How to remove papilloma at home

Papilloma is a benign tumor. Outwardly it resembles a papilla, which is attached to the skin by means of a thin pedicle, although in some cases it is thick enough. Papilloma is not a serious threat to human life, although it is rarely the cause of cancer. And yet, the presence of papilloma in the upper eyelid, neck, chest, armpits - this is a psychological trauma, especially if it is available for visibility to other people. Those who suffer from such "sores" have repeatedly asked themselves the question of how to remove the papilloma at home. Do not confuse it with a wart, as some do. Outwardly, they are completely different, but their treatment, just the same, in many respects similar.

The best treatment - from an

specialist Before we get to the bottom of how to remove the papilloma at home, I want to note the following. Numerous experts strongly do not recommend doing this on their own, referring to the fact that only an experienced specialist can help qualitatively get rid of the papillomas. There are many good procedures, for example, a laser. But this all costs money, which, in fact, not everyone can afford.

How to remove papilloma at home

Treatment of papilloma at home is often a fairly long process. Adjust yourself to the fact that the first time to remove these unpleasant growths will not work. In this case, you will have to wait a little. So, I offer you some effective remedies for papillomas:

· The easiest way is to buy a special drug in the pharmacy - CryoPharma. With its help by freezing, getting rid of papillomas will be possible in about two weeks.

· You can advise SuperClean from ready-made products. In a small flacon contains the extract of celandine, which is very toxic. That's why you use it to remove papillomas and warts very carefully. If suddenly the liquid gets on a healthy skin, it should immediately be washed with water.

· Green walnut can also help remove papilloma. The most important thing is that it should be green, not vyspevshim. It must be passed through a meat grinder, then lay a liter jar about half of it, then pour kerosene on the "hangers" of the can. The product under the closed lid should insist for three weeks, after which it can be used for lubrication with papillomas.

· To carry out the removal of papilloma by folk remedies, it is possible and with such a means: grate the potatoes, squeeze juice from it. Lubricate with juice all available papillomas several times a day. The course of treatment is until the outgrowth of the growth.

· You can remove papillomas with celandine milk. Of course, this can only be done in the summer, when the plant is in the juice itself. Tear off the celandine, and the juice that has separated from it drip onto the papilloma. Do this several times a day.

· Take the garlic, chop it into a gruel. A teaspoon of garlic gruel mix with the same amount of baby cream, and petroleum jelly will do. Lubricate the prepared mass of papilloma, and fix the adhesive on top.

· Try to remove the papilloma and with the help of medicinal collection. To do this, mix the same amount of melissa, plantain, nettle, horsetail and chopped dandelion root. Mixture of herbs pour water in the amount of one glass, boil and cook over low heat for ten minutes. Allow to brew for about three hours, and then take the fourth part of the glass before eating. In principle, for a week the papilloma must go away.

Now you know how to remove the papilloma at home. Try, of course, to use the above methods, but if they prove to be ineffective, then always seek help from a doctor. In principle, this must be done at the initial stage of combating these build-ups.