Focal alopecia in men: treatment with folk remedies and preparations, photo, reviews, reasons

For many men, appearance is just as important as for women. Beautiful hair, well-groomed skin, pumped up body. .. A major psychological trauma can be baldness. Many people ask about what is alopecia areata in men. Treatment of this disease should only take place under the supervision of a doctor after a correctly diagnosed diagnosis. The process of loss can be stopped, most importantly - in time to seek advice and understand the causes of the disease. How to treat the disease correctly? Can people's recipes and methods help? We will try to answer these questions in the article. What is alopecia? Opinions of doctors

Focal alopecia in men, the treatment of which should be followed immediately, is not diagnosed at home. Only doctors determine the presence of the disease. With it, the hair falls out not completely, formed round-shaped bald spots, which eventually may increase. Not always the disease affects the scalp, there are cases of defeat and a beard.

The insidiousness of the disease is that the bald patches appear quite quickly. It will take a week for the hairline to completely disappear in a certain area. This leads to severe stress in men. Only the specialist can cope with the problem. One costly shampoo can not do, will have to apply a comprehensive treatment. The main problem is that the disease affects the roots of the hair. To restore them, it will take a long time. But the chances of a full recovery are quite high.

focal alopecia in men

Causes of

Recently, the diagnosis of "alopecia areata" in men has become quite common. Causes and treatment of this disease should find out the doctor. At home, it will not be possible to cope with the insidious disease, prolonging the visit to a specialist can lead to complete loss of hair.

Surely, every sensible person understands that the disease will not arise from scratch. In order to eliminate and completely eradicate the ailment, it is necessary, first of all, to find out the cause of its occurrence. Alopecia areata can occur due to:

  • Genetic heredity. If someone in your family has already experienced this disease, there is a huge chance to earn it. It's all about the genetic codes that pass from generation to generation. To sound an alarm ahead of time it is not necessary, but always it is necessary to be attentive and watch the condition of the hairline.

  • Autoimmune changes. In the case when a person's immunity decreases due to some reason, blood cells( leukocytes) begin to perceive the roots of the hair as some kind of foreign body in the body, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

  • Concomitant diseases. Hair loss can begin after problems with the digestive tract, the endocrine system. Lishay can also become a trigger for the emergence of ailment. Often, those who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases in a chronic form, face and baldness.

Focal alopecia in men, whose causes can only be determined by a doctor, is quite common in recent times. Do not engage in self-treatment so as not to aggravate the situation. focal alopecia in men treatment photo

On level ground

It is worth knowing that just because the disease does not arise, there is always a reason or a concomitant factor. If there is a problem with hair loss, you need to analyze and find out:

  • Did the man in recent years have a lot of stress and depression.

  • What is its diet.

  • How long ago the diseases affecting the skin were transferred.

  • Was there a head injury?

  • The patient's profession( whether his work is related to alkalis, acids, salts).

In any case, only a doctor can investigate the cause of the beginning of alopecia. causes and treatment of alopecia areata in men

Are there any symptoms?

Speaking about the origin of focal alopecia, many are interested in whether there are symptoms that should alert a man. Doctors will assure that they are practically absent. The disease arises suddenly, quickly progresses. Hair falls in bundles. In this case, round-shaped bald patches are formed on the head, which from several small ones can turn into one large.

If you notice that the hair is getting smaller, when you wash your head they stay in the bath, you should immediately consult a doctor. Another important point: carefully inspect the nail plates. If they have longitudinal strips, do not delay the visit to the dermatologist.

How to diagnose a disease correctly?

To answer the question about how to treat focal alopecia in men, it is necessary to consult not one specialist. The fact is that this type of alopecia is poorly understood. If in other cases the patient's condition can be transferred to the stage of remission, then it is necessary to prescribe the treatment right away, without putting it off for a long time. The worst thing that can happen is the loss of a large amount of hair, and as a result, complete baldness.

The doctor is required to prescribe the following procedures:

  • general blood test;

  • microscopic diagnosis of hair follicles;

  • blood from the vein to the hormones.

After this, consultation of a psychologist, endocrinologist and trichologist is necessary. focal alopecia in men treatment

Alopecia areata in men: treatment, drugs, ointments

After the cause of the disease has been determined, the doctor makes appointments. There is a list of drugs that help cope with the disease:

  • "Finasteride". This drug can be taken only by men. For the female, it is contraindicated due to the fact that it includes special hormones. Doctors note the effectiveness of this tool. In 90% of cases, baldness can be completely stopped. And in 60% of men, hair starts to grow again.

  • Minoxidil. This solution is used for external use. It is applied 2 times a day to the affected areas. The drug is hormonal, among side effects, active hair growth on the face is noted.

  • Corticosteroids. These remedies are administered under the strict supervision of a physician. The dose is determined individually. As a rule, drugs are injected subcutaneously in the form of injections.

In addition to these funds are quite popular creams. But they give a positive effect only in 25% of cases.

Using the latest technology

Recently, widespread alopecia areata in men. Treatment, the photo of which is presented below, is unique in its way. It was used relatively recently. The new method is called mesotherapy. With the help of injections, a special vitamin cocktail is injected into the skin of the head, which feeds the bulbs, the roots of the hair. focal alopecia in men treatment with folk remedies

Another useful procedure is head massage. It should only be carried out by a specialist who knows the zones that need to be stimulated for hair growth. At home, massage is performed with the help of special devices that gently affect the scalp.

As far as laser therapy is concerned, its results are effective. Doctors most often insist on using this method of treatment. It is carried out in conjunction with medication. The effect will not be only if the hair is completely absent.

Focal alopecia in men, whose treatment should be prescribed by a specialist, is a fairly common disease. If traditional medicine does not help, patients resort to radical measures - hair transplantation.

Folk remedies

In the modern world, a disease such as focal alopecia in men is common. Treatment with folk remedies is not always effective, but there are recipes that are actively used. Among them we can distinguish:

  • Tincture of red pepper. Rubbed into the scalp, improves blood flow, which promotes hair growth.

  • Masks based on the use of olive oil. They nourish the roots of hair, contribute to their strengthening.

  • Herbal treatment. For example, hop, verbena, clover and other plants are used. Use them with caution.

Before using folk recipes and methods, you should consult your doctor.

Reviews of men

Since ancient times, such a disease as focal alopecia in men is known. Treatment, reviews of which are contradictory, should only be comprehensive. The main rule is the timely application for medical help. This type of baldness is cunning because the process is developing rapidly. A week can drop up to 70% of hair.

Many men note the effectiveness of physiotherapy methods. Among them, we can highlight the use of massage and laser intervention. The last procedure is quite expensive, but the effect is noticeable after several sessions.

Men also note the tremendous effect of mesotherapy. Injections work wonders, they not only nourish the skin, but also completely restore the hairline.

An excellent effect gives the use of folk remedies, for example, masks from burdock, hops. Do not forget about proper nutrition. Seafood, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables should be present in the diet. focal alopecia in men treatment reviews

Choosing the right shampoo

Many people ask about whether the choice of shampoo affects the occurrence of bald patches. Experts are sure that no. But in the case when the diagnosis of "alopecia" was confirmed, it is necessary to apply a special tool for hair care. Many praise shampoo for horses. Paradoxically, it does contain all the vitamins and a set of nutrients.

Treatment shampoos can be prescribed only by a doctor. Without medication, they are ineffective.

Prevention of alopecia

Focal alopecia in men, whose treatment is quite expensive, has become a real scourge of the modern generation. To completely defeat the disease, you need a lot of strength, patience and time. There are preventive measures that can help prevent baldness:

  • How can I be less nervous.

  • Caring for the hair. Twice a week wash them.

  • Properly eat.

  • To consume vitamins, microelements necessary for a healthy body.

These easy rules will help representatives of the stronger sex stay with a fine head of hair.

Focal alopecia in men - a serious problem. It occurs, as a rule, because of physical and emotional overload. If you notice the first signs of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only an expert will help to cope with the problem of hair loss.