It is advisable to repeat the "rice medicine" before going to bed.

    It is important to remember that the treatment of gouty arthritis should be comprehensive. This is the only way to achieve lasting positive results.